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https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq (embed)

>Stock market Words
https://pastebin.com/VtnpN5iJ (embed)

>Risk Management
https://pastebin.com/sqJUcbjp (embed)

>Educational Sites

>Free Charts


>Pre-Market Data and Live Data

>Bio-pharma Catalyst Calendar

>Boomer Investing 101

>Dividend Reinvestment (DRIP) Calculator

>List of hedge fund holdings



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>dude, just Market Buy TSLA lol
>buy at $2113
>it crashes down and never goes above $2000

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second first for fuck america

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Will RKT dip on open?

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ur now a bagholder
ur gonna hqve to wait until after bttery day

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Taking the bilibili pill

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Just sell it the day of the split. Gonna be up 10% as millions of Robinhood and other small time investors salivate at the oppurtunity to buy a share of TSLA with their $300 balance.

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America is dying

Buy China

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Investing in Billibilli is like investing in Venmo. My Chinese girlfriend nor none of her friends ever use that site. They just use Baidu, Weibo, and some other random crap I've never heard of.

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So what's the play today, boys?

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Fuck I meant to say Vimeo*

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I’ll jist leave this here.

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boios. im really itching to buy Norwegian air shuttle and hodl for 5 years at least, no way they will allow it to go bankrupt

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Salesforce being nutty in premarket.

As a concave earther i take offense.

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You had a good 100 years run


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Don’t sell stocks. Watch them go up

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Watch them do it to em

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I was drinking and fell asleep early. Then I woke up and 3:15 and now can't get back to sleep

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Vimeo will rise

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bilibili is used in japan more iirc.

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Bondchads [email protected]

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Kek. Fucking Russians, fucking peasants, sent the first man into space.

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Uh, yeah, the government probably will keep the airline running, but they won't distribute anything out to investors. Don't be too degenerate. Might be a good extremely risky and quick pump and dump, but no company has ever recovered from such closeness with bankruptcy.

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I’m a poorfag and lost so much money this year on options. I want to rope

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>china is the first country to send space probe to dark side of the moon

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I just hope that my stocks don’t continue to bleed forever

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Don't rope it man. The most important asset is your body, health, and time. Even if you have $0 to your name still try to hang in there.

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They are traveling to local norwegian cities though, nobody else does, so it cant go totally bankrupt. I would assume with the return of the demand that they will come back especially considering they have almost no debt now

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If you're doing long hodl you should buy all three major botes. NCLH, CCL, RCL. This will offer you some protection if one sinks, metaphorically.

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It doesn’t seem geared towards women.

The money-making part should be geared towards gatcha, which is more coomer friendly.

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>hang in there.

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Fuck it I can’t keep fighting it.
I’ll buy just a small share or two, just until I get a nice buyable dip.

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nth for cancer anon that is going to beat cancer

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I just have the worst luck ever I’ve lost 10k this year

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I guess it depends how corrupt the Norwegian government is. In theory if they help them out the Norwegian government would defacto take over the company or at least be paid back with nearly unpayable long-term loans, but I guess I could also see a scenario where the bailout acts as basically a free tax dollars to investors bailout. (I have no idea about the Norwegian government).

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Chinese men (granted all men, but especially Chinese as their women become increasingly Westernized) are becoming less and less likely to find girlfriends or wives. If Billibilli can profit on coomers then that is an extremely bullish sign.

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Shoot the lawyers too then

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>nio breaking even premarket
t-this is bullish right anon?

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How do you guys even afford to buy Tesla stock or option? It's fucking expensive as shit

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What stock should I buy to bring us closer to the Communist utopia?

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probably. yesterday was a good day for consolidation

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>he can’t afford Tesla

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Quality work by the Chinese

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Im talking about the airway company not cruise lines, aint touching those senpai

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Contradicting word choice there

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I always wonder how these images are leaked. We know the ATLAS-class rockets crashed and burned like crazy back in the day when the Air Force was testing them and hardly anyone knows about that. Guess the advent of social media helps with that

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Will Aurora Cannabis Moon if Biden wins?

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Back to waste tax money like a normal kid.

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Not a stock. Bread, margarine, and tea for breakfast. Nettle soup and bread for lunch. Buckwheat with some veal and bread for dinner. Happy New Year, motherfucker, now back to kolkhoz

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>my wkhs covered call is probably gonna be exercised
>I've waited too fucking long for this

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She looks sick

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But it back when WKHS goes back to $16 this morning

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theme song for the trading day of august 26th

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Sorry not this cycle. Surprised that northern Biden or Trump have come out supporting weed, it would unironically win either the election with millions of stoner votes

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it always goes up heading towards the end of an election year. there's like 8 states voting on some sort of legalization this year. If nothing gets passed and trump is re-elected you will see a flatline and then a dump in january. If half the states pass or more and biden is elected then yes, shit will moon. I would probably say 40%-50% before the end of November.

if it's any sort of mix, it will have a slight bump, but nothing too crazy

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Forgot to add the best time to buy looks like 45 days out from election. not too well-versed in the companies who are public, but market trends show the same thing every 2 years

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>plot twist, trump legalizes weed by executive order in desperate attempt to save reelection campaign

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What stocks do I buy for the upcoming yank civil war? How do I maximise my war profiteering gainz?

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SHLL to 50 today

>> No.21886965

Gun stocks, bullets, long-term food silver, gold, retailers like Walmart, Costco

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The legalisation of cannabis is racist and its industrialisation disproportionately impacts African-American lives

>> No.21886985

Gosh I hope so.
t. down 800 dollary-doos already BEFORE the reverse split

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How the fuck do Americans have normal lives when so much shit is happening in the country at the same time.
How does one not go completely insane there given there are so many extreme things going on

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>Trump would at some point be desperate.
The willpower required to suspend my disbelief to this degree would make me uninterested in such a work of fiction.

>> No.21887038

I live in a small town in NC and none of this shit has changed my life at all except I got a bonus every paycheck for like two months for corona.

>> No.21887081

If Jerome Powell starts talking about blm on Thursday again.
I am going to be dead From my sides exploding

>> No.21887121

Imagine that, CRM rips the day after unusual options activity

>> No.21887153

I don’t live in a major city so it doesn’t effect me
But my dad that lives in Huston does have rioters and more coronavirus restrictions

>> No.21887173

What extreme things? There’s nothing going on. Except on the tv.

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I don't know man. Around every corner is another depressing episode. My small town is riddled with dug addicts. Employment opportunities are fairly slim. Even with the good jobs you're only making $35K a year. Illegals moving into our neighborhood, blacks burning down surrounding cities. Can't even talk about solutions without being ostracized for wrong-think.

i just try not to think about it and watch numbers go up

>> No.21887177

You're right, he'll insist he's winning no matter how far behind he gets. Which is why he's been unable to turn his campaign around.

>> No.21887230

>bonus paycheck

i had the blessing of getting my hours cut. Now I make less money, but i still have a job so no $900 a week unemployment checks.

>> No.21887233

>Be pro weed
>Lose the boomer votes
I hate boomers so much

>> No.21887241

Remember that there are functionally two America's, rural conservatives and urban liberals. All the shit you are reading about is in liberal cities which is only half of the population.
I live in an Appalachian town and absolutely nothing has changed for me recently. No one in my county has gotten Corona, no one wears masks, there are no riots. Life continues on in the country while the freaks tear each other apart in their containment zones.

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give me a single reason not to go all in AMD or TSM right now.

>> No.21887268

Politicans are just out of touch retards, 9/10 boomers I know in Canada IMMEDIATELY started trying THC and CBD for their various old person aches

>> No.21887271

>$900 a week
God damn, living in bongland sure sucks right about now

>> No.21887287

I've got an order for 6 or 7 TSM this morning if it makes you feel better. I think they're going to pump and crab up again soon. Seems like a good long time hold either way.

>> No.21887306

That's nice to hear
I'll start next week with my first job out if university. Can't wait.
Stay healthy and safe

>> No.21887308

Boomers are retarded tho
>Noo weed is bad because its illegal, you cant just make it legal, its bad
>Its legal so it cant be bad
Also leafs gonna leaf, they dont got that whole reagan shit ingrained

>> No.21887312

I have literally no reason not to buy TSM, it's a good company with an actual dividend at a reasonable P/E ratio despite being a semiconductor chad

>> No.21887336

Imagine not using weed when you're old and gonna die anyway

>> No.21887365

And it's on its way to become a monopoly.
Far beyond any of its competitors. It's a really good fucking hold.

>> No.21887380

A tool of Rockefeller and club of Rome

>> No.21887384

Anon I'm poor too and lost all my folio playing options. If you wanna keep investing with them, start running option spreads instead. If you're now too risk adverse, just start buying stonks. Most poor people don't give a fuck about their money, much less investing it. Just learn and grow anon, you can make it.

>> No.21887393

The dividend really seals the deal as far as legitimizing the company for me. Warms my inner Boomer. There's no way a company with a dividend could be mismanaged!

>> No.21887412

It worked for him in 2016... I don't see why he would want to turn his campaign around.

>> No.21887421

'ate tech
'ate growth
'ate gain
'ate china
'ove me divvies
I can wait 20 years for 'dem big green wads. When I see big gains I go "WHOA NELLY, SLOW DOWN"

>> No.21887447

Because in 2016, he was running as a blank slate outsider candidate. People could and did project whatever policies they wanted onto Trump. Now he's got four years of baggage, much of it politically toxic. And Clinton/Kaine was somehow an even worse ticket than Biden/Harris.

>> No.21887480

sounds pretty based to me

>> No.21887493

You've just described a healthy portion of my portfolio. I had to sell off my Ford with the little profit I had to start weening myself off. I'll be deep in semiconductors and TQQQ/FNGU here pretty soon though.

>> No.21887512

Makes my dick hard just thinking about the fact that I'm priced in already and watching that return amount grow higher and higher until it reaches an amount in which I am completely and utterly satisfied with
Also thinking about HON just to really make the threesome complete

>> No.21887523

Not that anon, but gz and gl fren.

>> No.21887562

honestly just wait for the debates

I know a lot of people who changed their minds after the debates. Not because he had better policies, but because he was able to exploit Hillary's weaknesses. With biden's dementia setting in, biden's going to get his ass mopped. Their only hope is if debates are cancelled.

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>TSM another green day coming up
holy shit did the market finally fucking read the symposium news that have been coming out since Monday?

>> No.21887570

Bilibili is quite popular. Your chink girlfriend just has no idea.

>> No.21887611

I thoroughly hope both Trump and Biden are borderline incoherent and get into a fist fight on stage. Biden isn't all there, but did you see Trump's Hannity interview where he couldn't name a plan for the next 4 years?

If both of them show up, the debate will be interesting. If neither of them show up mentally, the debate will be hilarious.

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File: 400 KB, 584x882, 1556319216512.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Waiting to see if the stonk goes up or tanks today. Im sure they beat targets, but stocks have been sinking when they do.

I definitely want in though

>> No.21887690

If Powell crosses the Rubicon on Thursday and announces the following, how does the market react?
>Fed rate target set to -0.5%
>Bank reserve requirement reiterated at zero
>inflation target 5%
>Powell makes BRRRR noises directly into the microphone while throwing hundred dollar bills at the audience
>Federal Reserve accounts for all American citizens with unlimited overdraft at 0% interest

>> No.21887721

I strongly don't there will be debates for exactly this reason. If Biden refuses to debate, what does he lose? There are plenty of credible excuses in play. They've already pushed the debates as late as possible, so Trump will only have a limited amount of time to complain about not getting to debate.

>> No.21887722

I'm just not seeing it anon. Baggage? Like Biden doesn't have baggage?

Trump has been a remarkably moderate president. He's grown the economy. And now he has the advantage of being the incumbent. Most of the time voters see incumbents in a positive light not as someone who all of the sudden has baggage.

>> No.21887724

i would put all my remaining cash into SOXX immediately as a reserve. I have like ~30% set aside to buy dips on TQQQ and TSM right now.

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File: 53 KB, 1364x490, SONN.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Could be a good day for SONN

>> No.21887758

>Most of the time voters see incumbents in a positive light not as someone who all of the sudden has baggage.
Most of the time the incumbent hasn't presided over the greatest public health failure since the AIDS epidemic

>> No.21887766

kafe numero due, very yes
tesla and apple better ath today

>> No.21887785

Gold and silver prices drop by 20% as jews worldwide scramble to manipulate commodity prices

>> No.21887800

>bag holder until battery day lol
>its in less than a month
When did the bag holding meme degenerate so badly?

>> No.21887808

Should I buy wkhs calls?

>> No.21887846

Do share.

>> No.21887861

Apple up again in premarket

>> No.21887892

Probably the 5nm yield, multi-factory construction, and 2nm goal by '24 news.

>> No.21887894

Fed has already said that they wouldn't go below 0%
Hasn't worked in Japan nor in Europe

>> No.21887906

I live in a smallish city. Aside from being effectively "semi retired" for the past few months thanks to the virus (still employed,still getting paid in full; just work as needed though) my day to day life ain't changed on bit. Been saving money like mad due to the govt check and just not spending as much as normally would (due to things shutdown,cheap gas,lack of driving). Been making money like mad thanks to apple. Really gonna make it post split; all those cheap shares, to good to ignore.

>> No.21887916

USA is a huge country and that bullshit only happens in a few really faggoty cities.
Also, watching lines move on a screen is better for my peace of mind than waiting for happenings on /pol/
I also work in the restaurant industry and out of the 50 or so employees they are all either White or spics that don't speak english which is a problem in and of itself but at least they aren't niggers or crying about them.Literally not one nigger, not one mulatto works with me.
I don't even open resumes from people with black or jewish sounding names.
The only ones who ever bring up liberal faggot shit are the youngest girls like 18/19 because they are literally brainwashed in school. They were talking about how they had to do a report on a person of color or something and I'm pretty sure they couldn't use asians either.
They also know better than to go off about any of their faggy liberal marxist kike talking points because I will pull shifts from them out of spite.
I live in one of the most historically liberal states so it's not like i'm going to find any low key national socialists maybe I'll get a Trump guy just on the odds that they're White and male but even then they probably support faggotrry and gun control and muh legal immigration.

>> No.21887933

Bros, BABA financials look very good actually. Is it the usual Chinese fuckery? I want to pull the trigger, but retarded CEO is backstopping me, also, it's from China

>> No.21887934

not really sure why AMD went up much more than TSM though, what news even came out for AMD specifically? Sometimes, it feels like AMD is a leveraged version of TSM.

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File: 436 KB, 1911x921, 35221351346.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


No, fuck the Chinese. I regret choosing not to buy BABA yesterday at market open, but then I remember I hate the Chinese, so it's okay.

>> No.21887953

AMD went up, because Intel went down.
Intel's bad news started the move.

>> No.21887964

Probably smarter to do longer dated puts

>> No.21887976

Well, Smg is bullish on TSM, which is basically made by the same chinks

>> No.21887989
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What PnL do I need to start selling trading strategies?

>> No.21887992

>Taiwan is China

>> No.21888004


>> No.21888038

Is NIO going to keep mooning?

>> No.21888046

No, Taiwan is not China, but thinking that Taiwanese are culturally different from Chinese, just because they are not communists, is plain retarded

t. Employed in the European office of taiwanese manufacturer

>> No.21888051

Probably. I don't know who is buying it but I'm all set.

>> No.21888053

It's gonna keep moving until $25 which is when all the chinese execs will be dumping it.

>> No.21888057

I used to work for a Chinese medical company. You probably already know this, but they literally lie to investors/shareholders all the time and are absolutely incapable of planning beyond the short-term.
Also, everything is corrupt lmao.
I can go on, you would be disturbed at the practices. Everything you buy from China has been literally tainted some way due to corruption.
One example: we had shit "sterilized" at the top medical sterilization company in China and they watered down their alcohol with tainted water and instead of running the ovens at the right temperature for 2 hours, they did it at like 300 degrees for 2 days. Shit is fucked. /rant

>> No.21888082

Chinese are like jews but on steroids.

>> No.21888084

if Trump is good for one thing, it's pointing out (mainland) China on their bullshit. Trump is just the political scapegoat, but the rest of the west are definitely steering away from China because why risk getting more of your IP stolen especially when the labor costs aren't even worth it anymore? TSM's foundries in china are only 200-300 nm for a similar reason. Meanwhile TSM has ~12 billion 5 nm factory subsidized in US. TSM is hardly neutral anymore even though that was their official statement in the past (keep similar stakes in both US and China). Taiwan as a tech/semi industry is so crucial for US markets that we have no choice but to go to fucking war if China tries to invade for some retarded reason.

is Biden pro-china or anti-china because that's all I give a shit about.
also does anyone know anyone in Taiwan? They still hate mainland China with a passion, right?

>> No.21888112

>on steroids
if by that you mean "minus 50 IQ points" then we're on the same page

>> No.21888114

Aight im calling it, Express, Inc (EXPR) gonna at least double over the next few weeks.

>> No.21888115

>is Biden pro-china or anti-china because that's all I give a shit about.
Incredibly pro-China

>> No.21888119

Not really a public health failure from a policy or economic perspective. But I suppose if you really squint your eyes and use your imagination you can make anything out to be a failure. I just don't see Trump having a difficult time getting reelected. Maybe if the democratic nominee was a strong candidate but it's too late for that.

>> No.21888127

What do you guys think about XRX. First Trust Advisors Lp has increased their ownership by 528.67% about a month ago and there has been a lot of insider buying lately.

>> No.21888131
File: 27 KB, 774x435, firedoor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you can always count on china to always cut corners
fire door to fucking nowhere, i can name at least a dozen other bullshit off the top of my head but i have to go to drive to work now.

>> No.21888146

WKHS already dipping in PM
told you to just buy this morning after the sell-off
the only way this thing pumps at open is if PM pushes it red

>> No.21888155

ok fuck.
so trump is still the lesser evil this year, what the fuck

>> No.21888165

we've got that shit in the US, too
i can point my camera right outside my office window and show you one
of course it's like 150 years old...

>> No.21888166

I will say the younger generation really isn't as bad.
There is a really huge psychological thing with middle age to older Chinese people where it's like they value "1 bird in the hand" vs "1,000,000 in the bush". They treat every business like a hustle and plan only for what gets them the largest return today, even if that means running the company into the ground. They just jump ship and disappear.
China has literally never been "stable." You can read about it.

>> No.21888169

Should have dca in over 6 months. Fuck the reddit shamers.

>> No.21888181

>Biden doesn't care about China, he isn't "pro" it. He's just normal about it.
If Biden wins, I expect 1-2% change in USA and China markets, down and up respectively, no more than that.

Also apperantly Tim Apple sold 265000 shares yesterday.

>> No.21888184
File: 116 KB, 1906x506, muskalink.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No retard, you buy in the day of the split, wait for it to skyrocket and THEN you sell it.

>> No.21888203

>Also apperantly Tim Apple sold 265000 shares yesterday
most likely tax related

>> No.21888211

Yep, Chinese are scum, however, I own a bunch of TSM, and I'm asking myself, why I shouldn't consider some Baba. Taiwanese are no different from mainland Chinese

>> No.21888214

What the fuck?
No mask? Booooooo

>> No.21888225

Tim is selling shares in August each year. Don't panic

>> No.21888232

I think it's a generational thing. Older people living there think of themselves as living in the Republic of China, and being Chinese. But younger people think of themselves as living in Taiwan and being Taiwanese.

>> No.21888263

Having the CCP in charge for this long had to have caused some cultural corruption for the Chinese.

>> No.21888268

no i mean for real
like she went full raw vegan
before, she looked like an 8 year old but at least a physically healthy 8 year old
now, she looks like a 50 year old spinster and she made that transition over the course of one year

look at her neck she looks fucking frail

>> No.21888318
File: 137 KB, 1200x1200, D9hlxXiXUAA5u8F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fellow RKT bros, how long are you guys planning on holding?

>> No.21888336

/BIZ/ Thoughts on $PPC time to buy and ride for easy money?

>> No.21888362

Fellow europoors, do you think it's wise to sell before US open to avoid a repeat of yesterday?

>> No.21888365
File: 44 KB, 744x687, 1497262031639.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I hope you boys aren't buying INTC.

>> No.21888388

What if I were to buy a put expiring this friday?

>> No.21888401

Too much of a premium

>> No.21888409

INTC is now a crabbing boomer stock. Do with that what you will.

>> No.21888415

hodl till split, fool

>> No.21888428
File: 555 KB, 4304x2658, original_239314545.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>$TSLA Came down tested the 261.8% fib. Now trading back over the 20SMA in premarket after Jefferies upgrade. I think we all know whats about to happen today:

what's about to happen today? pic related is the chart provided, what does it mean /smg/?

>> No.21888450

>addicted to dopamine rushes from stocks
>addicted to food
>addicted to alcohol

I wish I could tame my brain's reward mechanism

>> No.21888451

Why should I hold onto this stock?

>> No.21888455

Never sell. Accumulate

>> No.21888456

You won't catch the top. You should have a strategy for every stock you hold. I set stops a few points under the last dip.

>> No.21888460

Well you can get out the building cant you?? Typical round eye complaint

>> No.21888464

>wait for it to skyrocket and THEN you sell it.

when is the skyrocket then?

>> No.21888471

tesla down to 80$

>> No.21888510

You know the way you get rich of stocks is by selling, right?

>> No.21888511

check out mark queppet on youtube

>> No.21888523

The indices looks strong as fuck, so probably not

>> No.21888531

now an even easier way for gov't to control you and retards will beg for it

>> No.21888534

it's not

>> No.21888540

these, but also masturbation

>> No.21888551
File: 100 KB, 792x1200, D875BA02-1725-4C9B-BB60-3252D3423CFF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

First for UTZ

>> No.21888583

These but also sugar, caffeine and 4chan.

>> No.21888604

It'll have a port of candy crush and the cattle will be rushing to the surgery

>> No.21888608


These, but also, krayolo.

>> No.21888620

link me to something i can read while i sip my coffee this morning. i need something after i finish up reading this today: https://fraser.stlouisfed.org/files/docs/meltzer/whemon92.pdf

>> No.21888622

The indexes looked even stronger yesterday, but everything got bogged after the american ones opened slightly in the red. Currently the EU ones I'm following look weaker than yesterday and US futures look crabby so it could happen again.

>> No.21888640

$DELL buy yay oder nei?

>> No.21888660

what hype event do they have coming up?

>> No.21888663

even billionares have to eat

>> No.21888667

earning after market tomorrow

>> No.21888689

Premarket is going ham

>> No.21888696

tqqq or fngu?
I like the composition of FNGU more, but it has no options for me to sell covered calls with

>> No.21888708

We're not your fucking servant as you sip your gay shit.

>> No.21888709

No man, it's not. I was buying/selling in April-June and lost so many potential gains, you can't even imagine. Now I'm just adding 50% of my paycheck to TSM/AAPL regularly and not touching it for years

>> No.21888732

Doctor, my TQQQ just keeps rising. What should I do?

>> No.21888750

Go 50/50. Sometimes FNGU goes up more sometimes TQQQ goes up more. Most of FNGU's previous success is on the back of TSLA which possibly could lose a lot of steam or possibly hasn't and will continue to defy all conventional wisdom and expectations.
Can't go wrong with either.

>> No.21888757

No, B2B sales has gone to fucking 0

>> No.21888758
File: 12 KB, 642x170, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21888766
File: 60 KB, 1107x497, TQQQ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

imagine not making money in this market

>> No.21888767

I wanna play nio but I always get bogged playing it

>> No.21888770

>TQQQ $200 EOW

Y / N ?

>> No.21888772

aaah I'm already holding TSM but im feeling hard FOMO with AMD right now. I must resist. I'm bullish on AMD but i dont need to own it directly

>> No.21888781

No, you nignogs. The moment you get rich is when you sell. Before selling, you own NO MONEY, just the promise if money. Investing us bargaining, selling is sealing the deal. You are rich AFTER selling.

>> No.21888786
File: 107 KB, 1000x780, england-flag-official-colors-and-proportion-vector-20536640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sex offender here
Is there a bull in Englands stock market?
My wife says England's economy with brexit etc is complete shit

>> No.21888799

Are you long dicks?

>> No.21888808

NIO is not stopping.

>> No.21888814

I hope my Foot Locker gets some of that.

>> No.21888821

>what are dividends

>> No.21888849

>getting rich off dividends
Might as well leave your money in a bank.

>> No.21888860

>Yes goyim, you get rich by creating taxable events, not by leveraging your wealth to make more wealth!

>> No.21888861
File: 23 KB, 390x365, 47318473218.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm dumping immediately once the market opens and shoving everything into gun manufacturers. Might finally be my first green day.

>> No.21888863

AMD is literally going to $100 today though.
Buy now before it's too late.
It's easy gains bro.

>> No.21888872

damn you're retarded

let compound interest do its work, no one can time the dips, it's virtually impossible

>> No.21888888

TSM is a good call for growth, and so is AAPL too probably but I do wonder about AAPL how much higher their market cap can really go. How much more growth can that company have, realistically? What would catalyze it?

>> No.21888899

you fuckers are so averse to heeding warnings that i'm actually going to enjoy watching what's going to happen to you

>> No.21888902

Is it because they are expecting the Fed to increase inflation beyond 2% on Thursday?

>> No.21888914

Fucking can't. For some reason it takes a week for robincucks to release my cash. Missed all the healthy dips yesterday

>> No.21888921

wow that's a gay fucking get right there. kek is not with us at this time.

>> No.21888935

damn you're retarded

stocks arent money
you transmute stocks into money by selling


>> No.21888940

dat get

>> No.21888943

what a waste, fuck you

>> No.21888954

stock market always makes its biggest gains when I have ton of cash waiting to settle

>> No.21888955


>> No.21888969

Hodling, DCA and dividends are literally anti-levarage unless you happened to pick the next Apple/Amazon.

>> No.21888973


>> No.21888981

Fuck you faggot AAPL investing retard. Kek isn't real and I hope you lose everything.
Suck my cock nigger

>> No.21888997

What’s the play on Apple guys? How much higher can it go?

>> No.21888999

Just making an observation anon. I don't have that stock, for better or worse.

>> No.21889009 [DELETED] 

Apple bros were gonna make it. 510 today. I almost kms yesterday my autism couldnt handle the drop

>> No.21889019

As high as they let it

>> No.21889021

It'll go to $400 after the split.

>> No.21889022
File: 81 KB, 1662x591, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

aaaagghhh wrong way retard

>> No.21889034

>annoying anime picture
>question ignored

>> No.21889042

GME has 100% short interest and new consoles are coming out before eoy. Free short squeeze money so get in faggots!

>> No.21889048

hey man it gets attention, i dont even like anime lol

>> No.21889072

>I want to buy house
>Sure, our standard interest rate is 4%
>Wait, I didn't get a chance to tell you I have millions of dollars of stock for collateral
>Oh well then, you qualify for our reduced rates
>Great, when the rentoids pay i'll put even more money in my pocket

>> No.21889076

>down 5% already
just open already aaaaagghhh

>> No.21889083
File: 1.07 MB, 2300x1360, Screen Shot 2020-08-26 at 4.54.19 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.21889093
File: 1.94 MB, 282x501, 1534059043226.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>NIO premarket
I hate chinks, but thank god 50% of my portfolio is NIO

>> No.21889106

I don't want money, you idiot, I want WEALTH, I want ASSETS

>> No.21889109 [DELETED] 
File: 127 KB, 1024x757, 314C0D0E-7274-4421-A2CC-F895924A2651.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where my real niggas at

>> No.21889127

Is second shift the best shift to watch the market and work?

>> No.21889128

Someone (You) me when the market opens.
Gonna take a nap bois.

>> No.21889136
File: 199 KB, 438x544, Desu_Inside.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21889150

Or whats the short treasuries etf?

>> No.21889157

I got shaken out of AGQ and lost ~$500. Don't fall for the silver meme that shit is so fucking manipulated it's not even funny. Leveraged ETFs only work when you have an up trend and relatively low underlying index volatility which is the complete opposite of what silver does.

>> No.21889165

did some AMD news come out or something? what would cause it to spike up that hard all of a sudden?

>> No.21889185

Short Dicks?

>> No.21889193

You seem to be a wise anon. What's your take on BABA?

>> No.21889196

Maybe if you're retarded. Smashed earnings report. Long dicks.

>> No.21889197
File: 73 KB, 1434x750, Screen Shot 2020-08-26 at 8.00.21 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

buy or bail

>> No.21889217

Bail the fuck out

>> No.21889223

What's that?

>> No.21889228 [DELETED] 

Faggot jannies banned me yesterday for talking about the time i raped a weeaboo twink. What the fuck is up with this board. Its turning into reddit

>> No.21889231
File: 344 KB, 1920x1080, It's free money.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.21889256

Oh nvm it's bullshit

>“I wouldn’t be surprised if interest rates are still zero five years from now,” said Jason Furman, a former chief White House economist and now Harvard University professor.

>> No.21889275

Tell the story again. I didn't read it.

>> No.21889296

Recommend me something comfy to watch till the market opens and while I watch my holdings go up.

>> No.21889319

Buy the start of this obvious rally or wait for another dip?
Wat do

>> No.21889324
File: 19 KB, 400x400, FA390CFC-44EC-4D96-8633-188007174435.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21889329

Assets are ONLY useful to sell for money, you humongous cretin

>> No.21889334

Never buy at opening. Wait for the lunch selloff.

>> No.21889345

nasdaq is gonna gap up hard
so feel free to pick up some SQQQ

>> No.21889372

Watch the DIKS throbbing

>> No.21889381

assets are wealth that generate more wealth through cashflow, for example. Money doesn't generate shit. Never hold money. Always hold assets.

>> No.21889400

2150 eod

>> No.21889405

>assets are wealth that generate more wealth through cashflow
is a vehicle an asset or a liability?

>> No.21889407

Workhorse is making me nervous premarket bros why doesn't it drop

>> No.21889410

Is it to late to get a position on dicks?

>> No.21889414

>be me
>buy dogs of the dow stocks
>dogs of the dow stocks get kicked ouf the dow
wat do

>> No.21889421
File: 279 KB, 840x879, k.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>2150 eod

>> No.21889430

doesn't drop until open when the retard burry-wannabes scalp $150 bucks

>> No.21889454

That depends if you bought it on credit or not or if you're leasing
Does holding a stock have any other cost but opportunity cost?

>> No.21889475


>> No.21889477

UDOW or UPRO today boys?

>> No.21889479

Based, but in all actuality it will go to $5,000 in the not too distant future. I’ve watched it go from the lmao$420 levels to where it is, short scalping a tiny profit before thankfully watching it moon to where it is. As long as there are Twitter sore loser shorts like that Raven faggot and Mark Spiegel, it will only go up. If the likes of those aforementioned emotionally dead bears stop posting TSLAQ hatred for more than 3 years then they probably killed themselves and you can safely ride it down to double digits.

>> No.21889480

I enjoyed reading that post. Summer camp right? Had a good laugh anon. Had a good laugh.

>> No.21889491

Are you monkeys reading off a script or something?
Guy asks when to sell. Is told never, hold forever. Despite the objective fact that you only make money when you sell. Hold for 99 years then sell and only then you are rich. Every startup founder knows this, when his company is valued at a few millions, and he struggles with rent, because he can't sell yet. But /biz/ retards of course pay their bills by showing portfolio screenshots. NEVER SELL HODLLLMAOO

>> No.21889501

It's an asset if you use that car to make YouTube videos about the car and that gives you money. You could make the argument it's an asset if it gets you to work where you then make money but the price still has to make sense
It's a liability if it's cost of maintenance and recurring costs + loss in value over time > the money you make from having it.

>> No.21889504

>plot twist
he was the weeaboo

>> No.21889505

Holy fuck, Baba's PE ratio 10 with 34% revenue growth. Fuck it, I'm actually buying

>> No.21889510

Lick my taint it was a great get fuck AAPL long live TSM i was trying to be gentle about it but fuck y'all


>> No.21889518

a vehicle is a tax write off if you're smart

>> No.21889521

Meant to say 3 days, because it’s a constant hourly stream of rage against Elon Musk

>> No.21889532

>ignores NIO as Niomania is runnin wild, final target in the 100s.
>Buys tsla at the top

Its like you hate money or something.

>> No.21889535

>PE ratio 10
It's showing 30 for me.

>> No.21889540

liability, unless it's a boomer-teir transam.

>> No.21889546

nice try, chang
>5 yuan has been deposited into your account

>> No.21889548

a stock is part of a company, if the company has too many vehicles.. is it a good buy? I mean, you'll be part owner of that company right?

>> No.21889550

TQQQ is going up like 10% a week this shit cant be sustainable for long right bros

>> No.21889565


Yeah I'm seeing 30.25 as well

>> No.21889590

If TQQQ is going up 10% that's because Nasdaq and moreso MSFT, AMZN, AAPL are going up 3% a week.
Does that sound sustainable to you?

>> No.21889596

It won't. But do you want to exit it too early. What if the tech runs for month to come?

>> No.21889600

>30 is the new 10

>> No.21889623


>> No.21889628

Fuck, how do you hit the wall before even turning 18? The lack of adrenochrome must be hitting harrrddddd.

>> No.21889632

>Does that sound sustainable to you?


>> No.21889634

Oh didn't think you were talking about assets of a company I thought you meant cars for individual buyers my bad.
But it's an asset nonetheless but a depreciating one at that that comes with costs

>> No.21889675
File: 4 KB, 451x114, huh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Someone's lying

>> No.21889687

For the record, it DOES sound sustainable to me. We are talking an average 3% between the best mega cap companies in the easily scalable tech sector. I am v bullish

>> No.21889690

I guess the best thing to do is shut your brain off i missed a lot of gains worrying too much

>> No.21889704

that's 150% per year
450-500% per year on TQQQ

>> No.21889716

m1 finance says 30.25
google search which I believe use's apple's stock ticker data shows 30.10
Both are ~30 and neither are close to what your janky shit is showing

>> No.21889742

Good morning /smg/, got my options approved through Schwab. Whats a good resource on how to trade options. There used to be a link with OP that was posted on how to do it.

>> No.21889751

You have to be 18 to post here.

>> No.21889754

>There used to be a link with OP that was posted on how to do it
smg got sued so we had to take it out

>> No.21889770

RIP your balance

>> No.21889805

I think the basic strategy is to only rebalance at the beginning of January. If those companies are still solid, I'd just hold.

>> No.21889808

>RIP your balance

Oh, this is my play account not a my managed account.

>> No.21889820

Options trading is garbo just sell puts and covered calls

>> No.21889839

There will be ups and downs. I don't know any stock that has only ever gone up week after week even if it's just an incremental amount. I think overall the returns will be consistent and above average compared to the rest of the market and that will be amplifed (for better or worse) in a 3x leveraged ETF/N like TQQQ or FNGU

>> No.21889846

spend a year studying everything sosnoff has ever put out before you lose all of your money

>> No.21889859

Seeking Alpha - 9.27
Gurufocus - 10.82

>m1 finance
Is this some app? I don't use my fucking iPhone when I'm making financial decisions

>> No.21889863

that wasn't the question
the question was if 3% per week was a sustainable rate
it isn't

>> No.21889908

When is usually the best time to buy in, lunch or close?

>> No.21889920
File: 77 KB, 500x668, Garbo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Options trading is garbo
hubba hubba

>> No.21889922

what about as an average over the course of a year or years?

>> No.21889954

an average of 3% per week over the course of a year would still be 150% per year
AAPL would have to be a $5T company next August

>> No.21889956

>nasdaq futures tanking from 784 to 740

what was THAT???

>> No.21889964



>> No.21889970

It is until it isn’t. When will be stop? Tomorrow? Maybe next month. If later, it’s worth jumping in now.

>> No.21889980

so what do i do with my money then instead of just holding AAPL long term?

>> No.21890004

wealth generates wealth, anon. If you're rich enough (e.g. $3M+), the dividends alone will pay for your retirement. You're not supposed to cash out and buy a lambo, that's dumb.

>> No.21890015

M1 Finance is a pretty cool brokerage for filthy casuals. You set the ratios of how you want your portfolio allocated, then any time there's a cash event, they allocate the cash in fractional shares so as to put you at your desired allocations. It's like a set it and forget it deal.

>> No.21890017


>> No.21890025

what in the actual fuck do you people think the word "sustainable" means?

wait for the dips and swing the fuck out of it

>> No.21890057

Yeah, that’s what i think

>> No.21890065

Assuming a 5% yield, that's 150k. Do you really spend that much a year unless you're living in New York or somewhere just as expensive?

>> No.21890108

>if you have 30000000$ worth of dividend stock you can afford the lifestyle of a dentist
Woooow, amazing, so efficient use of capital.

>> No.21890169

150k a year isn't that much to live off of pre-tax with 2 people tbqh

>> No.21890243

What about one person?

>> No.21890488

Going all in on Apple, see you bros on the other side

>> No.21890526

You did buy NIO right? You did ignore what /smg/ right anon? I know you like money.

>> No.21890894

oh god, thank you for the kek ahhahahah, saved me from the bad taste of that get.

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