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Coinmetro shills are retarded. XCM is doomed to fail, nobody wants to buy in CEX anymore. All of the action happens on Uniswap, Mooniswap, and soon XSN will follow. You yuropoors bagholders will try and cope as much as you can but this is true. XCM is doomed to fail. In one month you'll realize that i was right

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allow me to introduce you to ripple holders then

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This CEX coin is 3 years old and is a pump and dump scam. They were saying thr same shit in 2017, never delivered. Now that cryptos pumping again they are looking for new suckers.

Dont fall for it newfags.

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No, you are retarded

>All of the action happens on Uniswap, Mooniswap, and soon XSN will follow
Yeah if by action you mean swapping shitcoins with other erc20 shitcoins. Coinmetro is the best fiat gateway and the only regulated securities marketplace. Do you think institutional investors / whales are going to buy tokenized real estate, bonds, equity etc. on fucking uniswap or any other XSN shitnet. Fuck no.

I love uniswap and the fact that dexes are finally taking off, I trade on them myself over 50% of the time, but you are a brainlet if you don't see the need for both Coinmetro and said DEXes. I will be participating in their securities offerings myself.

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I forgot them. They are beyond retarded
Cringe. Institutional investors are avoiding crypto like the plague and you're telling me they'll flock to coinmetro because it's going to seem more legit for tokenized assets lmao

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>Cringe. Institutional investors are avoiding crypto like the plague and you're telling me they'll flock to coinmetro because it's going to seem more legit for tokenized assets lmao
Tokenized assets are actual real world assets and not some shitcoin scam. It doesn't "seem" more legit, it is legit. I'm not going to argue with you, just remember you discussed this with me here when you check the price of xcm next year. I'd recommend you at least get a suicide stack.

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ITT: americans doing the cope

What does Coinmetro offer?
XCM is the exchange coin used for Coinmetro.com. It's marketcap is currently around 9 million $

It's a regulated exchange based in Europe
The CEO is former CEO of FXPig, a FX Broker with customer support

Coinmetro launched in 2019 and has built their product since.

They offer direct FIAT onramp to several cryptocurrencies, handpicked by the team.
USD is still missing, it will be supported in September. The application for a regulated exchange for USD is a long processes, therefore it took a while.

They offer the following services:

Fiat/Crypto trading

Margin trading x5 (more coming)

Copy trading
You can chose between experienced traders, they will trade your € or BTC and increase the value.
The most successfull traders made 26% this year. on top of BTC gains itself.

Security Marketplace
Traditional financial market investment. Basically bonds with a % return of your income. Range from 5-11% p.a.
Real estate investment, company shares
Additional advantages available for high investments
Why should XCM increase in price?

XCM is used for every transaction on Coinmetro.com
Details: https://coinmetro.com/blog/xcm-ecosystem-full-token-utility/

For a trade of 1000€, 0.1%, therefore 1€ is marketbought in XCM and given to the exchange.
50% of those 1€ worth of XCM are burnt, 50% are kept as a fee for Coinmetro.

Example: With a daily trading volume of 5 million € daily
5 million daily means 5000€ of buys Daily
So per year, 1.825.000€ (5000*365) of xcm are bought.

XCM can be locked to gain discounts on trading fee
You can save up to 20% of trading fees if you lock between 10.000 - 50.000 XCM

XCM will be used in the upcoming Coinmetro debit cards


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Do americans really?

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???? I’m a US citizen, and use CoinMetro
Got both PRQ and XCM

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shit is about to blast off and the retards on this board won’t just press the green button

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Unfortunate truth, but they will keep believing. Cex's dont stand a chance anymore to gain market share. Only dex's have chance to become big now.
Check switcheo, nex or buy uniswap.

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50k suicide stack
150k make it EO2021 stack
500k make it EOY stack


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There is literally a desktop dex out now using the lightning network and swaps. CM is dead.

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Xcm was @ 0.035€ a week ago. It did a 100%. Lol at the fudders who want to get their bags filled with cheap xcm
Not gonna happen
With all the stuff happening in september we'll never see xcm below 0.07€ again

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Try buying securities or crypto with fiat on DEX. LOL

Get in or cry

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Desperate bagholders

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It just keeps goin up

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I guess they're gonna learn the hard way, eh mate. Btw do you think 80k xcm is enough to makeit? I'm in no hurry

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I think so. Only have 14k myself (since ICO). If they pull of marketing and September's USD onramp/securities goes smoothly then it's going to Mars. Some anon calculated even with a few million volume we're looking at 5€ per XCM.

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depends on your definition of making it.

it's a nice stack, but if you believe it will go up (as I do), why not go all in?

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i am biz as fuck
fuck you nigger
i lost 42,030 dollars today.

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I only mean 1€ per xcm. That's enough for me.
I already put too much into crypto. What if, god forbid, kevin gets a stroke?
Thanks for stuff for dreams anon. 5 € here we come

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The platform has matured enough to make it even if Kevin dies.

Their team is great, i'm not worried. went all in last week

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>institutional investors
stopped reading
youre a fag

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It's quite simple. your taking a bet on USD being granted on the platform next month. If that happens, you'll profit. Who fucking cares if they're a successful business in a years time. This is a good play to make a short term solid return

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USD will be granted. it's already official, the real deal will be the first security launch

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Price eoy?

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This is not sustainable. I can count the entire user base of coinmetro with 4 hands worth of fingers. Daily volume is astonishingly low, and the tokenomics are flawed : it's just a smokescreen to hide that it's actually a ponzi/money laundering scheme. XCM cannot be valued above 10 cents. XCM holders are now tasked to try their best to recruit as many people as possible into the exchange to keep the money and the rewards flowing in, otherwise the house of cards inevitably falls upon itself without warning as soon as the tokens bought by Kevin Murcko/the exchange ALL GET SOLD AT ONCE to break even. Let me repeat myself here : the XCM token CANNOT be valued more than 10 cents per token, if not less.

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There’s still loads of bagholders who got burnt at the ICO by buying at €0.15/0.12 and they haven’t seen their money in 3 years lol.

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There is 1 maybe 2 people shilling this daily here. No one is ever buying their bags kek

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tell that kevin next ama if you're so confident
you wont
you post just got voided

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Coping bagholder

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>no argument

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Oh i get it now. That's why the price merely doubled in the last week. You're an investing genious anon. Apply to wall street asap

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Hahaha you're gonna cringe at yourself real soon

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Stay poor retard

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Daily Ponzi Token Uniswap

Hey anon, here's the most degenerate token ever. This is genius.

20 eth initial liquidity,
5 eth liquidity for 3 hours (every 15 minutes)
Total Liquidity: 80 ETH,

How are you gonna win?

first come first leave, buy early sell high in a few hours. After 3 hours, initial liquidity will be removed and a new ponzi will be started. There will be 5 ponzi with different mechanism today.

Good Luck anon
Slow day at the market, this is your only gain today. Second liquidity has been added. people are buying, dont be late. x5 in a few hours.

First 2 liquidity has been added and there are 10 more to come. This is just so early and people are already buying. Come to discord



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>lightning network

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I don't use this but it CM is not going to last. It is the era of the dexes; if I want to use CM for fiat I'll use it for 2 minutes and wont touch xcm. https://stakenet.io/

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If you do that you are touching xcm even if you are not aware kek.

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Well when regulations will come to crypto full in then CM will stand. Can dexes say the same?

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People have been talking about the "era of dexes" for 4 years+.

>EtherDelta going to replace all markets
>Idex going to replace all markets
>Uniswap going to replace all markets
>Next shitty DEX going to replace all markets

bUt tHiS tIMe ItS dIfFFerEnt...

Ok faggot. Sure.

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u mad bro? didn't you get your suicide stack of 50k XCM?

no worries, i got you


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If you bought after seeing that logo you are retarted.

In the world of logo design, that logo is equivalent to some 12 year old fedora wearing kid with autism making his first logo.

If the symbol, that users are supposed to remember most strongly, is such shit tier quality, than so is your company.

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>Lightning Network

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but annn-nnn-on it's working, believe me

DEX is the future

*pays 4 $ every transaction, 0.3% fees and high slippage*

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Ah yes, no tokens/business ever perform well a shitty logo


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>CM is not going to last. It is the era of the dexes
Unironically EXACTLY the other way around

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nice scam

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>muh custodial KYC/AML mesh network
Truly the future

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nobody in their right mind will ever use this shit exchange its not needed, Europe has Kraken end of story

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Vechain is worst

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>muh institutional money
if jp morgan wants into crypto they're just going to buy an exchange or go otc. they're not gonna fuck around pushing their volume through some shit retail solution.

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FTX and the FTT token is the thinking anons choice. It is also the choice of anons who aren't retarded 2018 ICO bagholders. Look at how far FTX have come in half the time of Coinmetro. Pathetic forehead copers

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nice larping

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no one cares about boomer company

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Choo choo motherfuckers

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Coinmetro btfos kraken though

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Boomers always win

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yeah sure.

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There will always be a market in cex. Besides, at the least this will be as big as Kucoin in the coming year which will be a 10x minimum. Look how healthy the chart growth is for xcm. All the newfags are gonna be hip on xcm and think it's their ticket. To;dr: get in or miss the metro when it leaves the station

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Spoonfeed me:

Why do exchanges need their own native tokens? Who the fuck is going to buy [exchange token] just so they can swap it for a real asset like BTC/ETH/LINK/etc.?

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>Literally who?

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They raised money with an ICO. Token holders get rewarded for their inital provided funds.

Binance is also using Tokens to give users rewards (also to get users to trade with their native token)

Contrary to BNB, XCM has actual usecase and is implemented deep within the Coinmetro ecosystem.

Every trade results in marketbought XCM, increasing the price.

with a daily volume of 10 million dollars, the price will be around 1-2$ (15-30x from now)

that's why it's hyped right now.
It was only available on COinmetro itself, now you can buy it outside on Uniswap.


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Wish we had flags, pretty sure every XCM and PRQ hater is an American. They're probably just jealous of European success. Its pathetic

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yep, based european market is making them jelly

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Coinmetro is used by.. no one?

It's funny that people are shilling the token rather than the exchange

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Usdc already live, usd next month

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Oh but they will anon, they will.

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Disregard all the shameless pajeet shills - it's absolutely true that currently, Coinmetro has a very low daily volume compared to big exchanges. That said, we're seeing higher and higher lows for 24 hour volumes each month and there's several unique products due to release soon that will increase demand.

So yes, current volume is low. But the fees are low, there's lots of liquidity on the majors and lots of new products are coming online. USD support next month as well, that'll drive volumes up for sure.

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