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/comfy/ LINK thread. take a load off anons, its been a rough week but we are all in this together. here you can vent and be one on this crazy journey. ACT II is the hardest part of the journey, i'm here for you.

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have they fallen? there's no one at my bar, is the war over? it was once full of inspired men with stories of the belly and his great deeds. now, i drink alone at my own bar, wondering how it all went wrong.

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I'm so lonely bros I have no one to call or flex my new AirPods on

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bought at $7 because of fomo then bought at $19 again because of fomo. Still in the green, ehh.

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cope thread

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Hello, Anon! Thank you for keeping my /comfy/ threads going this would be mk17, then. Please post them, hm? I'm gonna be away for a while...

t. OP of /comfy/ threads

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Linkers, I have bad news for you. The office thing is just a plug in extension. Its literally nothingburger.

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nonononono i dont get paid enough for this shit, where you going boss?

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All you gotta do is post art, post a thread theme, and label it a comfy thread. It ain't hard. I'm going on a big road trip with the senpai.

The payment is in the good vibes, maaaaaaaaaaaan

*cue maryjewwanana toke*

Also, don't feed the cope/fud trolls.

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WAIT!....you never told me your name! PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME BROS WE WERE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!!

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I don’t understand why you guys didn’t sell at $20. I don’t have link, but y’all were greedy. Why wouldn’t you sell and just wait til the dip bottoms out?

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Hey man. I'm a Linkie. I'm hiding out here because my abusive wife, Nico, bullies me for buying Link. She beats me. Don't tell her I'm here.

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lmao one time I bought at $1.40 and then later that year it was at $0.15

Tough week? LINK is double digits and that is INSANE.

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because I don't have a a crystal ball?

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You'll be fine, Marine. As long as you keep the good vibes going, and you call it a comfy thread, nothin' else matters.

Not a soul, Anon,

All about perspective, anon. You're right. People need to remember that even if we ended the month on double digits, it is still massive progress.

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i've heard she's quite the whore. don't worry i know some people. i got your back.

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No alcohol for me, working on my /fit/ right now. So whats the most realistic short term milestone (before 1k) you guys are hoping to hit? I’d like to see 300 by next year, would let me sell a thousand, still have 5k left, and be able to live off the 300k until we enter the stratosphere.

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This coworker of mine that I’m into and has been super flirty with me, ghosted me on Saturday.

She is sick today and I just completely disengaged.

She’s noticed how confident I am, and I think she realizes I’m on a rocket ship to the moon.

I’m not gonna pursue it further because I don’t deal in disrespect.

Know your worth.

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>my Id :(

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imagine being forced to constantly change the digits up on that meme lmao

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schiff just mentioned chainlink by name (re: david portnoy buying in)

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$180 for me anon, that's where i sell a 4th because I am in too much debt to risk it all. would hold all the way to 1k if i was in a good financial position though.
that's too bad, I think you are worth more than you feel. don't sweat the id, we are in a safe place here.

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This week has been extremely boring. If Sergey does not start Smartcon by bringing Jerome Powell on stage to give him a blowjob I will market sell my entire stack of linkies.

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you could try directly asking her what happened on Saturday

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Checked yeah I might sell 1k if we went that high. I wanna stack some metals in the meantime to anchor my wealth.
Hoping student debt is erased
Hoping to have my home loan paid after a few years
The rest I'm happy to let ride 1k and beyond.

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if you didnt sell at $4 youre a retard

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I'll have the chocolate milk pls barkeep

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Nah seriously props to you. I wouldn't show any interest in her anymore, especially since she could endanger whatever position you have at work. Straight up ignore her existence in a passive aggressive way and when she talks to you play dumb.

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Imagine having to constantly shift the decimal place to the right in that meme.

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based cope artist.

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Nice thread sir, have a drink.


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No drinks today sir, only coffee, I binges yesterday, last thing I need is more alcohol jew.

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i sold 10k under 2 dollars. fuck all of you. none of you are my friends or brothers. i hope you lose everything. fuck you faggots.

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Commie faggot go back to plebbit

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i defected and bought $TRB kek sorry

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Was that all you had?

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Newfag here. Comfy as can possibly be with 0.1 LINKies.

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Life is becoming really tough anon.. hope staking is around the corner.. can only manage a year maximum.. need money badly but not selling even 1 link... second lieutenant reporting

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whose fault is that, you fucking faggot?

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Same here, but seasoned with some LP shares. Staking can’t come soon enough

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Bump for frens

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Thanks anon, I could use a shoulder and a drink.

Is the kitchen still open? Tendies on the way out sound epic...

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One negroni please.