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>th-..t-thiss t-time it's different
>pic related happens

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You're actually showing symptoms of schizophrenia and retardism.

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funny graph, shame we are currently at bear trap though

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You're showing symptoms of delusion, zoomer.

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but seriously please checks your eyesight

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every crypto og thinks LINK is shit except for some meme bitcoin maximalists. i dont know how anyone could think LINK is a longterm hold

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no he's right we are literally at the bear trap stage. you can post obnoxious all-caps laughter all you want, doesn't make you sound smart

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We're at the bear trap stage you mumbling schizo. There hasn't been a sell of yet

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You dont need ta to zoom out and see that it has already been a long term hodl

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yeah buddies that 20$ pump was totally organic and celebrities posting about that shitcoin right and left was in combination with #5 CoinMarketCap definitely the Stealth smart money leet hacker phase damn you got me


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I don't own any Link... My portfolio is up 60% this month... You should seriously take a nap or go for a walk or something, you just come across as some drunk lonely idiot

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>we smurt monay ¢¢¢ *rocketemoji*

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You're so salty that you missed out while everyone here sitting comfy af kek

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I have a 10k stack

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Anon I laugh at stinkies too but you should take meds or a nap.

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couldn't you do the same thing but put the current dip at bear trap level?

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No. It's way to explosive non-organic growth

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I didn't ask

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You fucking newfags bought in at 8$

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lmao my bad. Why are you then baited that hard? And jokes aside Link is going down now and will crash for a certain period of time.

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im not selling but this is actually funny

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Too* you dumb nigger

Too bad this site is anonymous. When you are wrong we can’t go back in this thread and make fun of you, someone who is clearly trying to make herself feel better for missing out on link when she had 3 years

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Imagine thinking that graph applies to a one month timeframe

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fuck off retard

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I remember doing exactly this overlay in about 2010 with appl stonks. It didn't age well.

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I'm pre SIBOS, cunt. If you hadn't bought at 20$ you wouldn't be so sore. Imagine all of the nulinker that will have bigger stacks than you when they buy in 1 week lmaooo

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Also not very hard to see what was behind the growth this time. Muh fundamentals is what dipshits force themselves to latch onto. Public awareness has been growing and that has increased the buying pressure, simple as that. It’s not like we can remove chainlink from the public’s brains now. 100% in the bear trap phase if we are going by this picture. More realistically, we are experiencing a normal crypto correction. People read into the past history of charts way too much and don’t know why they aren’t rich yet

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I mean that's basically links entire chart

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Hello newfriend

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it's kinda funny how well it sort of fits honestly.

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I have a top 1000 wallet, your supposed 10k stack is pathetic

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>LINK dumps at the same time BTC and ETH dump
>Leads recovery of BTC and ETH

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And my das works at Nintendo. Fuck off.

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Literally not even close

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Post a rare Link meme from early on then, if you are telling the truth we will know.

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Chainlink does not have "public awareness". Atleast not to any meaningful level.
>But all the crypto Youtubers are talking about it!

Have you seen Chainlink on the news? Have your parents asked you what a link coin is because they heard about it from a friend? That's public awareness.
If you think it's anything close you're probably a newfag who wasn't here for 2017

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Can you show me a single real world example of this graph being true before link?

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You're a fuckwit and a fucking idiot
I hope your mum gets raped

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yeah, it doesn't show up anywhere that's not a crypto specific news website. if link gains public awareness...

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looks like an upward trend to me

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down the toilet, stinkers

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been holding since 15 cents and been through this many, many times. the longterm trend is up and thats all that matters.
i hope nulinker fags panic sell.

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Bloomberg and MSNBC did a thing on it but they all called it a scam and the Bloomberg one exposed the fake Google partnership

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>But we are stealth money, anon

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>fake Google partnership
lmao, go seethe in the corner.

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An actual spoke person from Google said there is no partnership, maybe read the Bloomberg article you child. Using something doesn't mean partnership. And link claimed partnership.

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>An actual spoke person from Google said there is no partnership
Chainlink never called it a "partnership".

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>link claimed partnership.

inb4 something without the word “partnership”

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>Chainlink never called it a partnership
>Literally 1 post earlier you are calling me a seething retard for saying it's a fake partnership, you trying to prove its real with tweets
So which is it? supposedly they never claimed partnership yet for some reason you believed there was one until a post ago.
Really makes you think

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3 days til you neck yourself

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Top 1000 is nothing. 500, now we're talking.

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Only nulinkers and swingers are crying.

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The dumb money already sold at a loss

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Chainlink never called it a partnership, so how is it a “fake” partnership?

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>10 posts by this ID.

Imagine wasting your time postings this much about a project you don't even hold...