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So that's why the insane moon?

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About time you started using attractive women in these threads, rather then the usual obese sluts you usually post.

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aaaaaaaand dumped

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We made it frens

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source binance???

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It's real


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We're gonna make it

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Hahahaha hahahah yes son!!!

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Trading begins today, so the liquidity they're going to need in one month's time is not even for binance.

Coinbase confirmed holy shit I'm actually gmi

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Holy fuck boys. Let’s go!

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Oh fuck yeah, lets fucking go bros.

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Thanks for looking out for our financial wellbeing friend

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>Thanks for looking out for our financial wellbeing friend
how is bitcoin brown doing?

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How's not reading whitepapers going?

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Whats the make is stack for RSR?

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1M make it
100k suicide

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I know it can never be said for sure but, any autistic anon here that maybe has stats on what happens to a coin after Binance listing?

How many x's to expect short term?

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SUICIDE 100,000
NO REGRETS 500,000

You cannot say you were not warned.

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Probably will pump to 3c and then dump back to 2.5 then consolidate at 3c for another run up (hopefully when the next exchange comes).

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When LINK got listed, it went up bigly.
A lot of coins get dumped when listed on Binance, tho.

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it's already at .29 fren
at least on uniswap

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.029 sorry

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Based, make me some fucken money.

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$.033 by EOD tomorrow. Strap in boys

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Thanks frens. I cant imagine anyone selling before coinbase. The gains will take us to paradise.

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feels good being a reserve CHAD

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>made this image over a year ago
>had 4 mil RSR at one point
>sold it all at 20% of current price because I was worried about the supply

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We are going to make it

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Coinbase is coming soon. 1$ EOY.

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Which African country should I buy with my gains after we hit $5 anons?

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holy fuck where do i buy

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I'm happy for you guys, but i'm too late now.

I've been looking into Reserve for over a month now, but could not pull the trigger for some reason.

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Alright Anons, I'm all in wish me luck this is it.

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Master Sergeant reporting to reserve my fucking rights.

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omfg now $100 gets you just under 4000 RSR. Imagine having to enter RSR now!

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Frankly anon your money might be better spent on a nice length of rope because you had an entire year

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Shit I'm only a sergeant... Might as well just off myself now...

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Same, bro. Same. Soon we will look like genius whales compared to the plebs

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We gonna make it

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binance is listing ahead of coinbase. new liquidity is scheduled for coinbase not binance. get ready for back to back pumps.

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Pretty sure you still have time

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people say this shit pump after pump
DYOR and get in faggot

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I thought it couldn't list on coinbase due to being a security or not being audited by the SEC or sth?

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you fell for that fud? lol

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Double Master Sergeant checking in

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America is not the only country that uses Coinbase

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Coinbase custody can list RSR
Also, the have the connections to get RSR on Pro

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RSR +20%
Kleros +20%
Statera +40%
What a day

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Sergeant Major, ty to the anon who shilled this a year ago along with pnk

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Banks are now allowed to act as custodians for crypto. I think the rules might have changed under our nose.

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My funds cleared coinbase TODAY after a week and I just narrowly got my stack on uniswap before this news. What a day!

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crypto laws are being passed left and right as they scramble to figure out a way to avoid crashing the economy. they know they need to figure out how to profit from crypto and keep fiat afloat long enough to transition away from the dollar.

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When did they say they needed more liquidity?

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this scam shotcoin will NEVER list on coinbase because coinbase is an american company and US regulations WILL NOT allow it. There's a reason this shitcoin will be listed on binance and not on binance.us..... do the fucking math and sell high unless you're a 3rd world dindu

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1M chad reporting in

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Holy shit, a new moon is rising
Glad I read this so early, added a bunch to my stack.

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>>RSR +20%
>>Kleros +20%

+20% for both of these is going to look like a +0.2% growth compared to whats coming..

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>he yells as the price keeps going up and he missed his chance to buy at ATL prices a few months ago

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get the fuck in now boys, we bout to colonize some new territory

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Exchanges are not banks though, and if I remember correctly there are additional regulatory concerns regarding stablecoins.

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Bwahahah youre probably the same dumb faggot that said it wouldnt get listed on binance. Cope harder faggot, you had one year.

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This is low level fud even for a pajeet

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I own 20,000,000 rsr, what’s my rank?

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scrape everything boys this is do or die

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Nice. What % does that represent of your net worth?

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too late to buy in now? big newfag retard here

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i dont think so, considering the fact that it will be listed on Binance in about 2 hours

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Give me suck suck momma RSR milkie. BOOM FUCKERS!

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Depends on what you think the ceiling is. But even $1 rsr is still a 30x from here.

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we are talking 20% of a cent here, fire away you will till be a whale 1.5 yrs from now if you go in aggro

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What exchange should I use right now?

>> No.21848432

Huobi is the best if you can use it, because uniswap and cuckbase will rawdog you with their fees

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$1 incoming by the end of the year. $3 by the end of 2021

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I have RSR, PNK and PRQ was a belter today. 220% there alone.

>> No.21848505

speculative rush aside, can you lads spoonfeed me on what the strategy is for this to become the reserve currency?

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Better believe that everything listed here will happen. Strap in boys, the train just left the station.

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should I dump my 1k LINK stack into RSR right now as a "swing" trade

>> No.21848562

Someone should photoshop a tick in that box.

>> No.21848566

its only 20%...

>> No.21848570

$1 is FUD anon

>> No.21848575

now is the time, not when we break 5 or 6 cents

>> No.21848643

good point bro

>> No.21848674

you know what happens when you swing

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bigger pump coming after we break resistance soon. there's no telling how high it can climb in the coming days either, now would be the time to buy. we could see as little as 5 cents (psychological resistance) or as much as 10 cents. the recent liquidity from the slow wallet is now confirmed not to be for binance since it takes 30 days for that to go through. this means coinbase is very close and whiteboard is telling the truth.

>> No.21848694

when do you foresee that? it's gonna be a few days until RSR starts being traded on Binance and sees bot volume, by that time SmartCon could be going on and the probability that Sergey makes an announcement there (especially given his closing keynote) is a lot higher than for all of the other random-ass conferences he's attended

>> No.21848702

You swing from the rope.

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>it's gonna be a few days
Binance listing 2020/08/25 7:00 AM (UTC)

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trust me, I'm in LINK for the long haul brother but a swing trade from LINK into RSR is better than the usual swing trade for two visible reasons:
1) RSR has an immediate upside in a way that USD does not (USD is not going to 3x or 5x vs LINK any time soon)
2) unlike most swing trades, this is over uniswap and so the feds can't see my trade history and tax me

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>mfw not enough eth to cover gas fees to fomo in eventho recognizing the unmistakable opportunity

Feelsnewfag, maybe another day sirs

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>this is over uniswap and so the feds can't see my trade history and tax me

When you cash out, how are you going to explain where that huge sum of money that was transferred into your bank account via say Coinbase came from?

>> No.21848846

I had cash waiting on huobi to buy if coinbase listing was announced, but you're right, it just was

>> No.21848876

When was this first posted? Do you have the thread?

>> No.21848888

Master Sergeant GI Bro checking in

>> No.21848890

Use btc toi buy under 10000 physical gold in increments. Sell gold otc. Avoid bank.

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Checked based 387k checking in

>> No.21848905

LINK went up probably because it was illegal to own in places in the US (like NYC) and Americans did not have great options to get it, I think.

>> No.21848926

>how are you going to explain where that huge sum of money that was transferred into your bank account via say Coinbase came from?
haven't thought that far, maybe buy modern art in crypto or something

>> No.21848983

So then you would have cold hard cash and what would you spend it on? Only thing I can think of is those disposable debit cards and if you start buying a lot it'll probably throw up some red flags (like $100k+). Some people here are easily above $50k

>> No.21849003

Personally, I would just stack the gold and sell as I needed.

>> No.21849045

>Some people here are easily above $50k
I reckon the average person here who has traded shitcoins for >1 year and isn't profoundly retarded (falling-for-ampleforth-tier) is over 50k

>> No.21849068

Right...but then you go back to the same problem. How are you going to spend the cash without throwing up red flags? Unless you're talking about cash on the order of a few thousand, you will get noticed.

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>> No.21849124

>How are you going to spend the cash without throwing up red flags?
Humble living was always going to be my strategy
"wealth" means I can eat at good restaurants more often and buy better cuts at the butcher, all of those things can be paid for with cash. Literal lambos are for niggers, like most ostentatious displays of wealth. I admit your question is conceptually challenging though

>> No.21849131

I don't need to make any big purchases. just put everything on credit and use the cash to pay the credit.

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>> No.21849180

so you can take bank loans out against crypto collateral

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Strap in fren. Binance listing in one hour

>> No.21849221

Exactly. Why would I need to show my wealth? Fuck off i rather be lowkey and like you said, enjoy life, good food etc, all of which can be purchased with cash

>> No.21849233

This might be a smooth brained question but whats the best coin to exchange for RSR? ETH?

>> No.21849281

You cant with ETH, its only BTC and USDT and in one hour, BNB

>> No.21849322

fuck niggers i should have bought more

>> No.21849337

Uniswap has eth to rsr

>> No.21849345

That's the spirit lad, fuck jannies too.

>> No.21849350

I got in with fiat -> BTC -> RSR on Huobi. I had BTC and ETH but it's better to get in with the worst shitcoin of all, fiat.

>> No.21849368

Ah well of course if youre a nigger and like to get fucked in the ass by gas fee, by all means i forgot uniswap and cuckbase exist

>> No.21849371

it's going to $1 and beyond next year. Have you looked at the current fiat price?

>> No.21849398

>I admit your question is conceptually challenging though

I mean, what if you just want to buy a house and you have say $500k in crypto? Eventually you would have to go through a bank for something like this. The only thing I can think of is being able to buy something expensive (not gold), then perhaps sell it on Ebay (which will have pretty big fees).

Additionally, where can you trade in crypto for physical gold?

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File: 123 KB, 578x559, c7T1nF2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All I want is a big tittied girlfriend like Sophie

>> No.21849431

Isn't part of the service that organized crime provides exactly this? They don't just launder their own money, do they? They probably launder other people's money for a price. It's what they are professionals in.

>> No.21849459

just pay your taxes anon.

>> No.21849483

Loads of bullion places take crypto. Not sure where you are but I use www.suissegold.ch. You can sell gold on ebay. It's expensive, small and you can sell it anywhere. I used to use it for foreign exchange when travelling before the internet. A 10oz bar fits in the little watch pocket in your jeans. Thats 15000gbp

>> No.21849504

>26% pump
>we made it boys...
>I'm going to be rich!!

So this is the power of RSR cucks. Not even a binance pump could save them from deadcoin hell lmao

>> No.21849512

bro, it comes down to what value is. From the way your questions are framed it seems you are still pegged to the belief that you have to have cash $$$ to be able to execute a transaction. This is not the case. Yeah, you can use credit cards to effect purchases, and it's convenient to have a fiat bank account to facilitate the payment system. But most actual purchases can and honestly should be done without that mess.

Rather than holding large amounts of $ in a bank account, it's better in almost every sense to have gold and silver bullion on hand. Rather than having all your money in the stock market, it's better to have your money diversified across asset classes. Try and understand the concepts of relative value and liquidity. These are the metrics by which true wealth is assessed. How liquid are your assets? How valuable are they in relation to other assets of a similar class? From this, you can start to generate a much more practically useful and empowering way to use money rather than seek it out.

>> No.21849515

literally this

>> No.21849555

so can us buy it now worry free?

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File: 1.75 MB, 306x205, 1597772329897.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stay poor you fucking loser

>> No.21849616

Yeah, I get that, but ultimately major transactions will be done in cash from a bank account. If you want to buy a house, everything is done through the bank. So how am I going to turn my gold into cash in my bank account to buy a home without paying like 20 - 30% on crypto taxes?

>> No.21849643

>as soon as I buy it dumps
what the fuck anons I thought I was supposed to make it? RSR is nothing more than a pump and dump...

>> No.21849660

Just wait a few days anon, don't be impatient you probably literally bought ATH

>> No.21849684


>> No.21849772

major transactions when done right are exchanges of assets. If you want the asset to be cash, then great. But a dollar is both a transferrable asset as well as a common way to evaluate. When effecting asset exchange you are more concerned with the latter. You're still thinking by the rules. Widen your perspective and think like money.

You pay taxes on all transactions between fiat and asset. You build wealth by minimizing tax burden. You minimize tax burden by trying to avoid fiat whenever possible. In other words, you switch from one asset to another. What does this look like? It looks different every time. If you're buying a car from a dealer, you probably won't be able to buy in bullion, because they have rules. But if you're doing a private sale, the question doesn't even come up. When you're buying a home, are you looking to go through the whole realtor system? It's a fucking scam filled with middlemen lining their pockets. Why waste the money? Switch assets.

Personally, my plan is to count of monte cristo up in this bitch and buy an estate with gold bullion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YGYRPliTsQ

>> No.21849885

This guy fucks.

>> No.21849886

I used an anonymous exchange a couple days ago. Does the government consider it money laundering? It will show in all my csvs that I transferred the same amount of money in crypto into RSR.

>> No.21850117

Dumping this run for Safex. GG lads.

>> No.21850118

they're only going to care when you're trying to take money out and as long as you pay taxes on the money you take out nobody will give a fuck which assets you bought and traded.

>> No.21850152

safex is a scam

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I was accumulating noooooo

I have a 700k stack wanted to reach a make it number this week. NOOOOO

>> No.21850265

to add to this a little more, bullion is a useful tax-free way of effecting large transactions with private sellers, but not the only way in which these exchanges can occur. The best transactions are when both parties want what the other has.
Remember that scene in Indiana Jones where the Nazis want help finding Indy and the sheik wants the nice car? He gives them tanks and his personal guard. That's the kind of thing I'm talking about here. Those are the best and most fulfilling transactions, because there's no loser and you're both helping each other get what the other wants.
So if you have a boat and want a house, and someone with a house wants a boat, voila. Simple example. It's as infinitely varied as there are assets in the world. It's even better when there are services involved, or possible future contracts like favors. "Here, you'll get a mine, I'll get the logging rights, and we'll re-evaluate in a year." It's what the Euros did when carving up Africa, except their assets were armies.
Thinking like this as much as possible turns you from someone looking for money into someone who thinks like money. Money isn't a dollar or even a gold coin. It's an idea. Sometimes it's wealth and freedom. With RSR, it's stability, trust, and right now, big gains. I'm pretty stoked about this listing, btw.

>> No.21850301

Women have the ultimate money and most deploy it well.

>> No.21850311

is it priced in should i buy more ReEEeeeeee i dont know

>> No.21850349

Usually the dogshit coins pump and then dump. If the coin has real potential it goes up, to judge potential just wait like a week or two on the sidelines to see how it performs.
I actually bought LINK this way.

>> No.21850405

Tfw sold half of my 1mil stack a few days ago to fomo into uniswap shitcoins

>> No.21850415

What is the "money laundering" meme?

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