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Some turd posted this and deleted it. Idk if it's legit, but I don't like pussies that delete posts.

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My body is ready!

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holy fuck

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mein Gott

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I beg you, please delete this.

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op is not a faggot

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i hope u realised this is not good for humanity.

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what's the joke about wanting this image deleted? Isn't it good news?

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I saw him delete it in another thread. I've been googling about it for the last hour

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Delete, I'm not done accumulating

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yes it's legit...
if you didn't know, US is looking into a digital dollar. They are in the middle of a process to determine what chain is best suited for it. This chain needs privacy, scalability, high TPS etc.
They will use Chainlink into connecting their legacy systems to the blockchain so it will all be routed through chainlink ie issuance of coins etc.

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Hmm I think this confirms Chainlink token is very valuable ! Many ppls will wanting to buying this Chainlink token for 1000.00$

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Privacy? They don't want that, otherwise they'd choose monero.

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Anon seriously delete this you're going to ruin the timing. DELETE NOW

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They haven't chosen the chain yet. Privacy chains will be high on the list though for legacy reasons.

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China has landed their digital yuan.
US cannot bear not having their own digital dollar.

Things will develop really fast from now.

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sirs this coins going to moon!
$1000k eoy!!

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Pic related. Don't be left behind.

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full report you dumbfucks


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Delete this

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i'll save you 100 pages
>ctrl F chainlink
>not found

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fake as fuck

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> Rory delet

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it isreal https://chainlinkadapters.com/

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Delete this faggot

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They even mention libra and yuan>>21841542

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>ctrl+f "Ethereum"
>26 results

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The only mention I read of Ethereum was in the smart contract section and it says Ethereum has bugs.

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chain-shit not mentioned a single time. Stinkies just love makint shit up lol!

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what the fuck, anon. stop blowing our shit up.
someone post porn and gore so we can get this cleaned up.

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Rip Ethereum

>The capability of a digital wallet
to hold many types of assets can itself present both significant opportunities and
risks in its own right, as exemplified by the “ICO bubble” that was technologically
enabled by Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard [145], [146]. Thus, the question of whether
a CBDC is typically held in and used via special-purpose wallets purpose-built to
the CBDC, or generic wallets designed to manage a broader class of digital assets,
presents important issues and questions to be considered carefully

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Smart contracts = chain link!

COPE. they didnt mention chainlink by name one. single. time. Epic tier cope

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its xrp.

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Is this about the guy that posted about being a beginner and asking if he was going to jail

>the November 2017 accidental loss of $30M USD worth of Ether from the same Parity Wallet smart contract.

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It will most likely be run on Algorand. XRP plays a different role with the digital dollar, a more important role.

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Delete this you retard

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Are you really this dumb?

kek nope

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its fake you fucking idiot


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Israel has no right to exist.

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Link to paper referenced By OP https://www.brookings.edu/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Design-Choices-for-CBDC_Final-for-web.pdf

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>this definitely has something to do with chainlink

Economic Perspectives
Vulnerabilities in First-generation RFID-enabled Credit Cards
Daniel V. Bailey , Kevin Fu , Thomas S. Heydt-Benjamin, Ari Juels, Tom O'Hare | 2009 | Vol. 33 Download

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has any autistic anon calculated the potential price LINK would need to be if it were being used by banks/govt's to connect the legacy systems to the new financial system

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This. Ripple cryptocurrency will be worth $1000 a coin

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t. subhuman. only arabs and niggers and western kikoids hate israel. Hitler literally created israel, its based, redpilled and literally the holy land.

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Bery much is my guess

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There was an old post where someone calculated how much LINK would have to cost for each of its isolated individual use cases, DYOR

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the ripple people do this every day and its just as stupid when they do but if youre curious about the numbers there you go

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if its just an api feed all that's happening is them using public data from the usg right?

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> control f "oracles"
> Zero results.
Hmmm suspicious

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>Hitler literally created israel
He didn't though. Nice pil pul. Israel according to the kikes prophecies can only exist once there has been a genocide of their people. They were talking about the genocide of 6 million jews years before WW2, possibly before their communist overthrow of the last Russian Tsar Nicolas.

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> It is not necessary for a CBDC to provide
smart contracts in order to fulfill its primary role as a digital currency, and some
CBDCs (including the digital yuan, for example) are unlikely to do so. However,
smart contracts can be an important way that a CBDC fosters innovation from other
entities such as commercial banks and fintech providers.
Makes sense now. Just focus on your little tokenized fiat we'll focus on deploying reliable and secure smart contracts and making a bunch of racist neets the new elite

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Ari has thousands of citations.... PRHAPS THEY ARE ALL LINK CRUMBS???

Lol. This is how dumb you sound.

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So what are the implications for the other coins on these blueprints?

Anywhere near the mooning LINK will see?

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Hey retards, how does using xrp as a currency increase its value to $1000?

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They mention the challenges of payout privacy (Mixicles), the utility of threshold signatures and have Arbitrum as a citation

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>thus far remains an open challenge

aka Adoption is decades off. Congrats linkies, you may see 1000 eoy....eoy 2040 AHAHAHAHAHA

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> Years ahead of the competition
> Open challenge
This is formal academic kike for "I've already sold my solutions to the best person for the job (sn)"

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>64.25 EOY 2021
>113.5 EOY 2022
>162.75 EOY 2023
>212 EOY 2024
Im fine with this

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> Bull market
> Mediocre gains
Anon I...

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Cost basis 0.21

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Why do you guys not want this information out there. You guys make it sound like this coin will rocket once this info is out. Silly

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What does it mean? Please explain I'm retarded.

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US government is going to use chainlink for data

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yeah it's supid when ripple people do it because nobody's using their fucking coin, not even their partnered banks, because it's better to set up a CBDC. this, on the other hand, is being put into practice. shit argument.
for those wondering, the price that the other anon calculated was $81,000 and also took into account derivatives. which the ISDA wants to use chainlink for and has documented. but don't hold your breath for that... also i haven't done the math myself and don't have his post saved.

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Digits confirm fud marines stand down

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Checked. Link is the standard. Everyone will use link just like Google except for more things like employment contracts and price feeds and FinTech stuff and weather insurance and so on. Go read Sergey's blogs. That fucker loves to blog

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FYI, Chainlink also already uses the USG’s APIs.


This integration was blocked/hidden in the pivotal tracker on github. There’s a lot more going on than what most anons know about, outside of 2 man team price feed Big Mac fuck king of shit mountain.

Chainlink is a 8 year project entering the homestretch boots. Obligatory fuck jannies.

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> Jason metadata

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the more I lurk the more my 6k stack feels like more than enough. I sleep very comfy at night lately

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>entering the homestretch boots
The cat is out of the box.

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We are going to be the new elite...

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It's $81,000

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Delet this thread right now

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why is chainlink always some sort of funny ass name in diagrams like this. its like they always go out of their way to make up a name when they can just put chainlink.

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Nope. It's $1k eoy or I'm out. I've been holding this for three years. I WILL NOT reset the clock just cause you fucking NuLinkers just sparked the braincells to get in

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That's just the beginning...

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Because we’re not supposed to know lol.

XRP will be a transfer layer so will a bunch of others. The golden goose cog behind the whole machine that is actually the real currency, the currency of kings, is LINK.

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yep and thats just the absolute minimum

we could easily see over $100k

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here's the whole PDF frens

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You had three years. It’s time.

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The thing is, we really could.
>Inb4 hurr durr muh market cap
That's old style dinosaur Bitcoin maxi thinking.
Crypto is real shit now, not just a niche hobby libertarian tier drugs, kids, and speculation toy.
It's turning into the infrastructure of the 4iReich.
It's foundational for the future, people are going to have to adjust or they'll be too late on Link, miss when defi flips cefi.
It's happening right now.
You really want to stack up governance tokens and hold them tight for a few years.

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at what point are we suppose to know tho? because eventually as the network grows they are gunna have to onboard neets like us. i think sergey imagined a network with tens of thousands of nodes, even more. that means at some point they are gunna have to open it to us. is that when it hits $1000?

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Why try to hide it? This thread will be buried by XRP tards, shitcoin scammers, etc. you’d have to actually give a shit to find this thread. Do you think this thread would really affect the price movement?

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fucking hell, good find
i did my usual
>cmd+f "chainlink" and "oracle"
didn't think to do arbitrum
that's the smoking gun right there

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I’ll stick to stacking pure, raw, stinky LINK.

There is nothing else in this space that will hold greater value, literally nothing.

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Based neets shall inherit the earth from demonic pedovores that follow luciferian ideals

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Why call it 'Arbitrum' instead of, you know, Chainlink?

>> No.21844567


The ones they “need” to know IE. you and me already know. If anyone holds a substantial amount of LINK long enough to be some part of the system they already proved themselves.

It’s a test, validation, or a consensus really in its own way.

The average retard isn’t supposed to own LINK, it serves no function for them.

That’s what XRP or whatever digital dollar tokens they print are for.

>> No.21844603


To keep midwit hands off of LINK tokens.

I’m sure they’re annoyed there’s so many of us already.

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Where to buy linkie dice.
I want to keep a pile of them at my desk and throw them at my friends when they beg me for money.

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retard or kike, im leaning to kike

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Chainlinkchad on Etsy was selling them recently again. Not sure if he's still doing it bro. He's the og seller. There's an ausfag selling glow in the dark ones but donno about the quality.

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Unironically this

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Namaste my nigger.

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That sounds very counterproductive if their goal is adoption.

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They’re new, the old ones sleep.

I’m partial to these as well.

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So fcking what you dumb fcks. And i own a shit lias of link.. OP sta and wd 2 + 4 = 9. And low IQs are like OMG!!!! Link gonna moon.

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The holocaust didn’t happen, either.

>> No.21845189

>hey didnt mention chainlink
chainlinks company is called smartcontracts
if tim cook came out introducing the new apple phone, you would be making fun of iphone users because he didnt mention the iphone by name.

>> No.21845224

Because they aren't using chainlink

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They had best wake the fuck up it's showtime

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>> No.21845529


ZK rollups being used?

In general, to improve performance and reduce execution (i.e., gas) costs, smart contract
developers have found ways to make use of complex arrangements involving cryptographic evidence and minimally-trusted third parties. These includes “roll-ups”, or
verifiable computing, which can accelerate the task of validating a blockchain.

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> Page 44

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so you're saying at first instance they'll just call you out on it and on the second instance they'll make a kleros case on whether to remove your node from the oracle for false/inaccurate inputs? Seems reasonable. Where does link come into it?

>> No.21846030

how long can you delay gratification, the test

>> No.21846107

chainlinkchad on etsy

>> No.21846142

this is for AMPL jesus you schizos

>> No.21846159

it doesn't
i hold 200k PNK

>> No.21846167

>he doesn't know USD has been digital for decades
You realize the physical papers do not match the numbers at the Treasury/FED, correct?

What do you think Credit is, anon?

What you mean is we're beginning to use Blockchain.

>> No.21846189

You misunderstand, I have selfish eyes anon.

>> No.21846191

Yeah I’m sure the fed is going to use a scam erc20 shitcoin. Why not just make their own? Oh I know why because 90% of chainlink is owned by 5% of the wallets

>> No.21846257

Checked wow it’s time soon

>> No.21846274

it's a full loaf of bread at this point

>> No.21846290

I don’t think you realize they’ve already been using a blockchain for decades now. The Fed and most OGAs that interact with PII, fin data, classified information, etc all use what the same encryption that bitcoin itself is derived from.

The only difference is that there wasn’t an entire network setup to interact between GOV/public, private networks, markets, etc in a truly decentralized fashion.

Let’s be real, I’m about 98% SC/CL has been answering a lot of RIFs on FEDBizOps to provide the USG with next gen solutions

>> No.21846331

the holocaust didn't happen
but it should have

>> No.21846345

nice try fag https://www.chicagofed.org/people/person-listing?filter_alpha=J

>> No.21846361

Pajeet always uses a space between punctuation .

>> No.21846389

Fine, I wasn't specific enough: we're beginning to use Blockchain PUBLICLY.
/ourguys/ let Blockchain tech drip.

But, yeah, you're probably right.
Poor normies...

>> No.21846392

I know someone on this project (not a larp) at Accenture. They're not going to use a public chain, but they can use crypto functionality that's chain agnostic.

The XRP shills will attack this, but time will reveal it to be true.

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>> No.21846431

My bad.

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>Chain agnostic
Well, we're going balls deep on this thread already...

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>> No.21846539

Nah, you're input was appreciated.
I was just chiming in because it always tickles me when newfags think USD isn't digital or hasn't been digital for a while now.
How do they think Credit/Debit Cards work?...

It's hilarious when faggots FUD the coming digital transition we're already seeing, speaking about spoopy shit that can happen with the tech, all without realizing what they carry around in their pockets each day.
If only they'd realize that we're positively innovating things here, especially with the rise of DeFi, we would get through this rigorous process much sooner.

>> No.21846668

That too. Plus even smaller private firms have been using it to power state lotteries, like the VA lottery. You think that Colorado Lottery Hackathon didn’t go unnoticed by other companies who aren’t contracted by the state to operate blockchains ISO lotteries?

Public use is here my man.

>> No.21846764

We can only warn them so much.
What do we do, bop them over the head with a shoe and tie them down?...
I guess we just wish some of them pay attention.

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>> No.21847236

Thanks anon.

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>> No.21847320

Bump anons this is our moment to shine.

>> No.21847402

too bad ripple isn't a cryptocurrency

>> No.21847601 [DELETED] 


>> No.21847638

Nice larp faggot. Accenture has donated tens of millions to ripple and has way too many breadcrumbs point at XRP. Fuckin Giancarlo has talked about XRP, you’ll never EVER hear him talk about chainlink.

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>> No.21848169

Can someone qrd for brainlets

>> No.21848203


>> No.21848337

Chainlink has connections with the Federal Reserve.
All LINK holders will be the next elite.

>> No.21848363

i dont know if having a connection with the feds is a good thing, usaully its the other way around. Its either we lose it all or the make us rich, but the entire world is fucked making it pointless to be rich.

>> No.21848510


The whole world is fucked anyway, have you not been paying attention?

>> No.21848583

So what? It's their fault for not investing into LINK, they will be peasants.
Linkies will be the next elite.

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>he thinks the fed will buy his bags for the network effect of some neet price oracles

>> No.21848676

You didn’t see what comes after it?

>> No.21848698

A true /biz/ patrician right here. For reasons beyond the surface

>> No.21848714

>tfw remembering shadowfork FUD
Brings back memories from 2 years ago.

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Seems like a decent paper. Too bad it's riddled with simple-to-fix grammatical errors. Try again linkers.

>> No.21849014

Nice catch. That single typo has invalidated the entire paper. Thanks for pointing that out to our fellow marines. I’ll be going to Binance and market selling all of my Chainlink now.

>> No.21849118


My net worth is a simple to fix grammatical error, the solution to which is: Chainlink

>> No.21849329


Well there it is. Its Chainlink 100%

>> No.21849376

A few things worth saying

1. If people haven't worked out yet that Chainlink are actively engaging people to come on this board and post this shit then you're retarded

2. If you actually believe OP you're super retarded

3. It's one thing to buy link and hope it generates enough hype and bullshit to make a profit but if you actually think it will ever become a valuable 'product' god help you, you really are thick as fuck

4. Holding 4,000 link, comfy as fuck

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anons really.........this is amazing! Do you think we will see anything related to this in the Smartcon? man i'm getting a hardon of only thinking about this........still.......i'm pretty sure in a few hours chainlink twitter will go crazy about this without understanding half of it......kek.....stil we won't pump I'm sure of it......heck I'm sure the day is anounced the whales will poop a big stinking turd in the sell order to scare away normies

> And we wouldn't have it any other way , we are gonna get rich, fuck nolinkers, fuck nulinkers and most important! Fuck jannies!!!!

>> No.21849456

Bad post

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>> No.21849540

Desperate stinkers trying to pump the price of their scam erc shitcoin. Pathetic.

>> No.21849598


A real high quality pair of cuff LINKs would look kind of sweet with this logo


>> No.21849680

no we won't see this at smartcon. they don't want people to know about this yet lol it's not even close to ready. nor is it anywhere in the agenda. take what they have written really literally. they are dead serious about not hyping up this product.
for anyone that needs to hear this, do not get delusions. this is going to be boring. it will dump. you need to plan for that. it is going to be a recap of what smartcontract is, and you will get no news out of it.

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>> No.21849783

There's no telling how retarded you are. It's off the charts.

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>it's legit

Translation: We're no longer early.

>> No.21849865

Holy fuck it really is legit

100 EOM

>> No.21849998

Good God.
Everything has been set, the Tsunami has risen and there’s nothing anyone can do to change course.

>> No.21850022

>it's 2020 linkies sound more and more like xrp marines
oh i can't wait till september

>> No.21850404

>mob rule.
lol. just lol.

>> No.21850519

Can't wait for niggers to chimp out with AI enabled 5G cameras and smart insurance contracts that pay out as soon as sheboogan let's fly with flabby fists or Tyrone throws a brick. Social justice is being replaced by deterministic smart contracts libs btfo

>> No.21850554

the bea adapter is for ampl's cpi you retards

>> No.21850620


>> No.21850822


>> No.21850867
File: 977 KB, 1494x1068, FuhrerLunch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21850969

Why does ampl need that

>> No.21851379
File: 234 KB, 1128x269, 1569841614916.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pic related describes staking valuation and token pricing the best, if you're interested. It's more accurate to look at the value saved by using smart contracts (and thus, link) for the industry in mind.

>> No.21851467


>> No.21851540

Except we've had objective algorithmic processes for years like bank red lining and laws are easily put in place to compromise them. Just watch oracle data be re-evaluated for racial injustice and outputs modified.

>> No.21851581

to determine rebase percentages according to the value of a 2019 us dollar

>> No.21851602

so this whole thread is a giant nothingburger

>> No.21851675

Can confirm. Bank of England are using Accenture; even a Google search will tell you that.

>> No.21851683
File: 147 KB, 1076x202, 1575746833665.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pt. 2

>> No.21851728
File: 215 KB, 1368x1164, 1572201641261.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Israel connections further confirmed, ctrl+f for Technion in that paper

>> No.21851739
File: 270 KB, 1714x1184, 1596546937907.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21851787

Okay I had the same feeling about ampl, but wouldn’t they just use their own or ask the bois to replicate what they constructed on a larger scale instead of making everybody in the know dumb rich. Sounds like bad insider trading by politicians which will cost them the next elections for sure

>> No.21851982

Bullish but it's just so tiresome. Link should already be much higher what the fuck gives

>> No.21852093
File: 146 KB, 1432x514, 1575096994405.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Staking isn't even live yet and the crypto bullrun is arguably just beginning. Just wait anon, we've been undervalued for so long that when we really do moon in the bull market our gains will just be that much higher. On a log scale we're closer to 1k than to 10c where we started.

>> No.21852586
File: 55 KB, 430x650, 3B16E7F2-0223-4BA3-9514-48C9940B9966.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.21852803

It is literally insane how early we are. Every single LINK holder in this thread is likely a millionaire in 10 years. Many of us in 1 year. Some of us already are. If you are a LINK millionaire now you’ll be worth hundreds of millions.

>> No.21853039


>> No.21853606

>he doesnt know

>> No.21853643
File: 1.12 MB, 1920x1080, praise_kek_praise_him_and_his_digits_of_power.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based. I'm cashing out a portion into gold so I can larp as a dragon
Based hopium anon thanks. We've come a long way

>> No.21853661





>> No.21853695

You are a MANIAC

>> No.21853782

t. has been waiting for sub-ico prices for three (3) years now (ticker: FAGGOT)

>> No.21853851

I miss bizonacci

>> No.21854029


SAP is partnered with LITION and their GDPR proof private/public blockchain. LITION has recently joined INATBA. Do the math.

Alledgedly Swipe will announce a partnership with JP Morgan soon aswell.

>> No.21854216

me too

>> No.21854279

So are you!

>> No.21854346

Nice find anon

>> No.21854366

Send inv to discord?

>> No.21854377

Not my screencap

>> No.21854493
File: 30 KB, 620x242, smartcontracts.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's actually real

>> No.21854553

> The fed is writing about SCS
Kek wakey wakey faggots I hope everyone registered for smart con otherwise you will have to endure the tranny hype without knowing for sure if it's real

>> No.21854603

it's real you shrill faggot. nothing will be announced at smartcon.

>> No.21854666

I have. About 47 dollars

>> No.21854759

Weak fud

>> No.21854803
File: 133 KB, 500x500, 1598169235069.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Checked Satan you devious fuck
Yes these are the og links for the bond coupon Sergey did for swift years ago. Now they probably don't even take his calls...

>> No.21854871

I've seen this image before, except with SXP on there too.

Am I imagining that or was that a shoop?

>> No.21854941

How high can LINK go unironically?
>>21854666 seems like a reasonable price. 1k$eoy is just a meme, LINK is a token not a coin, no way can be where BTC is right now at 10k$

>> No.21855059

About the price of a cup of coffee

>> No.21855240


>> No.21855309
File: 430 KB, 1800x1200, 1597758108018.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sitting comfy with my stack

>> No.21855404

Sold my linkies at $1, should I buy back in? Won't be able to get a 10k stack but people probably though the same when BTC was around $15.

>> No.21855519

I would buy back in man. You might miss a drop to $13-14 if you buy now, but the upside is looking like it would be worth it.

>> No.21855951

theres literally an entire chapter about smart contracts

>> No.21856019

>open thread
>ctrl+f XRP
>11 entries

majority won't see forest from the trees

>> No.21856346

Amazing pic

>> No.21856447

This is a very comfy pic :(

>> No.21856827

Based and checked

>> No.21857016

The fact that smartcontract chief techincal advisor also helped author this paper, a paper made to help explain the best way to develop a cbdc, is quite a nugget.

>> No.21857105

How have I never seen this

>> No.21857213

How exactly do you define "open challenge" as decades off? Someone could be sitting on the right answer as we speak.

>> No.21857240


Checked but look at the authors you dolts.

>> No.21857281

>Key management is so daunting to users that many store their cryptocurrency with exchanges (custody services), such as Coinbase, paradoxically recentralizing systems whose main selling point is their decentralization.

>> No.21857337

You want to know how a bunch of racist anime watchers are now millionaires?
Because by the time the fucking pdf says chainlink, ever normie and their brother have already bought in
Stay poor

>> No.21857363

I want to live there

>> No.21857380

The absolute state of linkies. It's a fucking nothingburger you retards. Chainlink is irrelevant. Only a few DLTs will truly rise. See pic related >>21841533
Even though he just edited chainlink into it, kek and yikes.

>> No.21857411

Why do you ask? You know full well that they have no answer, even if there was an answer they wouldn't know how to find it.

>> No.21857427

$1K EOY was just a meme to lure people into stacking up as quickly as possible. It was never the ceiling.

>> No.21857431

This entire thread has the vibes of discord tranny shill army. Did you guys go long already?

>> No.21857456

Delete this stupid fuck

>> No.21857468

okay now open this and ctrl+F XRP

0/0 results? Interesting, maybe try arbitrum or smart contracts and read a bit.

>> No.21857514
File: 29 KB, 736x858, kermit-biz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>erm... I'd like to place a buy order, please.

>> No.21857530

cats out the bag but biz is too dumb to react so i'm not worried about it. we still have time to accumulate. my guess is until smartcon or after it. i would tell you to delete this but people will forget about this lol

>> No.21857554

You have no idea what you're talking about. Hurry up and sell.

>> No.21857574

What is Sergey is totally /ourguy/ and left backdoors in the code to rek the Fed?

>> No.21857589

>that the other anon calculated was $81,000
That comes from someone pressing f12 in their browser, editing some numbers then taking a photo with their phone. Not from some arcane math

>> No.21857702

LINK will be in the $3 - $4 range by September. It's only $14 now, and it will drop to $13 by tonight.

Shitcoin Cash (Bitcoin Cash) is ahead of it again for the #5 spot in crypto, and LINK's volume is barely above 1B right now. It was over 3B during the massive pump.

I'm happy I sold all of my LINK last week, but I look forward to loading up my bags again at $3 next month.

>> No.21857792

I also believe in a massive dump but that low? I feel like the momentum will keep this above 10$ maybe jump it too 25$ then die again to 15$

>> No.21857852

brand new, you early

>> No.21857854

yea you should like i said, i opened THE THREAD not that article

>> No.21857862

He has been spamming this in all link threads for 2 days

>> No.21857876

$6 - $7 would be the best case scenario, IMO. I believe we will drop to at least that before it stabilizes, but I wouldn't be surprised to see $3 - $4.

>> No.21857926

Post sell order

>> No.21857970
File: 49 KB, 600x800, dfgdfgd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21858084

I just finished reading this paper. Very insightful

>> No.21858297

I will, hold on.

>> No.21858568
File: 39 KB, 686x379, 9BCCA23E-4547-4D87-916D-BA7D67F85A35.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21858602
File: 48 KB, 750x1334, 0E847060-1A5A-4B10-AFF6-BC32727D7A24.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21858625
File: 616 KB, 735x770, 1594653052399.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21858628

"digital dollar" lmao do you fucking retards know how the federal reserve works? The fed wont use blockchain, because blockchain doesnt allow for endless QE and endless monetary expansion lmao One day you will be rich in LINK/USD when the USD is worth shit, gg

>> No.21858648


>> No.21858760

Why would they need to check current data to rebase to a historical standard?

>> No.21858802
File: 127 KB, 1080x639, 58540BC0-14D5-477A-B99C-D96A269EEAAB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>this is going to be boring. it will dump.
such lies

>> No.21859197
File: 50 KB, 400x400, 1464194525920.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>no mention of stinkies
>mention of xrp
as expected, kikes will use xrp

>> No.21859833

the historical standard is calculated in relation to current data

>> No.21859905 [DELETED] 

it always is