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Xcm will go 10x until EOY, 50x until end of 2021

Exchange token with low Market cap

Get your xcm now in coinmetro.com
Or uniswap


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Gonna get some. Thanks

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Why is XCM superior to other coins, explain

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Short summary

Exchange coin like kcs and bnb. These aleady 100x
Compared to those, coinmetro offers lower fees, better Support. Xcm tokenomics are way better than bnb. Every trade results in burn, around 5-10% per year.

They Support direct fiat onramp and launched the Worlds first security Market place, which will be huge. Imagine Nasdaq, but for crypto.
This marketplace will get traditional investors (boomer, finance companies) on the platform.
All of These trades will also result in buy orders/burn of xcm.

With 10 Million daily volume, 300k € worth of xcm are bought and burnt per month.
So 6.2 Million per year. Now imagine the buy Pressure.

100x is easy possible

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most likely coin to make you rich
check em

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biz is always right

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I would buy some, if i can afford the txn fee on Uniswap....baka i'll just wait for Radix to launch and have all the DeFi projects move there and pay virtually no txn fee instead

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You can just sign up to coinmetro.com

No gas fees, lowest fees in the industry

and it's cheaper than on uniswap there

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