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Is Chainlink leading the market?

No meme answers please

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what does it look like? it's literally dumping rn

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not yet but soon it will

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God I can’t wait for the next pump. The worse the dump the better the pump and link is primed and ready—this is exactly the situation before taking off past 8 all the way up to $20. Same vibes, same FUD amount, same timeframe, only know we have smart on coming up. Ready to coom desu senpai

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this guy links
this guy sucks cocks

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In the Oracle space by far. Investment value will continue to increase too. But everyone already knows this stuff unless you've been under a rock for the past few years.

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I Link. If link ain’t $50 eoy I’ll suck my own dick somehow.

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Great image.

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yeah, it will lead into the second half of crapto bear market and bleed to new lows with all the other shitcoins including btc, unironically last chance to sell at 19 american US coming up
you will see link below 20 cents and we'll actually get 1000 suicides eoy 2021

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technically though, btc is leading atm with link lagging behind a bit and omg in 3rd place

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1000eoy bitches

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That's not a punishment. If men had the flexibility to do that women would become extinct

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LINK is the market. The market just needs to catch up.

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I said no mem answers

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No it's bitcoin

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It was. I wanted it to be true. Now it is not. It's literally 2017 bag pumps so that whales can exit the moment any fiat liquidity enters through BTC and ETH. OMG got to lead for a few days. Next up will be some other 2017 ICO.

This said, there's enough interest in LINK and enough people holding it that exchanges need to close deposits/withdrawals and dump BTC whenever LINK wants to move.

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link won't go past 20 ever again
short liquidations above that are 100% safu

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I thought biz was all about DYOR but very few here seem to bother with actual sources.

Please continue the fud fest.

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>finally makes a big move in a market where anything defi related has been making big moves for months
>leading the market

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People who can see beyond and behind the short term price action will make it. Everyone else will be left scratching their heads playing with meme lines and chasing pumps.

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