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i am financially ruined

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nice EWT "competitor"

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it's ogre

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Woof, glad I got out of that one

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Scammed by the krauts again. Stay away from this hunk of shit and IOTA.

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why do you numbnuts even bother with this shit? Just buy LINK. Suck it up, be a man. Buy LINK. Jesus.

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"""Seed investors""" and team are dumping on bagholders again. Lmfao this shittoken is nothing but a cash grab to appease the investors of the Lition energy company

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No other 'legitimate' coin shilled by biz dumps like LIT does historically this is probably the worst consistently shilled token on biz to buy.

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60% interest rate btw

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That's because we shill these before upcoming ICO token unlocks.
And they fall for it EVERY. FUCKING. TIME.
Probably because no one fucking reads the whitepaper Tokenomics to understand token unlock schedule.

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Selling a $10 coin for $0.12...

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inspect element

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