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First of all I exchanged some ETH for a coin that I sort of regret trading for and now I'm trying to exchange it back into ETH with metamask -- how long does this approval process take so I can finally trade in this coin?

Second of all out of these coins how would /biz/ rank them?

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>First of all I exchanged some ETH for a coin that I sort of regret trading for
create a strategy or this will end poorly for you

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What do you mean

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>uniswap approval
a few minutes tops (you can see an estimate on the etherscan)

RSR & STA because I hodlt them! buy buy buy

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No to all of those

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don't listen to this guy

there are only two strategies:
- buy low sell high
- buy high sell low


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I thought I could put my money in crypto, buy some coins, watch the price go up, profit.
I've lost a considerable amount in the last month; I keep buying high and selling low. I got scammed in a pump and dump; I'm starting to think I'm an idiot.

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>a few minutes tops
I've had this approval going for over an hour now, and when I click the etherscan link it says Txnhash not found.

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I've heard some bad stuff about STA no too sure but RSR is a scam. Don't buy it, don't know the other 2.

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You newfags are literally everyday joes walking onto an olympic track and expecting to beat olympic athletes. You stupid faggots wouldn’t try to play pro football, engineer rockets or be a navy seal but you will waltz up to financial markets money in hand with no plan, knowledge or strategy and expect to win.

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oh maybe it broke or something...can it be cancelled?

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I literally did both of these. I first bought OMG low, sold somewhat high, made profit. I then bought REP recently, stress sold as soon as I made profit because I really didn't wanna lose money, but I realized that I need to stick to the plan if I wanna make it so I bought back in thinking it'd go back up to 30 after the 6th dip, but it kept going and I now sold at 23 dollars, so I lost 3/4th of my profit from the previous venture

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It's only as much of a casino as you make it

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I'm not here to get rich dw I won't take away your special spot. This is just gambling for my fun

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there's lots of shilling and fudding going on this board, so it's hard to separate the wheat from the chaff

some coins you just have to go with the pump, and dump at the top, don't wait it out, there's nothing there, but you can profit from it

other coins seem to have some real long-term stability and juice, legit useful tech, or at least legit holders

one strat is to cash out 50% or 10% or whatever when you make some, no fomo, you're still in, but you took some gains

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Yeah I know you can spend like 80 hours to research some unknown coin then invest all your money into it then cash out a considerably richer in the future, but that's really boring.

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buy as much RSR as possible, this is the next rocket launch

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I just made the transaction again (waiting for approval now) and again I click the link but it's not showing anything but Unable to locate this TxnHash. Can I post the link to the etherscan transaction link or is that a security hazard?

ALso does it matter that I'm approving the transaction with low gas? It's not that low btw it's like 50 gas and it said it will take 8 minutes but it does warn me that it's low gas. I can't go any higher since I have insufficient balance.

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low gas might be the reason

I don't really know much about it, just my experience

This might help: https://www.reddit.com/r/UniSwap/comments/i9e1v8/cant_get_transaction_to_go_through/

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someone send me $1 ETH so I can get my coins out if it really is low gas. I would buy them myself but I bought my BTC from an ATM.

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sent ;)

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send ;)

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Ive been up so far. 2nd month in, up 70%

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I try to do the first strategy, but I always end up doing the second.


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>chainlink wannabe

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those aren't bad picks for a beginner into crypto. you at least have an eye for stuff that will pump.

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I'm going to take your word for it and just put as much as I can into AKRO right now.

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Don't listen to guys like this >>21809656
You'll always find one of them around on crypto servers on discord or on 4chan. I think they try to hype themselves up by puffing their chests and trying to push down newbies because they're so utterly incompetent that they need the ego boost or they'll kill themselves. If you think I'm wrong, then why would they self harm? Newbies adding their money to the market means more money to be exploited and more money to be made alongside them. He's actively going against his own self-interest with his attitude. People like him are the lowest of the low, a genuine loser IRL and a loser in crypto too

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