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how stupid will btc maxis feel in a few years?

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alts up to this point have just been a game of musical chairs to not be the last one holding the bag when everyone else sells for bitcoin or usd

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bitcoin up to this point has just been an old and slow coin looking for a use case

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lol you retards are gonna shit yourself when BTC was right in front of you the whole time and you’re out busy chasing unishitcoin. at least stack 1 BTC then do what you will if you wanna make it, biz

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If you don't have enough to hold a dozen btc it's not worth it

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such a retarded low iq take of someone who probably cant even buy 1.
it being old is what makes it still valuable, its security and performance, its lack of updates or changes is a good thing.
>not realizing boomer portfolio management funds like fidelity are starting to hedge 1% with BTC
>not realizing fidelity at 1% is 300B, 3T from american 401k alone
>not realizingretirement portfolios globally at 1% would inject literally trillions into the market cap
>not realizing 1m BTC is literally FUD

BTC maxis are retarded tho even gavin andressen said BTC would probably be trustlessly tokenized on eth

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Bullish. Time to buy more Bitcoin.

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kek that pepe looks like a laxbro

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BTC won’t double anytime soon.
XRP will.

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XRP is worth 0 and that's where it's going

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meh.... XEM , BAND, LINK, DOT are the way to go

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this. With the right headline Bitcoin could make a shitcoin-like move and have an insane pump someday while alts get left behind. Still a tiny asset in the grand scheme of things. It's very likely that multiple countries adopt it within the next few years. And it's the only coin that has that potential.

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Just go 100% LINK

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anyone whose bullish on BTC is chinese communist. those are the only people who benefit from bitcoin now

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The Winklevoss are not Chinese.

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That feel when you only look at dollar values and not percentage.
“Hur dur I can’t get rich from 30 cents”
When it goes to 60 cents it’s already making you more than BTC.

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is 0.01 enough?

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Despite the "dump eet" memes, China still controls a good majority of all of bitcoin. Im surprised Trump hasnt made BTC completely illegal honestly. because by buying BTC, you are literally giving power to China

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Haw yeah wowee! Gon make so much money when all the kids grow up and we have more people to sell hype to!
Let’s talk when BTC has actual mass utility that rapidly burns the supply to increase price WHILE gaining hype.

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So does buying any other altlcoin such as link or etherum.. Just go bitcoin china controls less of it.. so does EUA and RUSSIA. What's your damn point young naive boy?

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probably the lowest IQ shit I’ve ever read

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Based anon.
It’s worth it, shit if nothing else, even .5 will be worth it. I’m 19, I’m hedging my bets against the USD over the next 100 years. I’m 100% in BTC as my savings. If it goes to shit, so be it, I’ll be ok and can just work and recover. But the USD in my bank account just keeps bleeding

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>China still controls a good majority of all of bitcoin.
When china has its (hopefully) peacefull economic take over of america but 2023 it will be pretty valuable.

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When normies realize that there are bunch of coins that also gain in % like BTC and are of same use nobody will buy BTC anymore this is why it hasn't mooned.
If you think BTC is going anywhere you have to be retarded.
the BUBBLE busted the peak was 20k and that was when everyone and their mother were ''investing'' into unknown..
People start educating on youtube also talking to eachother and now BTC = NOTHING, it is not the get rich quick thing anymore and WILL NEVER BE.
> screen cap this if BTC EVER goes back to 20k value per BTC I will off myself.

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also ask yourself if you are a random normie why would you invest in BTC? Aren't the 20 other coins offered and shilled daily here on biz (and everywhere) the same and even better option????
quick answer yes.
btc = stuck = dead.

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How? China owns the majority of Bitcoin. They can dump Bitcoin at whim whenever they want. They dictate everything that happens. They control it.
>When china has its (hopefully) peacefull economic take over of america but 2023 it will be pretty valuable.
What makes more sense, America pushing forward the official global adoption of another superior and faster crypto, or cucking to communist china?
think about it

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This is maxiepad cope to the fullest. Bitcorn 1m eoy

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You are correct. BTC is valuable because of the market cap and holders that have no clue of anything. If it starts bleeding into altcoins the crypto market can stabilize and the fluctuations in % value will never be going so much up/down - as we approach the near future

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>he called you a pussy

BTC from 70% market dominance in dec 2019 is falling and altcoins are rising and it will standardize in 2024-2026

read my other posts

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>trustlessly tokenized on eth
ETH is completely dead and useless without 2.0 which has been delayed for who knows how many years

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Thanks for putting me in check anon, I got your context wrong. BTC will be optimized in other chains which kills the maxiepads
ETH will scale, how it will be done will surprise you and even money skelly. DYOR

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>ETH will scale, how it will be done will surprise you and even money skelly. DYOR
okay schizo

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>ok schizo
Enjoy missing out

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you too

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It's already incredibly scare, with likely 10% or more lost forever. It's the hardest money in existence.. doesn't need hype.. you will put your value into it if you would like to preserve and/or increase it.
and its not the kids growing up.. its the boomers dying and leaving their money to the kids.
Bitcoin is getting more decentralized everyday, innovation is happening in energy sectors selling old S9's to harvest vent, flare and other energy waste... Hell with the oil price drop, woulda made more sense to not even ship the oil but use it to power more miners.
looks like you will be killing yourself later this year or 2021... the money made off normies is done, who cares about the % gains, they can gamble other shit, its now attractive for billion dollar hedge funds to allocate 1% into.
You don't know the difference between hash power and bitcoin supply, they can only do a 51% attack, which in all reality would only slow things down for a while.
someone who has the supply can dump it, and the majority of it is already mined.

Bitcoin is the gold, improvement will be built ontop of it.. bitcoin is not an invention, it is a discovery of absolute digital scarcity. If you can't comprehend why this is a one time phenomana and it is bitcoin or nothing than I feel sorry for you. I hope you guys are all Zoomers so you have an excuse for being so dumb, and be thankful I am benevolent and believe in karma for spoon feeding you noobs.
Bitcoin is the market, with 60+ or more, it is a game of musical chairs or hot potato when the time comes, any BTC bear is a bull wanting more btc at a lower price.

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>Bitcoin is getting more decentralized everyday
kek no its not. BTC miners control everything. More and more BTC ends up in China. It should just be the official currency of china at this point its so bad.
America is going to make sure another crypto overtakes BTC. This is the narrative. Its no coincidence you hear all these stories about floods taking out BTC miner rigs

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>bitcoin being a slow and expensive piece of shit is a good thing
>innovation is bad

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I bought 3 BTC recently. I'll cash out in 20 years. Choose an alt coin, tell me how confident you are it will be worth anything 20 years from now.

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I think reddit is more your speed

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>bitcoin bad
>altcoin good

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>imagine believing retarded retail buyers matter
they dont unless youre trying to make money in illiquid shitcoins in which case you cant scale your investment past low 7 figures

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yes the lack of development is literally a feature of bitcoin, its a legacy PoW with good security thats been around for 10 years.

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There’s going to be a gold standard CBDC and bitcoin faggots still think whales won’t dump BTC to accumulate actual sound money

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BTC won't go to zero anytime soon.
XRP will.

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nope BTC is only 17% of my portfolio
32% tellor and 30% eth and some other shitcoins for the insane ROI imagine not having at least a couple bitcoin tho stay poor

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>not realizing 1m BTC is literally FUD
Top kek

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yes a retail mouthbreather who manages to buy 1 whole bitcoin unironically make it even though it would be an opportunity loss since you can make more with lowcaps if youre not retarded

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I started trading in may. Decided not to buy because of the halving hype. I knew though that it would bring money into alts though. 10x my money. Don't regret it on bit.

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>I think reddit is more your speed
I have many alts. Don't get salty, poor fag.

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>it being old is what makes it still valuable
Yes. Store of value works only by consensus, and Bitcoin has the most consensus and strongest claim to being "the" blockchain.
>its lack of updates or changes is a good thing
No. Bitcoin is failing to deliver on several of its original promises, and its community appears incapable of correcting course. We could talk about high fees due to constricted transaction throughput ending the dream of banking the unbanked, or about mining centralization in China, but I'm here to shill Monero so I'll just point out that privacy is more essential than Bitcoiners acknowledge. Bitcoin was supposed to provide financial sovereignty aka censorship resistance, but with today's chain analysis this is true only in a narrow technical sense. If the local government says "sending to these addresses is illegal", it doesn't matter that they can't prevent you from broadcasting the transaction at a protocol level. If you're going to be imprisoned for making the transaction, you won't do it. Transactions need to be private if you want to prevent governments from being able to do this.
After the block size debacle I have zero faith that the Bitcoin community can address this or any other current or future obstacles to achieving its original vision. The consensus appears to be on running the same broken protocol forever instead of on adjusting the technical details as necessary to stay consistent with the original goals of Bitcoin.

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wont disagree i dont see it ever achieving its "original goals" and i agree it will not be censorshop resistant when it comes to point of sale or exchanging it for fiat, will actually become extremely dangerous in the future because of KYC and blockchain it will be easier than ever to track peoples activities but im actually convinced that was part of the plan crypto is probably just a big davos project or something, in the future i dont even see there even being an onramp to monero besides literally cash with some drug dealer horder or something and most people wont even be able to use it on their sandbox curated phones

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all of your shit slum coins will go to zero after the great reset. at least bitcoin has some chance at survival.

>> No.21812766

im sure there will be some solution for banking unbanked as web3 and maybe some offchain transaction settlement layer solutions to fix transaction fee problems might just go away with eth2.0

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Just let the shitcoin shamblers suffer. They wouldn’t even make it if they listened. They got priced out of Bitcoin a long time ago and now they just jump from shitcoin to shitcoin, each one being the next big thing and they fail to see the hypocrisy of their actions. Bitcoin is starting to get actual Wallst big money adoption. Fidelity, JPM, Microstrategy, Paul Tudor Jones, Ark Investment, etc. we don’t need their 2,000$ to get where we are going.

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Mixies will never learn. Eth will be flipped too eventually since ETH can't scale. But the layer 2 solution will probably end up flipping ETH.

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Fuck use cases, you didn't get anything. There's only one reason to invest in a coin: People see value in them. And this is only about trust. If btc doesn't make it no crypto will, and should other cryptos become too strong, everything will go down. Simply because people can't value sth as reliable wealth storage when countless other coins exist with comparable market caps. Btc must dominate and if this is not the case anymore, everything will go down.

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This. You can forget the whole crypro space if other cryptos are gaining too much value. People simply lose trust in any crypto as value storage when they realize what they bought is completely exchangeable with hundred of other alternative coins.

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China hashrate has been steadily decreasing. Iran, canada, us, uzbekistan, georgia have been taking more cake.

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Idiot parroting talking points. US just built the largest Bitcoin mining farm in the world in Texas. Small nation states have begun mining Bitcoin. Pools are not located in a certain region, they can be miners from all over the world. The most popular Bitcoin miner (antminer) auto defaults to antpool and they get a discount for using it. I used antpool mining in the US. The actual hashrate located in China is under 50%.

But go ahead gobbling up the shit propaganda the altcoin shillers have force fed you. You are going to be extremely devastated you didn’t do your own reasearch.

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