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>first blockchain on Mars edition

How are all my Fanties doing? How big are your stacks? Got any predictions? Hope everyone's feeling comfy :)

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im comfy as fuck

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My stacks only 50k but I will have 100k fantoms eow

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Glad we got that retracement out of the way, and it was nice that people bought the dip so eagerly. Feels good knowing we're gonna make it.

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Feels good to accumulate a future top 10 under 100m market cap

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85K here, I just want to trade on FF and tell Coinbase to fuck off

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I thought this thing was a DAG, or maybe I just don't know what the hell is going on anymore with all these coins.

I sold my FTM for Ankr and missed the pump and now have to wait for that turd to catch up. What a fart-head.

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It is. They’re releasing a DeFi suite, and it’s supposedly sexy, which is cause for all the hype.

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Only 150k - still accumulating before FF 10x

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Checked, this is a blessed thread.

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Haha first DAG on Mars would be a lot less impressive

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Based and Fantompilled

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290k and staking my way to 300

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We're all gonna make it.


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Pathetic broke, weak hands. You could have bought at 35 sats, but your fear controlled you. Lucky for you, it's going to $100 still.

>t. 1.2M chad

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I had 1'100,000 I sold 550k before the pump. I keep this moon bag up to 1 usd per ftm

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You've already made it. It's just a matter of when

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Oh well, good luck guys. I hope my fart-powered Ankr rocket can catch up to yours and I can still hop on board.

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transitioned 1.5 years ago glad i finally am a man

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Just enjoy my stake rewards over here, hope everyone had a good weekend.

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hi ghost bros! glad I got this sweet ghost coin by mcaffe, i've noticed people keep calling this "fantom" is this like a new nickname for it? i love it! lol! anyway brochachos, what do you think this fantom ghost token will be worth?

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top kek! shadalay fellow 4chanistas, how much do you think this fantom ghost token will be worth? sorry for upvoting this thread, but i am just really curious. best regards kekistanis, i watched big tyrones video on kleros btw TOTALLY FUNNY AND TRUE! we're gonna be rich

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Hello fellow retard

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i try making a meme on paint, did i do good fren

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10k suicide stack?

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Depends, do you consider $10k suicide stack?

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I dunno. Depends on how big it gets. If it makes it to $10 I'd be set to get a house for my fiance and I.