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Bad things about XSN:
1. Backpedaled regarding the public release
2. Devs not giving any of the trading fees to MNs before "Hydra" (100% vaporware at the moment)
3. Most of the devs are working as salaried temps, have multiple simultaneous jobs listed on Linkedin
4. Unaudited codebase
5. Developers have a masterkey
6. Half of the roadmap is filled with complete nonsense (hardware, biometrics, what the fuck?)

What else? I'm concerned.

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Wont buy thanks

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Thanks just bought more.

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No one cares if you buy.
Stakenet provides a service with its wallet and built in Dex and the fees gets swapped into XSN that is bought directly off the orderbook.
So every investor will benefit.
But little smocks like you can stay poor.
You deserve nothing.

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Oh look it’s yankee and jopark circlejerking in twitter, worst people of stakenet.

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Is this the new fud. Let’s see devs haven’t back peddled at all about release infact it’s getting release this week to the public as they said in today’s update.
Devs haven’t said anything about trading fees during this stage apart from at this public launch it will be zero fees, later on who knows what they will do until hydra. X9 is a blockchain development company, they get hired by other companies to work for them. XSN is like their portfolio of what they can do. They contract devs out to work on other projects like LTC, Divi and Cardano. How’s that fud just shows they are good at what they do some companies keep hiring them.
They already said they are paying for 3rd parties to audit it however the only thing that actually needs auditing is their middleware code as Lightning and Raiden have already been audited extensively but again judging by the fact they keep getting hired to work on other big projects I assume it’s safe to say they know their shit. Yeah they have a master key to update code just like Dash and other projects, big wow. Why is the roadmap filled with nonsense? It was made two years ago and suddenly now a lot of these things are becoming popular, just shows how forward thinking they are.

Weak fud, try harder next time.

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>implying Wolfie isn't the worst

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>addressing the fud
ngmi; just let the weak hands shake out and pick up their cheap sell orders. I know I'm gonna get my next Master Node this week.

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>XSN the reality
It lives rent-free in OPs head. He cant stop thinking about how his shitty layer 1 token cant compete and has nothing better to do than lie to /biz/ (with old, stale FUD) to delay the inevitable

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>Yeah they have a master key
Doesn’t this mean they could basically mint 100 billion new coins, or anything else they like at will?

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No means they can change a very limited range of settings as they need via spork. Anything major such as “minting coins” would need a hard fork or something similar which would need the majority of the network to reach consensus.

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fuck XSN relentless shilling for months and this piece of shit isn't even released yet fuck the devs and fuck jannies

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Can I interest you in some pnds my ADD friend?

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So you've seen XSN mentioned since 600 sat and decided that following them around to be a whiny faggot was preferrable over doing something that might actually be useful

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Am I getting this right, in the vid they do a LTC/BTC trade and send the BTC to somewhere else all for a total of 51sats? That’s cheap as fuck and fast.


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You should know since it’s your video. Go fuck a cat with wolfington.

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>the level of seeth
>pic related

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>replying to obvious b8

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You know you are winning when the best fud they can come up with is completely baseless

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This has gone from fud to absolute lies.

Must be hilary supporters

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but seriously guys, we cant let XSN have the nuclear codes

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xsn pls im a poor fag and i invested 30% of my savings into you dont fail me pls daddy

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No Anon,its mine.

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Psh I'm way over 30
If this fails I get the rope

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that is correct

xsn is cheap trades on LN channels right now, and cheap trades on raiden in the very near future.

imagine, your fave erc, traded in the dex and/or sent to your holding address, for less than $1.

this is the future. of decentralized finance, of low fee payments, of blockchain interoperability, of scaling, of everything.

if it's LN or raiden capable, it can be traded in the dex.

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DOA pic related

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30% is peanuts. 90% of my crypto is on this, 10% on yield farming so I can continue to DCA into xsn.

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>yet another cex

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Here’s my portfolio breakdown:
~$30,000 equity in my house
290 LINK (about $4,000 time of writing)
$15,000 in my IRA
$12,000 in my 401k
$6,000 in the bank
71,000 XSN (about $24,000 time of writing)
And I’m about to take all of my principal from my IRA (~$12,000) and put it into XSN.
Get rich or die trying

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>binance cant even make a proper L1 dex
>even after using subterfuge to steal from blockdx
>g-guys look xsn doa
I expect the damage control to get stronger as XSN wakes up

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thinking about putting another bitcoin into XSN,
especially with this weak FUD.

Good to hear others are thinking the same way.

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Do it brother.
I took a break from 4chan for the first half of 2020 and regret it big time. Could’ve easily been in the hundreds of thousands of XSN had I been looking here in May. Oh well.

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Is pic related really the one they claim fucks cats?

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Grant is a literal who in the discord that has a cat as his profile picture. That’s it.

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grant is a cat fucker, but maybe

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Thinking about it, does the XSN team have no jews, women or browns on it? Truly the Aryan master race project if so. No wonder the kikes are shaking in their boots.

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There's no way that dude is a cat fucker.

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Looks like a bro to me, thats a good sign. Buying more.

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i dont understand. why host a masternode right now if im not getting fees? is this actually true that they are waiting till hydra?

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Block rewards are split between nodes and staking.

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yeah couple Brits, couple Slavs, couple Asians and a ...Spaniard? Hernandez is the only ambiguous brown.

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>'partnered with binance'
>not listed on binance

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Have you seen the blonde chick on the x9 team? Fuckin smoke show

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MN makes slightly better money than staking by a few cents

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She’s a 5.5/10, though for software engineer standards she’s a knockout.
t. Software fag

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No one asked you.

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Never really looked at the shill threads on xsn but that is one smooth gif. I bought before replying... very bullish. I would use the DEX for the sole reason of no KYC

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Same, poorfag here. I'm 90% of my savings on this, if it goes down I will need to get a job or starve.

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Classic buying high. Or buying when everyone else is.

Don’t be an idiot. It’s not gonna be the same price when fees kick in it’s called investing.

Why buy Tesla at 100 bucks when you can buy it later for 2000?

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You might appreciate this one as well, cross chain layer 2 demo. XSN (Lightning) - WETH (Raiden)

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The white knight is strong in this one

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kys the fundamentals are based
20 MNs here unironically, also 50k link so can wait
this is a long term hold, I don't know what you faggots need? link was a long term hold I bought in 2017 and still holding, that's 3 years, now you fags want a x100 in a few weeks or months? kek goodluck, the quicker the potential pump the riskier the hold.

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the fuck are you talking about?

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also stakenet is one of the best projects out there, the beta is functionning so at most they just need to tune out a few things, and the usecase is huge, and eventually hydra will be out, shit link is worth a shit ton and the final product isn't out yet.
if stakenet gets optimised and becomes nice to use, then it unironically has the potential to kill binance, we won't say that and stay pessimistic so let's say it has the potential to kill uniswap+idex, and the volume going through those is enough to make MN holders neets for life.

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>10+ MN chads are getting COCKY again

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Yes they screwed that one up big time.

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I have a 7 figure portfolio and this shit is almost 14% of my holdings. I get a little nervous at times because it's starting to feel like real/my money. I can't think in terms of house money any more, that was just a cope so I don't cry when crypto dumps 15% in a day. I will either have a big balls story or a shameful secret out of this project. Currently not selling any xsn until i have a decent stack of MN rewards and can sell them to take my initial out. It's very ambitious but I believe that they have identified a big problem and provide a good solution. We'll see what the market thinks about the problem and solution in the coming months.

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7 figures is like $2m xsn. Are you sure you didn’t mean 6 figures?

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Newfag here. How many tokens is masternode and what are the benefits of having one?

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7 figure folio is >1mm$
14% of a >1mm$ is >140k$
So he has >20 MN

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Important question. Will we reach $1000 XSN within 5 years? I'm estimating my future worth, gotta make sure I don't overspend.

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How come everyone on biz has fucking 10+ MNs what the fuck, you fuckers are lying to me

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because it's the same people posting about their nodes in every thread, in reality there's only a handful of them

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I got just one

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Well there are 2000+ nodes. I’ve got 5 pre july fomo. Comfy. Praying to the crypto gods layer 2 dex is gonna takeover. Can you imagine the amount of seething non stakies Will be doing?

Sub 50m cap. Decentralized crosschain swaps ... Like btc to eth when raiden implemented. Can’t believe how slept on Stakenet is

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Rofl this thread was meant as can fud and it turned into an xsn recruitment thread.

Facts tend to do that. Thats why all XSN fudders are Biden supporters

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Holy cope, someone is seething he sold the bottom.

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Op confirmed faggot.

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Gives rewards for hosting one and eventually will get cut off exchange fees when hydra launched.

Secure network is good tod. Means exchange can handle more volume and as a result can burn more xsn.

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Can't wait till the tears. I'm gonna post all the time how they had years to not be poor

>> No.21805429

How many no stakey suicides EOY?

>> No.21805561

Because of organized shillers, you can spot the same ones in every thread. Fact is between masterkey risk and being tainted as a rebrand of a known scam, there won't be any volume.
It will be just another if a tree falls in the forest DEX. Other solutions to the eth scaling issues are on the way which will have industry support and without the posw taint which will keep people from touching this.

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Biggest cope here. Xsn has some of the best devs in the Industry and are far far ahead of any and all competition.

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7. POS fucking W

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Checked. No stakies on suicide watch by EOY.

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nobody cares about the poswallet thing aside from salty holders who didn't convert their posw to xsn

>> No.21806264


Rofl. Known scam.

Are you fucking retarded..fucking devs produce weekly.

You're voting biden I know it

>> No.21806287

Do you even know what master key risk is or are you just parroting fud you don't understand?

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Why is this shit only on livecoin? Can I use their DEX to buy?

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Normies care. And if you plan on getting from current volume of like 7000 to a fucking billion like you delusional retards think, you're gonna need a lot of them. And they are skeptical enough of crypto in general that a project with a fetid stench of scammery will never get them onboard.

>> No.21806802


Are you really this dumb.

Have you not even considered that if you're not for xsn you're saying btc and eth are wrong?

>> No.21807190

Won't take off. The BTC/erc20 swap is cool, though doesn't really do much for the defi space. Since all smart contracts have wbtc etc. no yield farming, no derivatives market, just a dex for laundering btc. pretty cool in that respect though.

the price has alredy 10x in a couple of months. why not buy literally anything else that's shown consistent results, live snx,aave etc. at the very least, they'll move to layer 2 or get a better solution in place, and they have a proper understanding of the derivatives market, not just trading ftx leverage'd tokens lol

>> No.21807265

>won't do much for defi
How are your $10 transaction fees going?

>> No.21807408

you still have to pay the fee regardless bro, to move stuff off chain you have to pay it. and it's only going to get worse when btc is 100k.

>> No.21807640

This may be a dumb question, but if feels like it's worth understanding: When you trade btc to eth, where does the btc go?

>> No.21807980

No it's not going to get worse. When most volume will be scaled by layer 2 solutions like XSN DEX then the fees will go down. Even now the fees are tiny for opening channels/rentals.

>> No.21808006

To the person who you got eth from.

>> No.21808070


it's like you think a layer 2 can only process one tx per session. stupid.

>> No.21808108

it's literally like any other trade.

on a centralized exchange, where does your eth go if you buy BTC with it?

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Do we have to have in the cloud or core wallet to trade?

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>he thinks wrapped tokens are a viable long term solution

>> No.21808205

nigger i didn't say that. i said you still have to pay the goddamn fee at some point. like i said, it'll only be used for people who want to launder btc/erc20. probably btc/usdt end then that usdt will go straight to another dex's liquidity pool deposit.
unless they seriously shake up their roadmap. snx layer 2 exchange was testing in may and will be put out pretty damn soon. huge name, a real derivatives market (not just leveraged tokens) and plenty of room for growth.

i agree l2 is the future. but stakenet's will just be used as a btc bridge, from the looks of it anyway.

>> No.21808241

>he thinks using leverged tokens is a good way to capture the multi billion dollar derivatives market

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No, the DEX is built into a multi currency light wallet. It's incredibly light weight, slick and smooth as fuck.

>> No.21808318

>leveraged tokens
See you don't know what you're talking about. The DEX uses real assists.

>> No.21808356

nigger do you even know what i mean when i say derivatives market.

>> No.21809048

>he thinks the dex is shooting for derivatives
gotta walk before we can run buddy. this Nina talking about options when the crypto community doesn't have high volume decentralized spot markets that are efficient enough to scale.

>> No.21809164

>wholly misunderstands LN
>somehow I'm the nigger
you clearly have no concept of how layer 2 solutions get their economies of scale.

you pay a fraction of the gas cost to rent the channel. the channel then packages your transactions with numerous others from you and/or others who are also using the channel, and processes them all in one block/as one tx.

you only pay the channel fees, the channel owner pays the gas fees for the entire batched transaction grouping.

fucking tards I don't know why I bother. Go read a fucking book you mong

>> No.21809289

>here if you want to trade just swap your eth for this synthetic wrapped token we're saying is 'basically' eth, or USD, or BTC
>then, you can trade in our exchange using layer 1 solutions so you can get raped by tx fees while you trade your imaginary tokens for other imaginary tokens in leveraged trades so if you lose 10% well sorry we've liquidated your assets thanks for playing come back when you have some more money you want to swap for unbacked tokens kthxbye

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here I've captured the salient points so you can see how stupid you look
>1. synthetic assets, i.e. you're required to trust the exchange to keep these assets properly backed and/or manage liquodity properly for you
>2. on-chain, i.e layer 1, i.e each trade will cost you significant transaction fees

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>3. swap your eth for any synthetic (i.e. 'not real') asset of your choice
>4. use our unique, on chain order book that may or may not accurately provide liquidity to actually trade in fluid markets and represent that market accurately; rest assured though, with current gas rates the accuracy of the markets will be the last of your concerns when entering a trade!
>I mean come on, you just have to trust that we will accurately represent market pricing with our oracles, and that we're adequately liquid to support your trade, and that or synthetic tokens are adequately backed by liquidity, and that there's no security bugs in our smart contracts that would allow a malicious actor to effectively siphon funds

>> No.21809623

my god you retard, that's how it is just now. layer 2 has been tested in may, and will no doubt be released soon. aave has also been testing layer 2. stakenet isn't the only one lmao. however, as it stands it's the only one who can swap btc/erc20, yes.

>required to trust the exchange

It's fucking built on smart contracts you dumb cunt. There is no trust, it's trustfuckingless. Holy fuck you mongoloid.

>on chain

for now. I was talking about when l2 gets implemented. you all seem to think Stakenet will be the only provider for this. Lol.

>> No.21809829

this all sounds so enticing and exactly like what the dex should have been. I'm definitely not saying that sarcastically, either. what a genius idea, to take the most volatile spot market on earth, make even more volatile synthetic tokens based on those assets, and then put all that into a smart contract platform that cannot pull liquidity from the broader market, and is reliant upon constant growth in order to pay out the winners on the platform.

seriously though, what happens when the first whale tries to cash out their 10x link long after link goes to $50? just as a hypothetical. what happens if that long is worth a significant portion of the "collateral" (read: liquidity) pool?

how does that whale get paid out? you're not matching with a counterparty, the platform says you're holding against a contract, trusting the distributed collateral pool to be big enough to pay out the winners. what happens when that's not the case? or are we supposed to assume that there will be enough losers to allow leveraged longs to be paid out off the liquidity provided by those liquidated losers?

>> No.21809959

you've never margin traded before and clearly have no idea how markets work, never mind smart contracts.

>> No.21810002

not fucking trustless you mong. just because it's wrapped in a contract doesn't mean your real assets are being held in escrow for you while you play with their monopoly money
>muh smart contracts derivatives trade
prepare to get liquidity wiped in the bull run, good luck collecting your long play lol

either your wrapped assets are held in escrow and your leveraged long can't be collected upon, or just by playing, you're betting that the house is able to manage extremely volatile assets better than the market at large in order to ensure solvency.

you know what happens when you bet against the broad market long enough? you fucking lose.

>> No.21810026

>I can't refuse your points
>ad hominem it is
yeah you're definitely the smarter one here lol

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Honestly, if you bought this pile of shit you deserve to be poor

>> No.21810134

seethe harder

>> No.21810163

>I know what I'll do! I'll post a small brain meme with some shit cope
ngmi; you had two years

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I have 100k RUNE because I am substantially smarter than you.

>> No.21810202

serum gonna btfo stakenet because people will actually use serum

>> No.21810224

k where's their layer 2 solution

>> No.21810228

you're not seething hard enough yet
you can do better than that

>> No.21810252
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>NOOOO you need to use an L2 solution, specifically the one I am bagholding!!

>> No.21810271
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>> No.21810300

what are you even talking about lmao. it's the same from any cex too. go on ftx just now and try to set your close limit on your 20x leveraged link at $100. what happens? fuck all, cause that would make you mega fuck you whale and yes, you would crash the market when you cash out.

>collateral = x amount
>100x long*user collateral @ close limit = y
>is y > x if y then execute trade
>hold x in smart contract until trade closes

something like that i guess. but obviously much more technical.

>wrapped assets

my god man, stakenet really has hammered that point home to you huh. you will just have to admit some time in the future that sUSD/aUSD/yUSD/whateverelseUSD are here to stay.

also sUSD/sETH =/= wBTC

>> No.21810319

why do you seethe?

>> No.21810325


Seeya ranjeet

>> No.21810397

who is ranjeet? is that who you're seething over?
you should patch things up with him

>> No.21810443

t. prandeep

>> No.21810494

Just looked into it - there's no product.
>we have a product! It's just not ready for testing yet!
yeah, that's not a product then is it?

>> No.21810501
File: 517 KB, 828x1631, 5702E198-C230-4372-B71C-FAAD53E3E010.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Rune is onchain garbage, worse infact as they charge you x3 the network fee. There is a reason why Binance keep supporting these flawed DEX ideas, can you guess what it is? It’s because they know they are no threat to them in the long run.

>> No.21810557

what are you even saying? My point is that a leveraged long has unlimited potential profit - which is not possible to account for in whatever simplistic equation you're posting.

Are you saying that the entire order book of longs could get auto-liquidated and the collateral for the platform is just... gone?

Would that not be a pretty catastrophic scenario for the platform?

>> No.21810591

you can't hold leveraged longs forever. you have to set limits and there's trade 'laws' if you will that stop you becoming a market manipulator if your trade would be too large.

making 100k from a long is not the same as making 100 million and then cashing out. like i said, you've clearly never margin traded and you don't know how markets work. you're saying you can just hold your leverage forever and then cash out lmao, that's not what happens.

>> No.21810637

guys, please dont be mean. he is substantially smarter than anyone else ITT
for reasons i am too brainlet to understand, he is very upset with a man named ranjeet. was it.. love? its not my business i guess

>> No.21810911

The fud is so shit it actually is bullish.

>> No.21811516

What I like about XSN is that the devs have taken the unusual approach of not being greedy cunts. They could easily keep the trading fees for themselves but they aren’t it all goes back into the ecosystem for holders of XSN either to MN owners or burnt.

>> No.21811672

I also like that the rugpull they are pulling is more stealthy. Really makes me feel like I'm being conned as a person. Gonna tell my wife's boyfriend about this thread and all my new friends.

>> No.21811710


Lol the paid shills and bagholder army come out

No one is buying your shitcoin

>> No.21811741

Sir , please reconsider . Thak you come again !

>> No.21811987

are you still seething?

>> No.21812787

what a gay thread

see you at $100 XSN eony faggots

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So are we gonna moon on open beta?

>> No.21813183

But why is it doomping? I'm hardly up at all anymore with this shitcone.

>> No.21813409

Big gains require big faith

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Dip means more nodes for me

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The jew are buying trust me .

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Damn. That’s some disgusting third world shit schwag. Just sayin cuz I’d still smoke it cuz I’m desperate.

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Based and whalepilled


You really underestimate The kikes if you think they aren't already invested.