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the absolute state

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the effort put forth in creating the video for such weak fud

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i'm on 12x gains
what about you ?
I mean wtf ? is this a joke ? are people really into XRP ?

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XRP is a scam.

There are 45,000,000,000 pieces of that shit cake, its the 6th coin by supply in coinmarketcap following literal shitcoins.

never gonna moon.

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This. I unironically see and use it as a stablecoin.

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Why are you guys so GODDAMN RETARDED

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they don't want anyone to make it anon
the world is an evil place.

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I have 1000 XRP. Maybe it will never make gains. Possibly a scam. Don't care. Still not selling. I'm holding to the bitter end.

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Just added another 5k xrp. Got in xrp at 24c. Xrp to the moon!!!

Am I considered a bagholder?

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You’re a bag holder when you can’t sell without losing money on the play

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Dw about it XRP will reach 35c before the month is out.

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