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Wouldn't ETH be more similar to gold because it has actual utility unlike Bitcoin? People say "ETH isn't money" but it sure seems to be a lot like money.

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Eth is dated and will be replaced.

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>Wouldn't ETH be more similar to gold
Yes, literally gold. Limitless.

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you can't run a parallel banking system on gold

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>People say "ETH isn't money"
And they are right. When compared to BTC in respect to being a form of money, hard or soft, ETH is forgettable.

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>Actually screencapped
How new are you?

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eth is closer to being money than any other other crypto, even more so than bitcoin. it's primarily used as gas for smart contracts and you can store it just like bitcoin. so you use it like oil and store it like gold. i'd say it's the ultimate commodity (ie money). not that any of these retards here would understand.

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eth is money and will moon

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So, Satoshi's vision was to use Bitcoin as money.
Things didn't turn out that way.
For the entirety of Bitcoins history and for the foreseeable future, Bitcoin and every altcoin ever invented has been nothing more than a store of value/speculative asset.

You can argue that ETH is constantly being used with real volume/damn high gas fees etc. but guess what? All the volume is just people buying cryptocurrencies as a store of value/speculative investment (see Richard Heart/Hex).

No one uses crypto to buy anything. In fact adoption and utility are decreasing! Less places to buy with bitcoin, less ATM's etc. Bitcoin was simply not designed to be so popular and because of its decentralization (an arguable point), there is no one entity that is working to modernize BTC.

ETH is slightly different as Vitalik has roadmaps and a good dev team that work hard to modernize ETH (see ETH2.0). But ultimately it's still just a speculative asset. And ETH is more the utility token that allows all the processes to work together, something akin to VISA, more than it is analogous to the valuable commodity itself. I like ETH and BTC.

Look at crypto cards. The crypto.com card lets you pay in crypto right? Well, technically yes but it's not that simple. You are still exchanging fiat for crypto, and you're taking on the fees of the exchange (exchanges are literally banks), we are going around in circles whereas Bitcoin was always designed to be a peer to peer technology without intermediaries. I still own a crypto.com card though, because at least it's an attempt to get crypto adopted.

Could all of this change? Yes XRP could be the new fiat, Link could tie all corporations together, blah blah blah. However it's important to manage your expectations based on reality and a clear perspective on how money exists and operates.

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