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Outta the way jannies! Fantomaniacs are coming to give /biz/ the good word of the fantom tokens that will supplement their link wallets! Where are you at, fellow fantom HODLers?

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stacklet reporting for duty

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i like the looks of this project but the amount of high-effort shilling makes me hate it. ugh

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hi frens

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We're literally shoving the spoon down you're throat and you reject it like a petulant child. You don't deserve to make it.

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where did you find this document?

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High effort shilling? Fantom has loads of low effort shilling from what I've seen

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thank you fren

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I thought this project was a joke for a while, the FUD campaign was pretty solid. But after seeing Andre was involved I picked up a good stack of this. FF will at least pump this heavily when it drops.

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Checked, it doesn't require effort because it's all right in front of our faces. Product is in testing. It's literally only up for Fantom when FF launches.

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I've been waiting for FF, for the price action if nothing else.

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here is some low effort fren

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20$ e o w

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Shamelessly stolen STA meme

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What’s a make it stack - 100k?

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Suicide stack is considered 100K, make it 500K+

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I thought the suicide stack was always 10k?

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>FF launches
When is that?

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TBD, but it's in beta testing now. so hopefully within the next few months.
100k is suicide stack
10k is used 2010 honda stack

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Presently that is the general consensus but as things go up I'm sure you'll be more accurate than I.

No idea. But according to testers testing is going well, product works great, the few issues they brought to dev's attention are being worked on. I imagine sooner rather than later. Pic related.

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They don't have a release date, they decided not to do that and just release things when they're done. I wish we had an idea though, I was under the impression it would have been out by now about a month ago

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Target price EOY?

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conservatively, .20-40c
possible, $1

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We’re all gonna make it
Fantom will pump soooo hard

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Wait, what? Why aren't they paying QAs? 15 unpaid beta testers are not how you test financial software

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The 15 beta testers were picked because they are or are going to be running validators, of which there are 41 operating validators presently.

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Are you legitimately retarded? It's clear you know nothing about the software development cycle.

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Ive got 75K staked right now. I will be pulling a bunch of money out of stocks on monday. How much do you think I should buy? should I just go all in?

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No idea, I'm more interested in what the price will be by the end of 2021 when the overall bull market is expected to be peaking.

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Accumulate now. Beta testing is actually over so the devs are working on the final product, unless they say otherwise. Stake, earn rewards, enjoy the ride.

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What is the actual circulating supply? CMC shows as 2 billion but I assume a good majority of those locked in staking right? SNX market cap is around $530 million, I think that's a realistic goal for FTM.

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the actual circulating supply is a lot lower because 74% of those are being staked and it would take a full week to undelegate them to sell.

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>What is the actual circulating supply?

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FTM circulating supply: 2,462,448,281 (https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/fantom)
FTM staked: 1,758,641,780 (https://fantomstaker.info/)

Actual Circulating Supply: ~703,806,501

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