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Why havent you bought $SLINK yet

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Because i'm still spending all my money on actual link. What's your excuse for buying this fake version?

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this grows the link ecosystem faggot.

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Why buy RC cola when i can buy coke?

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After reading up on it, it is evident that slink provides no benefit to anybody but the creators who are using it as a way to create their own link tokens and try to sell them on to gullible fools for the same price as the actual token.
It is an absolute scam. Hopefully you are at least smart enough to be one of the architects of said scam, but I get the feeling your just some pleb who fell for an obvious scam and is now stuck holding the bags.

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Now get out of here faggot. This is a link board and we don't like your SLinker kind around here.

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This is because am enjoying my games @Bitcoincomgames, they are the best...
Do you wonder how you can always get the longest proof-of-work chain @Bitcoincomgames for your payment verification? So simple, you only need to query network nodes until you're convinced that it's the longest chain, and also possess the Merkle branch linking the transaction to the block it's timestamped in. As simple as that.

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1,5x rebase last night. Price up +20%
Not bad profit for one day.
And there has been only 2 rebases so far.

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The whale that dumped STA bought SLINK and so did I. Almost 2x already but I don’t know if I should sell now.

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>price up 50% in the last two hours

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link maximalism is a new problem

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it's pegged at .1 link. you must have a low iq

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Slink is links a leveraged long on link, it’s like if link and ampl had a baby, only ten mil mc, don’t miss out

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finally somebody with a big brain

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You sound like a nulinker

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This is retarded. Shameless shitskins scamming hardworking white bizbros.

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its not too late dude, rebase is at 8pm est sharp, and theres even a second airdrop, get some freebies and stop bitching

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bought at 0.20 sold at 20 cause could resist
and i made the right choice lol

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dont kys next week

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>and i made the right choice lol


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slink marketing dudes are actually competent