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>he still hasn't bought FTM
>he's going to miss out on the best DeFi suite to be released
>he's not going to lend his fat stack of Fantom to traders looking to escape exchanges/fees/wait times
>he falls for the "muh pajeet" FUD
>doesn't believe in andre

You're gonna get left behind.

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We're trying to tell you but you refuse to listen /biz/.

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It's right around the corner. And you want to jerk each other off about muh digital oil muh governance muh this is the next 100000000x!

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You don't deserve this, but here I am, because neither do I.

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You have an opportunity now. To both make massive gains and make trading a more pleasant experience, on top of making money passively via staking and lending, if you choose to do so.

Fantom Finance is testing, and doing well. Release is right around the corner.

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It's all coming together and you're just going to watch this thing explode while you sink thousands upon thousands into shitcoins that will never offer you an escape from the cage.

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~70% of the coins in circulation are already staked. Nobody is selling. Mainnet is being tested and going to roll out soon.

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/Biz/ is too desperate chasing pump and dump scams to make smart investments. I hope we can post in Fantom Finance threads together soon :) good work spreading the word anon.

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You were warned /biz/. See you at Fantom Finance launch.

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Also mainnet has been out since late 2019

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I meant DeFi suite. Cheers, enjoy the ride fren. Hope to see you in Dubai.

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this shit is going to moon like no tomorrow once you understand the technology and lock your coins up in staking there is no selling, only straight to uranus.

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Will there be a change in the staking structure when Fantom Finance is released? Like fee sharing or anything?

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All I know is right now, staking is a ~24.99% annual return, and you can undelegate tokens, freeing them after a 7 day undelegation period. Rewards are generated every 4 hours. You can stake rewards.

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I need more time, I only had enough available funds to purchase 43k before the last pump

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I’m keen OP but stop spreading the word so soon, I don’t get paid until the end of the month.. trying to get my 100k stack together.

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Performing sex magick as we speak, FTM to the moon

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This is the last absurd moon mission before crypto really takes off. There will be plenty of coins to reach nice caps but this is a future top 10 coin.

Screenshot this.

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Good luck anon, I just finished securing 125k. Hopefully enough to make it

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What's the best place to buy FTM? Which pairing?

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If you're a burger, KuCoin BTC/FTM

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Gonna get a humble 10k suicide stack for now. I like the staking.

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Checked. 85K here.

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Best of luck, hope we make it :)

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