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Massive cup and handle forming, load up now

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Looks like you were wrong :(

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lmao. No one wants this shit, xDai stake actually has the ability to do smart contracts and dev's can fully migrate dapps there. OMG can't do any of that. OMG is also way higher marketcap.

Have fun watching this bleed 50% over the next few months while xDai does a 20x in the same amount of time.

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lol my $10 sell order got filled

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not touchign this shitcoin again btw. back to link

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I love massive cup and handles. Thank you anon

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Why did OP have to be wrong the only time I listen to OP?

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aww, you okay anon? Sorry no one gives a shit about your shitcoin. It's time for coins with real world applications to take over and scale ETH while you cry in every $omg twitter post

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Handle is forming as we speak

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Fuck off with your xdao scam coin, its not working

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Pls be right

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What if this goes to 100$

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how does $.50 sound?

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OMG has the reddit curse. Those guys are just born to lose every time.

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OMG is a less viable scaling solution than xDai. Even Vitalik is saying that it is what he would choose to scale his application. No one in the ETH community is really talking about OMG. Guys like Vitalik, Evan Van Ness, the big influencers in the ETH sphere are NOT really praising OMG. xDai is the talk of the town now. Also, its much lower marketcap than OMG.

Yes, keep telling yourself xDai is a scam coin. I really don't want someone as dumb as you making it.

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Not only are you retarded, but you don’t even know what’s happening. Ouch anon, it must hurt to be this dumb

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You mean NANO isn’t gonna be the world reserve currency of the future? My entire worldview has just been shattered.

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ITT cryptonigger wants to get rid of chink bags

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Cope harder, stick to your eth sphere

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Vitalik literally supports and holds OMG. But I guess you only researched what you wanted to.

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Not all of us can make it brother, their sacrafice will not go unnoticed

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Wow it literally keeps going down

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I am down thousands tonight

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We make it

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Disagree about OMG but reddit liking it definitely isn't doing any favours, those cucks are allergic to money

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Fuck you. This is only dumping

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I really hope nobody is falling for this. You're losing money frens.

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Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;
Or close the wall up with our OMG dead.
In peace there's nothing so becomes a man
As modest stillness and humility:
But when the blast of war blows in our ears,
Then imitate the action of the tiger;
Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood,
Disguise fair nature with hard-favour'd rage;
Then lend the eye a terrible aspect;
Let pry through the portage of the head

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I already fell for it.... hold or sell my massive loss?>>21776283

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if only you idiots could ever zoom out of 1min dildos and see the bigger picture of what's going on here

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Those omg threads have been shitted up by Reddit fags. It's obvious because they talk about how they are going to move into vechain and ripple once it pumps up and make a little bit of profit. Not only tht but they kiss ass to larpers.

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I know right? i comfy rn

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If it's a massive loss hold as much as it hurts. Always think long term. Invest in promising coins. More often than not, swinging will see you selling at a loss especially if you're inexperienced. If /biz/ hypes something up it's most likely bs.

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>Cope harder, stick to your eth sphere
Do you not realize that OMG is literally a ETH scaling solution? Lmao, ETH adoption is all that matters. If Vitalik and friends want to use xDai that is what people will use. Your OMG will be surpassed by xDai in a matter of weeks. You have been warned.

No one is mentioning OMG of any importance and talking about building on it. Sure it works for moving tokens around, but xDai Chain will be what actual dApps migrate to.

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Looking bullish as hell

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Locked and loaded, what are everyone's predictions as to when this poopoo will shoot up like a peepee? My guess is 1:45 EST based on past movements. But what would I know, I'm just a big gay homo...

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btc just dumped and omg held strong at $6.25 support. Volume is low. The fruit has been shaken out of the trees. The cup handle has been formed.

Sit back and grin

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Posts like this is how you know maximum cope has set in and it's going to plummet. If the 5.50 barrier holds strong though there will be an eventual pump.

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Who else is watching this shit like a hawk in heat in a saddle on a junebug in the middle of Ju-ly?
Rodeo time pardners.

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here we go

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I'm getting link vibes on crack from this coin... jesus christ

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YEEEEE HAWWWW, moon cowboys! Light yer Winstons n' stay awhile, ol' papa BULL's gotcha!

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I once was gay and I didn't believe
But now I'm so based and can surely achieve
millions and billions and gillions of bucks
So strap the fuck in because we're all in luck!

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Question for insiders:

Why is it being so gay and not going up?

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i got in yesterday and seeing this trend im so comfy

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I have two theories
>Price is being intentionally suppressed
If XRP was expensive then banks would not be on board with it because it would be cost-prohibitive.
>Crypto is still in its infancy
There are not a lot of people in crypto still. Many of the people in crypto today are looking to get rich quick, you see it all day every day on this board. There are relatively few long term holders. Look at when any coin starts pumping and you'll see all of the retards FOMOing in and then selling as soon as it dips instead of just holding. Most people buying crypto have no fucking clue what they are buying and are just looking for short term profit. They don't want to invest into XRP because it hasn't had much price action in years so therefore it is not exciting to them and won't make them rich overnight. Paradoxically if they invested while it is cheap they will become rich overnight when it does pump. Look at LINK as a recent example of this, where people had years to buy in cheap, and then it finally pumped and all of the retards FOMOed in. If LINK, which has less going for it than XRP, can moon then so can (and will_ XRP. This is true for tons of crypto. The useful ones will all increase in price over time. The trick is to identify the ones that you think will do so, early, and then invest.

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Not an XRP thread poopoo boy, nice try.

I DO have several thousand rippy wippies though ;)

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I have too many threads open lmao.

Because it pumped due to hype and now the hype is over. It will eventually go back up.

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Its literally starting the next leg, look at coinbase listing on the chart from like 6 months ago or something, literally almost the exact same

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What you guys think it's gonna do? I'm taking a dump and I can still smell the OMG.

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>come! To the promise land of milk and honey!!!

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going to pump again, finished the handle about a hour ago

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Does anybody else just like watching the chart move? I've already doubled my money so it's just comfy watching the show.

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>why, yes, I have 100k of omg. How did you know?

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jesus christ it pumps 230% in a week after tether integration and huobi news. Been trying to get you guys in this since .70 cents and you idiots buy in during a fucking huge pump, now your going to buy at the top of the next huge pump.

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its breaking out boyss

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I got in at 3.50 so I'm pretty fucking happy.

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at least they're buying lmao

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Should I stay up another hour waiting for 7+ or just call it a night and check in 6-8 hours?

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>XRP going to make it levels would let tyrone and shaniqua who are holding 1000 XRP make it
this is why XRP will never reach a meaningful price

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Tyrone and Shaniqua are niggers and thus are unable to use a computer and have no XRP, nice try!

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yee haww , got my saddles filled with coin and headed towards the green peak frens

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still nothing

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you should stop doing meth

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Guys, you know we're headed to 00048 right? This was the bounce before the drop...

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Nice pump on this, took profit on the 7 range, made $3k.
Waiting for the next pump in an hour or so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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/biz/ doesn't deserve

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Ropesten is OMG you literal retard

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>he is asleep right now
>he doesn't know what's about to happen
>he will wake up and fomo in
>he will moon and become rich

Shhhhhh, we are about to launch shortly, strap in.

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I dumped in mad gains for Nectar (NEC) and now NEC is going up. Am I winning yet?

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I went all in at 6.40, what should I do now?

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Save some miney to buy rope?

Just kidding you’re gonna make it, just remember pic related

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what do you intend to archieve?
set a sell order where you are happy with what you earned and walk away from your pc
or play the long game and hope that you can stake and earn money that way soon
or swingtrade

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