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I have money but absolutely afraid to invest because I come from severe poverty and still living in god awful shit and can’t think straight

>$62 ftm
>$23 fet
>and $40 in link
>like $500 in eth and btc

Is this good at all? I just v started a few days ago and threw like $125 at some random shit coins. Gonna just learn the ropes buying small amounts but it feels kinda worthless. Even a coin moons like crazy I’ll get a couple thousand at best

If ftm mooned is honestly make something but I don’t really believe in luck. I actually make ok money online.

But I fucking hate my job it’s so god damn demeaning

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Convert FET + ETH into LINK or FTM and keep your BTC. Sit on for a year. Keep accumulating if possible. Good luck fren I hope you make it.

Use Fantom Finance for trading when it releases to save on fees.

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Don't stress. Stress is the mind killer.
People will tell you that you have to start at the bottom, but everyone knows the people who really made it took risks. Know what you're getting yourself into, but don't be afraid to take the necessary risks. You're good, my man.

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>I have money
How much and which country/state?

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20-30k USA

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First you have to rid yourself of that mentality or once you get dumped on you're probably going to kys.
Then again the fuck do I care

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Invest in the SPY (stock market) and just keep working. Don't get caught holding the bag like 99% of poor people.

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Waiting for link to drop more, I bet it'll go as low as 13 before it rallies ahead of smartcon. Hopefully 25 dollars by september 1st but 13 by august 25 so I can doubledoo the money I have set aside to buy in.

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Buy and pool.

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The risk in this case is realizing that shorting the market is the only way to make gains unless you get retard-lucky and buy in at .0001 cents before it moons to 10 dollars.

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Unironically this

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I would buy a nice bag of FTM and enjoy the ride friend. You'll be able to lend your FTM for an interest and trade on the Finance wallet, reducing the fees burden, and saving you time. Not even trying to shill because I want to pump this shit, it's going to when FF is finally released, because people with fat dollars don't want to have to deal with exchanges more than they have to.

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I turned $3k into like $50,000 from investing in 2017... Started in the spring, took a portion of every paycheck and invested every week.. Kept diversifying..Spent the nights researching ICOs, coins, lurking biz, learning about trading, etc... Would stay up til like 3am wake up at 8am for work, go through work day, come home, and get right back to it...

You can absolutely change your life for the better. I'm living proof. I come from poverty too. Now I'm unemployed not worrying about $$$
Planning to just live alone and travel for a bit.


The masses have no idea about cryptos and their $ is not invested in it yet..

My dream goal isn't simply to become rich..
It's to become wealthy, healthy, and happy seeing the new era of decentralized truth.. No more private banks, centralized corrupt governments, etc...

There's two monetary systems now.
The dying system of illusion lies fiat..
The birthing dawn of cryptocurrencies based on truth and honesty.

Look for ways to save $, sacrifice the stupid stuff, and invest it in cryptos. Trust me. Don't sweat the ups & downs unless you wanna get into day trading.. In which case check this guy out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiJTe_-fFGM&t=12926s

also checkout Tradingview.

hmu if you wanna chat. I feel you

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Btw that gain was from investing with my tax return in spring (maybe like $500)...Holding and forgetting about it all summer...And then checking to see big gains and really getting interested! Unfortunately I didn't sell the top, but I am still definitely profiting and I'm so glad I invested.

Invest on principles, not just numbers.

Also I'm sure it's obvious to most the the global economies & governments are on their death beds... I believe cryptocurrencies & blockchain technology will replace all existing currencies & technology.. Just a matter of time. Screenshot this

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Hello anon, don't get discouraged for you situation, I come from the same situation. I would put more of those 500 into LINK just in case.
Hope you make it fren

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