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Still waiting on that tweet.

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not yet fag

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dump alert

happening canceled. go back to your sad lives

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soon enough fren

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Looks a bit dumpy to me too...

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Well he did say it would be tomorrow

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Thats what id say if i was gonna pump and dump

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Yeah, well... I was in the last time it got to 9.90 and I didn't sell. Guys like him we're there convincing newfags to hodl and lots of people lost their shirt that night. If it's going up... I'd wait and watch it like a hawk.

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link seems to dump when omg rises

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kek, fair enough

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Nice birds moon confirmed

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Not yet.

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we losing momentum at $6.5?
inches away from shorting it

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OMG rises again

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It might rise more slowly this time. I'm still being cautious though.

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We short 6.5 im out, not overstaying my welcome on this train.

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Shut the fuck up weak hands faggot

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I'm shirting boys. Made a couple hundred. Fuck this... OMG too unreliable. I see it headed up, I'll hop on again.

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might place the short at $7 instead

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people said that at 9

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Yeah,me too. It started trending upwards again.

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after seeing it go to 10 just knowing theres a 50 percent chance it will repeat or go even higher ur going to sell now i dont understand ur kind?

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if this breaks $7...i may start feeling a little excited

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Where is the fucking insider

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Only a weak handed faggot would short OMG at 6.5

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Its going to blow past 9 soon. Just buy it anything below $10 is a steal in the medium/long term

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if this hits $6.90's its gonna drop hard to like $6.40

then back up

or maybe just moons to $12

or down to $2

fuck this is stressful

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Late-buying whale wants to dump on new buyers, if you can get a good exit price, get out before they do

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I'm just going to sell incrementally I think now I've p much made my money back - any profit is a bonus

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Huge sell off at $7, still holding strong as of now...

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selling now? where is ur ambition the sky is the limit?

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And they all just got ate up, lol

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Ate up?

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All I saw was a drop...

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thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1j5lzT2pVU

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The wall is getting eaten!!

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nigga just keeps going up
makes you ponder just how hard its gonna correct

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bread is 404

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Oopops sorry>>21771954

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holy dumparino

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get him a body bag johnny!

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>Sony or Facebook
actually Tether

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any ta guys? does it look like were gona dump or pump?

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take profit 12-16$