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Why the fuck is XRP still so goddamn cheap? The amount of exposure it has is insane, up there with Chainstink; is there really so little demand for it?

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do you not understand market cap? look at the supply.

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How ironic.


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price suppression, fud, lack of people with any perception and deductive reasoning
also distractions
lots of reasons
the pump will be glorious though

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I keep hearing price suppression but I’ve seen 0 evidence for this

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What is, vested interests from financial institutions.

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Billions upon billions of supply, only pumps when btc does, some banks coming up with their own shitcoins altogether, big man dumping millions of tokens each day.

but you know the pump will be obvious bro buy my bags :^)

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Seriously XRPers dont understand tokenomics.. or market cap/coins in Circulation. BTC is 11k because it only has 18million in Circulation. Now go look at XRP for christs sake.. and compare it to every coin out there. Then consider the fact that whales are constantly dumping bags.

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This. XRP is still largely fudded by half the crypto community because retard maxis think it's centralized and shit. Who cares, we don't really need any of them. Ripple is doing things nobody else is and they're doing it the right way, the price will follow eventually.

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At the end of the day you really have to look at the people involved, the liquidity crisis that we have on our hands and just think; What is happening behind the scenes and why they're meeting in the first place. Why take a photo in front of alexander hamilton, the creator of the first bank of the united states?

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What about these people? Do you know about these people? Do you know who they are? Why do people post this picture? Have you ever looked up their names?

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XRP is actually meant to be used unlike the old beast that is btc anyway. Ripple is out here creating actual use cases and once those are in place the price will go up.. It may be a longer hold but it's worth it.

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Except this is real life, not a preteen mystery novel. All of the schizo stuff is a stretch, very similar to Qanon which is 90% BS as well

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Who are these people? What do they deal in? What is their job? Are they in positions of power?

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What about this man? Do you know his background? Do you know his fields of expertise?

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What were these meetings for? Is there an explanation for why these people could be at the same events? Using your imagination to draw shcizo connections is easy.. how about some actual analysis

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Fuck man I want to believe XRP will do something maybe it’s the greatest FUD of all time and will literally fly to the moon making people feel retarded that it was sitting right in front of their eyes the entire time

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What does the Ibis consultancy group do? What is the service that R3 and accenture provide? What did the bank of england and the bank of india hire accenture for? What does R3 stand for? Who's in the R3 consortium?

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Jed McCaleb dumps 2 mil a day and still has 4 billion tokens left.

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shitposters who contribute nothing of value to the thread

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>a strictly online, pre-mined, fiat utility token that can't be used for anything and therefore has no usecase, not even in ripple tech, isn't expensive
I seriously hope you can piece it together OP.

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XRP has been doing the same gd thing since 2017

it's a boomer coin, and im saying that as an older person. get out of it

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Also why would the government use ripple or xrp when its already a mess with people like that jed guy holding enough to be richest man on earth.. when they have more than enough resources to create their own coin at the fed, fully managed in house

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Your post is shit too, fucking open my eyes anon

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How ironic. Kys you fucking retard.

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>Raj Patel

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Damn worked for BlackRock, fucking bullishhhhhhh broooooo

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XRP's main purpose was to replace swift

They have not succeeded in that yet, so their value is not seen as high

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>boomer opinion
Thanks, just bought another 2k.

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Because XRP is the bridge currency to gold backed government CBDC's. No one wants someone else to have control over your money so the best method is to come to consensus over how it should work on the base level. It's an eXchange Rate Peg, a derivative of all value. Gold backed is fud. The derivative of the value of the global economy. You are so blessed that the crowd hasn't stampeded yet. The unfortunate thing is that you are probably part of the crowd.

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So true. But it's why they will let it work

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>unironically replying to bots
NGMI frens


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3rd in market cap... Wtf you guys talking about saying it is cheap...

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What do you mean by bullish? What is blackrock?

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I like to think im saving retarded souls by providing counter arguments against these bots

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Fucking retards, see maxis and other morons think this because ripple is actually working with banks and regulators, which is the smart thing to do if you want to succeed on a large scale.

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Don't worry anon, I'm sure you'll still be able to buy guns and drugs on the deep web with btc. Unless XRP completely destroys btc. Wouldn't that be a pity? Kek.

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be gone lilin. don’t mislead the rams

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BlackRock is a global investment manager

They’re working with the fed right now

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It would be a shame if the dam broke and washed away all the bitcoin miners in Sichuan.

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XRP will be pegged to the price of an once of gold.

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I am not betting against David Schwartz, sorry. Follow the jew programmer if he is designing money. Besides, xrp has always done exactly what its doing now. The golden bull will make itself known in due time

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>july 4th, 2020.

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Damn this really seems like some cabal shit now is it a pump and dump on us or our last chance to get in

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Its the derivative of the value of the global economy, anon.

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Alright fuck it I’m hopping on, also really nice digits

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for 2000 bob.


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still using this economist picture is just sad. also if you're going to show this off look at the fucking logo in the magazine that is clearly STELLAR not XRP. Both are shit.

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Our blessed money goblin has been working on this problem for a long time.

Whats faster, cheaper, and more scalable for settlements than XRP?

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What happens n that day to make this happen?
And why is 1776 significant?

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Blessed thread, xrp is dare I say the standard confirmed

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Declaration of independence was signed July 4 1776

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It has the 3rd highest marketcap.
When it pumped into 2nd place for an hour, it's mcap including total supply was in the fucking trillions.
You're never gonna make it because you're so blinded by unit bias.

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Which brings us full circle
Who is alexander hamilton? What did he do? Where did he do it? When did he do it?

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>distributed widely
>no original copy

sound familiar anon? lean in to the connection.

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You're all so fucking stupid
I can't wait for XRP to moon and then I'll be a 100 millionaire

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unironically kys

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Does anyone have those links with the research for XRP?
Something to do with FUD

>> No.21772721

...and it keeps getting bought...

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anon i...

>> No.21772740


there's breadcrumbs, other than the giant loaves of bread I tossed in this thread

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It’s too much
Very interesting

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Yes, buy more Goy. Oy, didn't you know, it's dah standid'

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I'll buy if you can debunk this

>Banks don't need XRP, they can get the tech and just copy it
>if the price of XRP rose then there would be no point in using it as transaction amounts would not be good for paying each other due to uneven amounts
>XRP is just a coin from the company, which is the one making money from deals with banks, the banks don't pay ripple co in coins

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There are over 50 billion XRP in escrow, what is the purpose of those?

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im conivinced that because so many of us are communicating via the internet that we will all remain middle class millionaires when ripple finnally moons

>> No.21773098

go back to pol we are here to be "actionary" not reactionary

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this type of jewery is the only thing stopping me from selling a kidney for more xrp

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Middle-class millionaire...
I will build a hobbit house and breed dogs.

If xrp does in fact get backed by gold were looking at 2k a coin.

We all need 500 each to make that mill.

1. How long till launch to moon?
2. Many YouTube ppl talking about xrp have qanon stickers. What's up with that?
3. Did qanon ever hint at gold standard coming back?

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How many times I need to remind you:


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No shit retard we are all aware of that. Ripple sells ODL which uses XRP.

>> No.21773304

Ripple has top minds working on cutting edge technology, there is no merely "copying" them. Especially from banks. There's no need for it anyway, as it stands their solutions can save them tons of money and that's all that's needed. Plus there is going to be more use cases as time goes on besides just banks.

Your second point makes no sense. Ripple and XRP don't need eachother to exist but that doesn't really matter, they're creating an ecosystem that will be governed by users. Even banks won't have any control in that.

>> No.21773329

Then why do you keep posting news and info on Ripple thinking these are bullish for XRP? Ripple will do fine, XRP has the biggest whales around who will keep dumping until the heat death of the universe.

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News and info of ripple partnering with central banks? Yeah sounds really bearish if you’re a retard

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Only the Qanon board is backed up by a DOD server you moron.
There are over 700 Q proofs. Do you understand math idiot?
You just exposed your self as some dumb glow nigger shill.
Kill yourself.

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Wow you are suggesting these people brought the ripple executives in to play bingo or jerk off.
You are obviously a low level employee of some type who doesn’t understand that people on that level don’t meet about bullshit.

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Because they still are related you fucking retard. XRP will account for at least 20% of the transactions on ripplenet.

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>he bought the top

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Again, XRP ≠ RIPPLE. As far as I know, te people on these threads think that XRP will makes them cryptomillionares because of sekret meeting and agreements. But these are all about Ripple, not XRP

>but Ripple uses XRP
They can use XRP or many other things, even things the banks put out. There's no real reason to keep using XRP even if Ripple takes over, you just hope for it.

>> No.21773582

Maybe, maybe not. XRP can be easily replace though, and even if an important amount of transactions are done via XRP, that will NOT necessarily increase its value. Just look at the amount if XRP circulating, the market cap and the stupid amounts of XRP the whales are hoarding. The big players on future transactions in Ripplenet will want nothing to do with XRP.

>> No.21773591

XRP is the Q of crypto
>2k (((soon))) vs indictments (((soon)))
>both are kike psyops to fleece boomers

>> No.21773603

Do you even realize what ODL includes? The fact you cannot comprehend that ripple provides a service that utilizes XRP at this point in the thread is beyond me

>> No.21773620

late millennials see a centralised blockchain equivalent to visa and rejoice that they don’t have to learn about decentralisation scaling problem, things can stay the same guys no learning required thank god cos i have a panic attack when i read a white paper.

just sad

>> No.21773690

I understand that Ripple provides a service that currently uses XRP, but XRP is a token that will be used for exchanges. Even if Ripple is widely adopted, that has no bearing on the market value of XRP. It will server its purpose by being stable.

XRP by its very structure can't moon, even if succesful.

>> No.21773848

XRP needs to moon to even work. You don’t think banks have would be (((interested in that?)))

>> No.21773854

>Even if Ripple is widely adopted, that has no bearing on the market value of XRP
Using XRP for transactions is faster than just using Ripple without XRP, speed is everything and that's what financial institutions need.

>XRP by its very structure can't moon, even if succesful.

Define moon. If trillions are being transferred per year, it will be a higher price to accommodate it. I'm not a retard that thinks 4 digits are incoming, but in the hundreds of dollars in 10 years is plausible.

>> No.21773980

All I see is 2k eoy, who gives a shit about centralized vs decentralized

>> No.21774019

Could you tell us the difference please?

>> No.21774085

because centralised money already exists you absolute dumbass

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>what is a validator node?

bruh. the ripple boys love bitcoin. they talk about it all the time. hand and hand. currency and money are different.

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Look at the market cap retard. XRP is in 3rd place behind ETH and BTC while at 30 cents. If XRP reached $1 it would flip ETH. $5 and it would flip BTC. At $25 XRP would be worth MORE than the entire crypto market at the height of the last bullrun.

>> No.21774185

Yeah XRP is centralized sure if you want that to be your fud but I don't see how that changes 2K eoy?

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Market cap is fake and gay, just like you you fucking retard

>> No.21774303

His financial advisor told him to put the money in APPL and he was right. Look at the chart.

>> No.21774450

Wrong. The higher the market cap the more inertia when it comes to price moves, which is why only uniswap scams and penny stocks can make 1000%+ gains.
>but apple, amazon, microsoft, chainlink
Yes they made significant gains, but it only through offering a completely revolutionary product/service. XRP is a digital moneygram.

>> No.21774478

Yeah but you forgot about 2k eoy so idk what to tell you, to me it just sounds like you're a faggot

>> No.21774551

Enjoy getting dumped on by kikes. You're probably a MIGApede as well so you're used to it.

>> No.21774588

>pink ID

No thank you yakir

>> No.21774615


the sell pressure is insane from them dumping every month. it is absolutely retarded to buy this token

>> No.21774630

Lol politics are gay so that's probably why you give a shit about MAGAfags. Anyways, if you want to know the truth, here's my take.

XRP has two properties that make it the most pleasant cryptocurrency to actually use as currency
1. Speed - making payments through bitgo or sending to another wallet is as fast as sending a text message.
2. Low volatility - there are heavy buy/sell walls due to ODL action

There is no special utility to XRP compared to a coin like LINK. It is simply a rapid payment system, like a faster Bitcoin whose network doesn't operate through mining but instead through unpaid nodes determining consensus. However, that simplicity is what makes it valuable. The more money that is being abstracted on the XRP ledger, the more value on the network, and therefore the token becomes more valuable.

Ripple as a corporation is built on XRP. The company is very clear that its goal is to make XRP the world reserve currency. There's a reason it's slowed down programmatic sales and been buying XRP off of the market. They are committed to building an global ecosystem that runs on XRP, and have developed ILP to enable interoperability with the Ethereum blockchain, which enables it to capture the value of various supply chains that will be running on Ethereum.

>> No.21774639

But XRP or stay poor.

haha haha can anyone say that without laughing

>> No.21774652

The technology is great, but of course the vast majority of capital is still running through legacy systems. Therefore, it is important that Ripple works to build institutional involvement, but of course there would need to be a profit incentive for institutions to decide to join Ripplenet. The major benefit of Ripplenet is that there is no need to have prefunded nostro/vostro accounts for cross-border transfer - the XRP ledger and ODL can handle many USD corridors. Eliminating nostro/vostro accounts would free up $27 trillion in capital - institutions would love to redirect that frozen capital.

And there is evidence that they have these institutional connections in place, such as with Bank of America, Santander Bank, Bank of Brazil, Bank of Canada, to name just a few. Of course, these institutions would not adopt a new technology were it not fully regulated. We are seeing these regulations coming into place in this moment, now that banks can offer legal custody of cryptocurrencies. The pieces are falling into place.

2K EOY XRP is dare I say the Standard (ISO20022).

>> No.21774719

How many xrp is enough to make it? I have 30k xrp is that enough?

>> No.21774834

>/biz/ asking a rep at their broker how much is a suicide stack

>> No.21774897

You're right QAnon is 90% bullshit. It's also 10% real. The most important stuff has been the 10% that is real. If even 10% of the stuff around XRP is real, then it's going to be more than worth the hold.

>> No.21774902

Now who’s the schizo? I got that image off of Christopher Greene’s Twitter.
>>unironically NGMI

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File: 200 KB, 611x903, Screen Shot 2020-08-22 at 8.31.25 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21774941

Because the coin was hyped up to pump the price. Does anyone remember when there was a big announcement on Facebook ad that said ripple acquires the VP of Facebook.

>> No.21774974

There is no hard evidence of what they met for or what they talked about. However, you can use deductive reasoning to make well-founded assumptions. Let me put it to you this way:
>How did we know the Japs were going to attack Midway?

>> No.21775237

>Banks don't need XRP, they can get the tech and just copy it
Maybe if the world economy was stable and they had time to do the R&D collectively. But it isn't and they don't. Ripple correctly identified the problem years ago and has been working on the solution. The banks were not and thus have not been working on the solution. Any solution of their own will be far behind Ripples and thus not feasible.
>if the price of XRP rose then there would be no point in using it as transaction amounts would not be good for paying each other due to uneven amounts
I may be misunderstanding your statement here, but that's a non-issue with all crypto, isn't it? That is why it is ultimately superior to traditional currency because you can have a high individual value for a coin but can make purchases in fractions.
>XRP is just a coin from the company, which is the one making money from deals with banks, the banks don't pay ripple co in coins
But Ripple does pay the banks in coins.

>> No.21775273

Indictments have literally started. The Obamagate shit Q hinted at is definitely real.

>> No.21775391
File: 829 KB, 3139x2079, 8818C5C9-5831-414E-A969-4B174093E5BA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We are over 185k now.
It won’t be a power grid outage, it’ll be internet and telecom going down and initiating the Mass arrests and suicide weekend.

>> No.21775486

I've found the most gentle way to redpill is to just first show the proof to them that at the very least, even if it's all bullshit, Q is run from the White House. That makes you start to question why hasn't the media addressed that fact when it's so obvious? Then you go down the rabbit hole from there.

>> No.21775626

I don't bother trying to redpill anymore. Obamagate is a real thing. The investigation is a real thing. There is hard physical evidence. If people want to assume that the investigation is fake because QAnon has been cryptically hinting at it for years, then they're fucking retarded and not worth my time. Also, QAnon is nothing more than a military grade social engineering op being run on the American people counter to the one being run by intelligence contractors. The actual conspiracy here is that the establishment government was using intelligence contractors to perform military grade social engineering on the US populace to attain desired outcomes. By doing this, the establishment govt could bypass FISA and FOIAA. This is so stupidly obvious when you realize that Brennan went from being an intelligence contractor to head of the CIA when Obama was elected.

>> No.21775992

Which website is the image from ?

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Hope you FOMOfags dont get too bent out of shape when the secondary markets are sold out of XRP overnight

>> No.21776436

Why Jeb dumping xrp and not keep it?

>> No.21776468


>> No.21776526

Because the banks are buying it. This is why it needs a massive market cap.

>> No.21776590

the worlds largest asset manager

>> No.21776599

With evidence like this, I can’t fucking believe how well XRP will do

>> No.21776606

How much stack he have left to sell?

6.2 million a day in relation to 2 billion volume is literally nothing though...

>> No.21776629

could there ever be a more jewish face of financial sucess. Imagine believing they're are going to allow for a wealth transfer like the crypto market. They'll dump boomer stocks into XRP in a week, and all other cryptos will dump. The crypto market will survive and grow, but XRP the standard

>> No.21776676

Bear Jew Satoshi ベアユダヤ人
to becomes

Bull Jew Satoshi, after critical channeling 重要なチャネリング後の雄牛ユダヤ人

>> No.21776777

>Just 2 more weeks bros! Trust Sessions! 2018 will be glorious!
You've been mindfucked by jews.
Of course Q is real. The problem is that instead of telling White Americans to rise up and overthrow the jews Q tells them to stay home and trust the plan. Q is a psyop meant to corral potential threats to the jews by telling them that they don't need to rebel against our satanic government and elites because patriots on the inside are already doing all the work, so just stay home and keep plan-trusting.
Here's the proof that Q is a psyop:
>save Israel for last goy ;^)
>btw we need (((regime change))) in Iran, Israel's #1 enemy
All qoomers need to realize that they've fallen for a messianic cult of "just do nothing until the big event happens and suddenly everything will be okay". No one is coming to save us from these satanic child-eating kikes and their old-money anglo lackeys. We have to bring them to justice ourselves.

>> No.21776781

xrp is what helps hold bitcoin down.
they just dupe xrp, then take the bitcoin for them.

>> No.21776788

A couple of years worth. Which is why XRP is a long term hold. I don't buy the 2k EOY stuff. But it will increase in price by EOY and will eventually hit crazy highs

>> No.21777016

Holy shit wtf is this? This would be insane, lights go out and suddenly the clintons are dead or in jail and XRP is 2000 kek

>> No.21777065

Premined centralized unused shitcoin with high inflation.
>Hmm I WonDer y nUmbEr nOt gO up?????

>> No.21777191

Checked but thats actually not true, if Q just went and told all white people to overthrow the jews it would look like a retarded incel white supremacy conspiracy theory. You have to be a major brainlet faggot nigger to not realize how important optics have been for Q. Q posts have specifically said people need to wake up themselves, get united with truth and to retake the country. Most people who talk shit about Q havent read any of the posts.

>> No.21777494

>it would look like a retarded incel white supremacy conspiracy theory
Except that Q would also release all the evidence on the satanic pedophiles. Videos of them eating children/spirit cooking etc. You admit Q does have the evidence right? Which is where all these indictments are coming from, right? So Q has the evidence, but he won't release it because it would be "bad optics" to show the kikes engaging in Moloch worship. Q has let these same EVIL JEWS continue to fuck and eat children for 3.5 years because it would be "bad optics" to expose them.

>> No.21777533


>> No.21777882

Social engineering has been occurring on a large scale since at least the 60s. The "Counterculture Movement" was the most successful mass psyop and social conditioning project in history. The irony is people think it was completely grassroots, like BLM and Antifa are now, when the exact opposite is true.

It's very difficult to break the conditioning though. If you even just mention it to normies they are horrified at the very prospect to the point of anger.

>> No.21777933

Fuck.. Link got the sexty 7s... You sure xrp will outperform link?

>> No.21778311

Releasing all the information straight up would be too much and cause mass psychosis on the general population leading to a crumbling of society and mass conflict and death. In order to bring retribution to their crimes and restore the republic they have to utilize the justice system to its fullest capability and do things by the book litigation wise. They have to build a case and its exactly what they've been doing.

>> No.21778340

REFUTE THIS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhE3ce1aDBI

12:37 1. XRP, and Bitcoin is backed by Gold? Yes, From the 15th of August.

15:00 2. Bank collapsing: (Ans.) 17:00 There will be redemption locations and (800) numbers to call. Every currency
you're holding will be given the re-value equivalency. Will there be a limit to exchanging notes?

20:58 3. Iraqi Dinar selling is illegal. If exchangeable, the (800) number will give their value and where to exchange them.

21:46 4. Is XRP used by the Deep State? No, it's under Trump's control.

22:10 5. (in comes Justin) Lbs., Euros or what? It will be Quantum currency. Credit cards will disappear.

25:52 6. 6,000 Patents: Suppressed by Bill Gates and the WHO. WHO needs to be defunded. MED-BEDS are very important. Lee Dawson has had great success against cancer. Bill Gates tried to Patent the 'lemon'. Big pharma makes $$ off of 'no cure.'

29:50 7. 'Follow the money': Trafficking, (22,000 children missing/day).

32:37 8. When will the world wake up to the fact that we've been enslaved and Trump is our victory? They'll start to wake up after Nov.3.

34:20 9. An arrest, before the election, of a very high elite person? Arrests and executions have already happened.

35:26 10. The swamp is mostly drained. Everything that's happening is 'staged'? The DS is using CGI to continue with a 'false' narrative.

37:03 11. Was Robert Trump death staged? Possibly.

37:41 12. Trump is very well protected. The swamp is drained.

38:00 13. 'CCP virus spikes' are a coverup of arrests of corrupt police and politicians.

>> No.21778437

45 quantillion billion trillion in supply lmao

>> No.21778453

Someone point me in the direction of this Q stuff, from the beginning, thanks.

>> No.21778459
File: 36 KB, 417x350, 1597927951707.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21778476


>> No.21778488
File: 56 KB, 609x960, 1597601744131.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21778516


>> No.21778626
File: 17 KB, 442x228, Gold_shall_destroy_the_fed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>3. Did qanon ever hint at gold standard coming back?


>> No.21778808

Ive never been a Q believer. But Im at least glad we can discuss this hear without the shilling that is going on in /pol/. They are just trying to make a mess of that board

>> No.21778881




>> No.21778914

There is ZERO demand for it. The token is a joke that's not needed by anyone. Ripple the company, fine, selling solutions to companies, bla bla, whatever. But XRP? A scam, eaten up by morons. How it's still holding up so high is a mystery

>> No.21778926

lol imagine
it would be a dream come true
and hilarious as fuck
2k eoy

>> No.21779533

He is the next Jagadish Bose

>> No.21779556


>> No.21779651

Jed is not even part of ripple, he runs his shitty flare. He has been dumping for months, what do you think happens when that is over?

>> No.21779705

>is there really so little demand for it?

Bazinga! my fellow reddit user! XRP is cheap and will not rise because it's dogshit if you have at least 90 IQ you would immediately see it. All niggers and other white trash faggots are hoarding it like crazy, twitter filled with normies and the XRP army... oh god don't fucking get me started on that shit. You faggots are top DELUSIONAL and will soon find out why nothing is happening kek

>> No.21779875
File: 505 KB, 1440x1631, Screenshot_20200823-085158.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No demand you say

>> No.21780041

>Why the fuck is XRP still so goddamn cheap?
because it's a failed shitcoin

>> No.21780066

A bank using their own XRP would effectively be just another nostro/vostro account. The network effect is what increases the velocity of money. Which is not to say that I expect banks to do the smart thing.

>> No.21780102

not having some suicide XRP stack

people will kill themselves when it pumps to $2, around which price they fomo in then, right before it dumps back to 1$

>> No.21780185

>Why the fuck is XRP still so goddamn cheap?
it isn't cheap, retard. it's overpriced af. that scammy shitcoin isn't worth a penny.

>> No.21780205

The only thing that worries me about XRP is these weird twitter and youtube accounts. Who are these people even

>> No.21780367

With ripple dumping massive amounts of xrp each week and the price of 1 XRP staying stable. Could this be a secret transfer of xrp funds? Can we verify who buys all the dumped xrp?

>> No.21780518
File: 160 KB, 1080x1818, Screenshot_20200822-194157~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21780537

>dumping massive amounts of xrp each week
It's not each week it's each month, and they explained why:
18 min

>> No.21780563

You need liquidity to create a global currency...

>> No.21780608


>> No.21780680


>> No.21780748


>> No.21780933

>they pay banks to use their product, the product that doesn't even use the coins.
Anon... I...

>> No.21780981

cRipple confirmed for the new BSV

>> No.21781170

Why wasn't the fat russain there?

>> No.21781198

Unbelievable people are still shilling this shit. Bagholders must be pretty fucking desperate. Imagine buying the next big thing and it going from 3 dollar to 30 cents and not move for 3,5 fucking years.

D E L U S I O N A L.

>> No.21781214

I know you won't reply but how many do you own?

>> No.21781232
File: 1.06 MB, 938x932, 18069D41-FB60-47F4-9A60-6EB10BDCFE5E.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21781245

>gold were looking at 2k a coin.



>> No.21781249

The fudders are getting angry for some reason tho.

>> No.21781275
File: 1.05 MB, 867x917, mnuchin face.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


just wait

>> No.21781288

I own 0 xrp because i’m not mentally handicapped. The moment i heard normies around me talking about buying xrp back in late 2017 was the biggest sell signal ever. I sold the day after and a week after that everythhing went to shit.
Xrp was a confirmed scam back then and nothing changed only the desperation of you eternal reddit cucks who baghold their 2,5 dollar each ripple.
All these threads are fucking comedy gold, even crazier than one flew over the cuckoo’s nest.

>> No.21781314

the devs are holding it back, as you see it could rise by the charts, but then it gets dumped down again. the devs sell hundreds of millions of xrp per day, this sale is holding it down and making it a stable coin. it can only rise once the devs fuck off and stop dumping their xrp. perhaps the devs should instead burn their coin and thus that would certainly cause it to not only stop being held back but also gain in value beyond that.

>> No.21781317

Then sell your holdings of xrp/ripple
No pilpul bullshit
>people just don't go on the internet and lie

>> No.21781372

The pilpul must’ve been really confusing for your smooth little brain but i stated in the first sentence I own no xrp.
I know it must be difficult for xrp holders to dissert information but to lose track on the very first sentence is really beyond comparison.

>> No.21781399

Smoothbrain the token is ripple with xrp as the ticker. How many ripple do you own?

>> No.21781431
File: 15 KB, 480x360, A9883EBD-7434-4D2C-98B8-B486EA9CA7AA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Muh boy, this stability is what any good crypto strives for.

>> No.21781461

Unironically though, my holdings are 60% buttcorn, 40% Eth and i ocassionally throw a bit of money on some longterm shitcoin projects and try to flip some Eth on uniswap every now and then.
Unironically thinking ripple will ever be 2k a coin as some in this thread suggests is beyond delusional considering there’s 44,942,589,751 coins in circulation right now and that’s not even half of the total supply. Like what fanasyworld do you people live in?

>> No.21781468

>stable is bad
oh fuck off and hope your favorite shitcoin doesn't zero overnight

>> No.21781480
File: 3.00 MB, 854x480, XRP ARMY.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21781487

So how many ripple do you own?

>> No.21781519

Reading isn’t your strongsuit is it you retarded reddit tranny? Pls go back where u came from. I’ve tried to be somewhat realistic here but apparently realism isn’t in your dictionary.

>> No.21781526
File: 162 KB, 1280x720, markofthebeast.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's the cabal coin. It's the standard.

>> No.21781542

One has to be ignorant or delusional to not see the writing on the wall in regards to the u.s economy and world economy for that matter. We’re in a depression thanks to Covid. Everywhere around the world is experiencing the ripple effect. I’m in Tokyo, and I’ve seen dozens of businesses permanently shut down since May. Three months. And the federal reserve bank reducing interest rates to 0% and printing billions more in fiat is not good. The stock market is experiencing a blatant dead cat bounce. If people cannot buy things or pay rent and businesses have to lay people off in droves and banks are printing/loaning monopoly money ad infinitum, then inflation will only last so long before this entire economic system contracts and implodes. We’re talking a matter of months. This is how it was all meant to play out, even it was by the sheer stroke of divine luck. TPTB have been ardently working in establishing a digitized economic model for several decades.

No other crypto platform like ripple has the backing, resources, clout, prestige and certain future. Ripple is among a very small handful of platforms that will survive come this money apocalypse. Anyone holding now best get ready to grip tighter because we may see another nightmare like we did during the first Covid panic. If the market crashes the crypto market will follow. Invest in things with proper utility and value.

I’m also a holy schizoid. I’ve met good ayys. I’m one with the light of god. I’m clairvoyant as all fuck. I was guided to buy link and so I followed. I was guided to buy xrp with my gains and so I followed. I’ve had two dreams concerning xrp. Last night I dreamt Of witnessing waves of people running out of their homes to buy xrp. Take that as you will. I may technically be a schizoid but I’m not stupid and I’m not often wrong.

>> No.21781581

So you say you don't own xrp super easy but cannot say you don't own ripple? Truly amazing. How many ripple do you own? Simple question really.

>> No.21781593

Based until the hidden XRP shill part

>> No.21781694

not based at all, much of that narative is false, truth is somewhere in between

>if btc is traded for 10k and I buy one for 10.2k I single-handedly move the market cap up in billions
lol yes you do, but only for a tiny fraction of a second you brain dead faggot

>> No.21781703

Oh, this is quite scary now.

>> No.21781718

>What do you mean by bullish? What is blackrock?
The jews who own everything. Absolutely bullish

>> No.21781726

to keep out retards.

>> No.21781797
File: 826 KB, 1692x982, dtc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21781803

>>>experiencing the ripple effect you say?
Seems bullish af

>> No.21781881

>russian collusion
>russian bots
You can't make this shit up, GTFO libtard

>> No.21781906

This. Both reason and my schizoid inclinations tell me to hold xrp. When the two coincide it cannot not be true.

>> No.21781922

>Obama encourages Americans to prepare for a year of 'ripple' effects from coronavirus

>> No.21782065
File: 1.23 MB, 998x838, ACAAEE30-092A-4CAC-8936-A7F8108786A5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The higher we soar the smaller we appear to those who cannot fly.

>> No.21782078

It’s funny how much people get mad over this coin.
Top most anger-inducing coin of all time.
It’s fine, once XRP starts moonshotting, it’s the angry insecure nerdlings that will be placing all the buy orders near the top.

>> No.21782093
File: 50 KB, 675x561, 16695A7F-EC98-45A9-A12C-4B65A5D6FBE6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21782105
File: 102 KB, 841x896, b1ac288d8ac58521b25a12fb65dd20f13fd376fb85dec35454f5fa5605f11b68.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21782130
File: 45 KB, 375x500, D331FCE2-C82B-4836-8064-8E6026D38475.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21782193


>> No.21782218

Very based anon. It's always a delight to come across people of the same lifeblood as one's own.

>> No.21782251
File: 168 KB, 1500x821, based_advisor.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


OP in 2018

>> No.21782340

That was when CMC pulled korean exchange data making it appear as if it took a sudden dump. it didn't recover after that, manipulation by cmc

>> No.21782359

I’ve come to the conclusion that the demand and exposure for XRP is not the problem, but rather it’s refartedly inflated circulating supply. If it is meant to be the ‘bridge’ for expedient international trading wouldn’t it benefit Ripple to keep the price low? Maybe the schizos are right about price suppression, but for the wrong reasons.

>> No.21782362


How many xrp for a loaf of bread?

>> No.21782518


>> No.21782570

Reading comprehension is not your strong suit. I never said we will enter mad max times. Blockchain will transition us from near ruin to stability. If countries experience Venezuela/Argentina tier inflation crisis you better believe people will flock to depositing their assets into something affordable and stable. Literally had a dream about this last night. It’s coming.

>> No.21782592

was just wondering the same thing. Banks aren't going to buy it for 2k a pop so they can do int exchanges. No way.

>> No.21782598

he is the real satoshi nakamoto

>> No.21782600

i wish the xrp cocksuckers would leave

>> No.21782602

everyone in xrp is now sitting at a 3 year long low. you can buy if you think the pump is coming. time it this time and sell before the dump.

>> No.21782618

but what about banks getting them free with the partnership or buying htem way undervalued OTC then luring in people and letting it moon, I am sure banks like some juicy 1000x and its all legal

>> No.21782659

Its a dead shitcoin

>> No.21782669

Ripplenet does not use Ripple. This is where many people get it wrong.

>> No.21782727

RippleNET is broad, it can use IOU's with trustlines, it can use other crypto's and it uses XRP as direct credit
its true that currently onlt 20% of TX's are made in XRP but the more the Ripplenet will grow in liquidity the higher the Credit of XRP becomes in the system due to private demand, since most people have a trustline and just want to tranfer wealth so buying other crypto's is ineffiecient if you just can buy XRP

>> No.21782758

Thank you for your worthless fucking input. You might as well have blown a raspberry at your screen, it’d have the same affect on the conversation.

>> No.21782851

Duality of man

>> No.21782975
File: 64 KB, 640x640, 1594944062014.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am a crypto retard but i understand basics of MARKET CAP and software vs Ripple ect from what I can gather from reading these. I have small bag of XRP @.20 cents and would like to see it succeed but...

My questions are:

>Whats to say XRP is just practice for ripple and XRP becomes worthless as another coin is implemented?

> Is the massive MARKET CAP a result of it not being inflationary or what ever that term is? With massive market cap, why should it even touch $50 let alone meme2k?

>Are whales acctually dumping? why would they if Whales=Insiders and they have little confidence in the coin?

>> No.21783014

I only really trust American crypto in the long run. Seriously, Chainstink and ETH are all RUSSIAN products. I dont see how it could have any global adoption because of this

>> No.21783033

>And why is 1776 significant?
this post is peak eurotrash

>> No.21783077

youre right she said they will buy the token, anon. 2000 k eoy

>> No.21783092

You’re awfully smug to people who have succesfuly run empires for millennia while you fleeting fucking faggots literally cant take your country back from rampaging niggers and scheming jews.

>> No.21783098

the pump is only going to 60 cents
then dump below 20 cents

>> No.21783115
File: 47 KB, 880x440, [email protected] [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>XRP is centralized
>XRP is scalable
its the opposite

>> No.21783130

if any crypto is worthy of reaching a 1 trillion market cap, its XRP, and XRP only

>> No.21783156

because hes putins man in crypto, bud... thats a good thing

>> No.21783165

It's had the 3 largest mcap after ETH and BTC, how is that cheap? Its not cheap, people just bought in way too high and it was crazy overvalued early on. All these predictions of $1, it'd have to surpass ETH to get that, sure thats possible. But the literal fucking retards saying $100-$1000? It would need to be worth more than most countries entire GDP to even come close.

>> No.21783278

what people dont understand about Charlie Ward is he is NOT an insider. He just has many friends who are. So all the shit he heres is like a game of telephone. He hears different shit all the time

>> No.21783317

wheres your digits you fuckin loser

>> No.21783349

What is a ledger?

>> No.21783368

>one flew over the cuckoo’s nest.
you do realize, in that movie the protagonist of the movie isnt insane at all and it ends with the establishment having to lobotomize him for speaking out against them....

>> No.21783418
File: 160 KB, 588x849, rocket.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh yeah, for any doubters. Bearableguy123 is literally the creator of Flare, and its been shown Flare has been in development before ETH

>> No.21783480


>> No.21783515


>> No.21783692

fuck of the euro is literaly a wrapped dollar
>t. dutch

>> No.21784174

>Why the fuck is XRP still so goddamn cheap?
Why the fuck is still so damn expensive ? I can't believe this shit is still third rank in marketcap, absolutely insane

>> No.21784223
File: 19 KB, 300x168, xrpdump.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>price suppression

>> No.21784232

The dollar is being diluted as fuck making the euro a much stronger currency for the time being. Do you ever read the news or just believe what the mongoloids here tell you?

Groetjes thuis

>> No.21784542

and which currency is used to trade your filthy euro with?
>Tijd voor Digitale Gulden

>> No.21784552

This is y I hold a suicide stack and not a make it stack

>> No.21784656

100b billion tokens isnt much for institutional, global use you know? only 12,5 per person

>> No.21784718


>> No.21784789

Je moet je euro’s ook niet vasthouden maar nu die amerikanen zo vrij zijn om hun massaal geprinte dollar aan ons te schenken via pump en dump schemes op uniswap, kunnen wij hier in de tussentijd lekker weelde vergaren en tegen de tijd dat onze geliefde euro een klap krijgt zitten wij al comfortabel op hun centjes.

>> No.21784851
File: 647 KB, 1200x756, 1598058250120.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

explain. Cause from my point of view, ETH is an absolute shit coin that cant scale and has 2.0 on permanent hiatus.

>> No.21784962

Waar investeer jij al jouw geld in?

>> No.21784994


>> No.21785022

the EURO for me is a hate symbol and is still USD backed by the implications of the Marschall-AID and the US trade-hegemoney that the EU-zone leeches off
>Again CBDC's the way to go
>Not an digital-euro so that Italy shekels our pensions
>every EU nation its own CBDC and own monetary/fiscal regulation

>> No.21785030

>There's no real reason to keep using XRP
it's the fastest, cheapest, greenest, and most scalable asset out there.
>there is no reason to use the golden chocobo you could just use the green one even though it's not nearly as good
yeah but why would you

>> No.21785051

Ik verdeel het in ongeveer 1/3e crypto, aandelen en geld op de bank.

Als ik genoeg heb waarschijnlijk een huis (afhankelijk van de markt) of een kleine onderneming.

Jij dan?

>> No.21785091

Debt-collateralizations to drive down my net value whilst farming intrest of my debt-slaves

>> No.21785185

bequite, ETH is used in the Flare network as outside validator, RippleNET is actually giving ATH an extra usecase...

>> No.21785218

12.5 per person but then think about the hodlers hodling 10-100k per person

>> No.21785326

>Whats to say XRP is just practice for ripple and XRP becomes worthless as another coin is implemented?
you don't spend nine years developing, advertising, and regulating a coin just to throw it all away and start over.
>hey, banks can now legally custody xrp! all our work is paying off but let's make a new coin instead!
absolutely retarded and i feel like i get dumber every time i read it

>> No.21785474

Paid funders to make xrp look bad.
Why do you think no real ripple employees talk to these youtubers

>> No.21785601

>Why do you think no real ripple employees talk to these youtubers

Why did Miguel Viaz talk to a hopium dealer 2 weeks ago?

>> No.21785617

This fucking meme is so boomer Facebook tier

>> No.21785631
File: 54 KB, 700x576, Bitcoin-Ethereum-XRP-electricity-consumption.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ETH is used in the Flare network as outside validator
no its not. it just means systems built with ETH (which are inferior and cost heavy) can now use Flare no problem. Flare does not need ETH at all. it is utter shit

>> No.21785663
File: 44 KB, 610x412, aslfknaslkf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thats because it was made by a boomer

>> No.21785673

All I know is, that is one handsome bastard! All-in!

>> No.21785731

Just buy $DREP its all you need for the upcoming bull run.

>> No.21785739

>"The Flare Network [FN20] is a new Turing Complete Smart Contract platform, based on the Avalanche protocol [Roc18]in a Federated Byzantine Agreement (FBA) setting [CC19], and integrating the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Its nativetoken, the Spark, is generated through a utility fork of XRP [FN20]. Furthermore, Flare uses the XRP encryptionscheme, which can facilitate the usage of XRPL and Flare for XRP users."

Exerpt from Flare whitepaper
>Source https://flare.xyz/app/uploads/2020/08/FXRP_Version_1.0.pdf

>> No.21785769

Based ff7 poster

>> No.21785796

just because you can ctrl+f ETH doesnt mean you understand what it says. this meme image already explains it bare bones for you >>21784851
Flare does not need ETH in the slightest. ETH, LINK, and everything built with LINK will be obsolete and gone within 5 years

>> No.21785805
File: 113 KB, 806x301, 3b09743aa796e34a33b17e5565af603b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fucking idiot doesn't even know what a boomer is.

>> No.21785834

ok boomer

>> No.21785841

>t. boomer

>> No.21785850
File: 118 KB, 960x720, 12208795_457314047786117_72855790283459487_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Why do alien abductions STOP in Jesus name?



>> No.21785862

the ripplenet enviroment doesnt seek to destroy ETH's use-case and personally I think that the autistic genius called Vitalik has some real value in him
Ripple seeks to encapsulate the whole markets so that everything within XRPL runs buttery smooth and it gives certain assets the room to florish and bloom, its overall good for the trust of the whole crypto market yet the MAXI's fail to see that

>> No.21785887

go to /x/

>> No.21785923

go to /lgbt/

>> No.21785924
File: 406 KB, 1280x720, 1585358630212.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the ripplenet enviroment doesnt seek to destroy ETH's use-case
>personally I think that the autistic genius called Vitalik has some real value in him

>> No.21785969

will you hold my hand? we could suckle eachothers cocks droolingly on the doorsteps of /lgbt/
>I can't wait to fill you schizoid boipussy with some nice COOMtokens

>> No.21785981

Bought 1,000 xrp at around $0.15 so I’m set right now. Worst case scenario I lose $150. When it catches a ride on the crypto bull run and hits $5, I’ll be happy. I don’t get all the fud or the schizo posters. Just ride it out. This thing isn’t hitting $2,000 but it’s not going to $0 either.

>> No.21786028


>> No.21786058
File: 669 KB, 737x727, 1593088498049.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Just ride it out.
You don't belong here

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