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god damn it felt good to buy that dip last night. just when I thought I couldn't stack this token any harder....there it was.

never felt comfier in my life. feel like I know a secret that only a few people know. can't wait for the 3 big exchange listings, can't wait for mainnet. gonna go make myself a cocktail to celebrate what is to come. cheers, everyone.

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what are the EOY price predictions?

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congrats on timing the dip. I bought in a couple weeks ago around 0.0105 and then popped in a bunch more at 0.025, wish I waited on that second buy but oh well

I think we're both gonna make it

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We three...count me in.

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my conservative guesstimation is somewhere around 30 cents. depends on exchange listings and mainnet release date. I think we'll hit a dollar at some point within the next year or two for sure though.
the people behind this token just do not fail, and they do not fuck around with their money and investments, and they have powerful connections. this is going to be the big one for me.

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that's right bros. I don't even care to shill this token...people will find out eventually and by then it will be too late. and I don't even care to fud it so I can stack more. very happy with the stack I have and can't believe I got in on the ground floor of yet another big project. cheers bros.

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expect major exchange listing announcements in the next few weeks, definitely Coinbase and likely Binance to follow that

listing announcement pumps are average 14% but could be much higher, OMG pumped about 150% on its announcement. this is still a very small cap coin so expect a fairly large pump

Other pumps will largely depend on app updates, country rollouts and partnerships. Hard to say at this point but news has all been good on that front so far and the project is well capitalized

Optimistic estimate I'd say $0.10 by EOY. /biz meme is $0.50 but that's /biz for you

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Soon $ 56.68.

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I'm at 45k. Wishing I got 88k

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Other anons are correct. $0.10 is reasonable EOY, $0.50 if bull or back to back exchange listings and good news

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There's no cashing out until $ 56.68.

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I'm a 130iq brainlet with no idea how this will make me money, but the aesthetics in these threads is making me want in

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i was asleep and missed the dip below .02, but bought some more this morning. its kinda been crabbing all day so i'm up a small amount. but i've got way more eth sunk into this than anything else.. this is my moonshot that doesn't really feel like a gamble. it feels like an actual investment.

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yeah that's how I feel too. was really early on Link and some others, but this one actually feel real. a real project with real investors and power behind it. and a vision to actually make it happen. so pumped for this.

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We are losing momentum

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fuck off

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Fucks sake imagine living a life like this. Lucky cunts.

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Meh. Usually these gifs put outrageous price predictions as what Trump holds up. $0.50 shouldn't be considered far fetched at all and be considered one of the lower goals to reach.

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Whales on here stated selling at 1.25

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Wtf does this stupid picture mean? I always see it as the price is going up. Does it mean you didn't buy enough? Otherwise it's fucking stupid as the joke is "it keeps going up and I'm despondent about it"

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Fuck off with your scam, loser.

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Normally you post it when the price is dumping, if you want to use it ironically you post in the middle of a pump. Btw lads we are still at risk of another shakeout dump before another new ATH, keep your powder dry just in case.

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stop watching 5 minute charts. we are gaining momentum on a timescale that actually fucking matters. anything below a 4 hour and it's noise. rsi is probably going to test neutral zone and bounce off

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You should be watching RSR's value in sats anon, looking at fiat only tells you half the story.

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Supposed whales and I wouldn't even be surprised if it dumped back to 0.006. Doesn't mean it's not going to 0.50 and beyond if we're in a bull run. Coinbase listing and this thing hits $1 easily.

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if they had an rsr/eth chart id use it, but i don't care about rsr vs btc

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Good work.
If you want a tiny critique the cube and the hash symbol are a bit too dark for the rest of the composition. Note the island behind the guy's neck is not quite as black.

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This particular one isn't my handiwork but the anon who made them did a nice job.

True, gotta work with what you have though.

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So... if an authoritarian inflationary country bans their app, could people still buy RSV using a VPN? If so, would RSV be treated as Monero?

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Who are you

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This image is based

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Conclusion from this then?

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I’m gonna let you in on something because I’m sick of people falling for these VC token scams. Reserve's total market cap is almost 90% locked up making its true market cap in the billions with barely any room left for growth.

Nevin Freeman the CEO of Reserve just recently unlocked roughly 30% worth of the circulating supply for "exchange listings" although they’re on record saying that no listing with Binance will happen (except on their DEX) over policy issues and the legal advisors say they’re still YEARS (at best) away from a Coinbase listing over regulatory issues.

There will only be a few more washtrade Chinese copy paste "decentralized" exchange listings like we’ve seen. Remember, the Reserve team is VERY adamant about US citizens not buying they’re token over SEC regulations.

This is what "Rangers" don’t want you to know, Link had already passed all the legal loopholes and was even one of Coinbase’s first alts sanctioned for trading in NY.

This is a startup funded by mega rich VCs who seem to be the main focus of the token's promotion yet they have just as much capital invested in upwards of hundreds of other different investment vehicles (including plenty of other crypto tokens and crypto related company stakes).

Unfortunately, this startup was worked out a year before all this COVID19 uncertainty had caused every major economy in the world to start thinking about making their own digital currency. The US has now forecasted that their own digital dollar will be in full use within the next 10 years.

The US has absolutely every incentive to keep countries dependant on US dollars, there will be digital USD phone apps coming to areas of economic distress much faster than Reserve can pull off the lobbying required for "regulatory compliance" with the SEC. Reserve is now competing against big government.

There’s no reason to think anyone would choose to use Reserve over government backed stablecoins in a time of crisis.

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You had a year.

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Got a couple more

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Too skinny bls delet

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Great FUD anon

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>Too skinny

This is you.
I take solace in the fact won't be able to buy too much RSR with your welfare check and you cash out and blow it fast.

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Oh boy...and here we go...

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94 billion still to come

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Textbook dead cat bounce

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One guy on the pic will make you rich, the orther will give you a afro-latin harem.

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100 billion token not needed

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>an afro-latin

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Thats the very point retard

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$0.50 is fud. $2.00 is closer to the mark.

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fuck bros i missed the dip but i'm gonna buy more

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If this is a multi-trillion bull run like the dot com boom then even $2 is FUD with a Coinbase listing

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That anon is really desperate to make it.

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I can't tell anymore if people on this board are delusional or just exaggerating.

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Is this better? I've made the hash, cube, and text the same color as the far off island.

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what about
>we are using momentum

no >we anymore, heh?

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>thinks watching crypto YouTube is research

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about what

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I recolored all of them, I don't know how i was so lazy...

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Point 1: look up the definition in a dictionary
Point2: you are clearly seething with jealousy and boiling over. Haha

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Latin or Asian. You guys can keep the Afros.

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About the price or market cap of this next bull run. We almost reached a trillion last time dipshit. We haven't even reached the market cap of the stock market bullrun of 23 years ago. If you still think crypto is tulips or whatever bullshit you dumbfucks say to FUD it unironically then gtfo

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about what

you were exposed

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Honestly do you really see normies coming back to crypto? Be real with yourself. The entire crypto market is just bag holders trading bags with each other.

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The amount of people involved with Crypto has only grown. Coinbase had ~ 3 million accounts in 2017. It's over 30 million people now. Why do I bother trying to help doubters. Go ahead and be Paul Krugman fudding the internet.

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LMAO I have 1m of this shit from crypto frogs videos, thanks for securing the future for my grandkids

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Reserve has no team working on their project so i sold.

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Absolutely. Everyone is trying to be cool and hip on twitter and Tik Tok. Talking about owning obscure crypto is like hacking the mainframe to most normies so the people desperate for attention will buy in

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Guess again newfriend

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Yeah numnuts. The normies signed up for coinbase accounts due to the initial hype in the second half of 2017 and the slowed dramatically. Most of those 30 million are from that time and not active. It's been almost 10 years and you still can't use bitcoin for anything practical. Nevermind an erc shit coin. There's no incentive for anyone except speculators to buy crypto.

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>crypto frog
>dumped ampl on his followers

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these are impeccably based.
Ditch the cube though

>> No.21767761

rsrlets report in

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The height of 2017 was 3 million you fucking moron. Over the past three years it has grown to 30 million despite a bear market.

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If you haven't bought by now, stare into this memorizing image and realize the true potential of the BBW colonizer coin.

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>zoomers prefer crypto to stocks
>wallstreet is hedging bitcoin and eth
keep telling yourself its a speculators market

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This is without a doubt one of the comfiest holds in crypto, cannot wait for this to blow up

>> No.21769248

These look good, but I wonder if the block would be replaced with something more in the theme of the image.

>> No.21769846

Imagine comparing crypto to stocks as if they're even remotely the same thing.

>> No.21770652

i'm telling you where sentiment/interest is regarding investing, not comparing the two

>> No.21770782


Are you pretending crypto is less legit than stocks? How cute. You've already been dunked on itt repeatedly. Why do you continue to show yourself.

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the imperialist memes are gross

stick with the chads, suits, watches, diamonds

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If you think of anything to replace the block let me know. I just think that and RSR or RSV logo would be too redundant there. The original posters looked like pic related. They had the french colonial troupe logo in that spot.

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You can Reserve the Right to fuck her if you have at least 500K

>> No.21771922

RSR is still lower in sats than XRP at the beginning of 2017

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The ones most tolerable to normies will be the BBWs.
>imperialism? Racist.
>chads? toxic masculinity.
>wealthy shit? Coping failsons, Ponzi scheme.
>conventionally attractive women? Misogynistic, objectifying.
>BBWs? Uh...are you making fun of them? No, uh...

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that's so dope

>> No.21772098

You’re forgetting about who really is backing reserve.

>> No.21772123

should we tell em?

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Good shit gets posted in the telegram group.

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My fucking father is buying crypto

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Same only because I convinced him though>>21772188

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RSR is single handedly keeping me green

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I liked this one.

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Who it is?

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I love how this token has the dopest memes in the history of crypto all the sudden

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File: 82 KB, 593x564, hello nevin freeman - its good to see you again.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Are going close to 1c again? I want to stack some more bags.

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