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Does this guy look familiar to you? Probably not because you’re a retard Kek.

This is spydrzero aka jayson. He is a serial scammer that jumps project to project fucking over many as he goes. He’s also behind unidollar, myx, pyro network and AT LEAST 15-20 other copy pasted scams.

Imagine being so retarded that you not only scam people but to top it off, you doxx yourself on purpose. This is a special kind of stupid we’re dealing with Kek. SEC is coming for you spydr. You’ve been warned. More evidence coming soon

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Lmfao what a fucking nignog. The absolute state HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA .

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I have to hand it to this nigger 15 consecutive PnD scams is pretty impressive

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And he’s now getting fucked by the code he never sought to fully understand. The irony

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wait why is spydr so dark IRL and his profile pic makes him look lightskinned????

is he RACIST?

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isnt that hte nigga who made myx scam?

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He’s one of those

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Myx is his most recent scam. His scams date back to early 2018. This faggot uses religion as a cover up to make him seem wholesome. He’s really a turd Kek

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does religion prevent your asshole from being pushed in without lube? asking for a friend

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if anyone wants some audio gold, heres some bagholder cope from the myx telegram


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He’s a geeky cuck so when his day comes, he’s going to be the one getting pushed.

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So fucking cringe. He got banned from one of his own servers before he could
Wipe it clean hahahahah the evidence is mounting

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ahahaha thats the dailyincome fucker

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cmon, everyone knew it is scam and not a 7th industrial revolution, people just want to scam the scammer and get their 5x before it's too late, it's just a hazard game played against a nigger

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today i learned both that krypto kayden is a girl and not a tranny, and later that it's not really a girl but rather a nigger's alt. my heart can't take these swings.

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>The project was created by a friend of Trevon who goes by the name SpydrZero. After finding out about PoTJ, Trevon himself decided to join the project and promote it on his channels.

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>divs are amazing
that's what that faggot mod repeated ad nauseam in the chat. i am starting to believe it's all a one person. getting some serious ACK feels here. fuck.

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so spydrfag larps as kayden? is he mentally ill?

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plot twist: kayden cross is actually behind it.

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Stay mad fudders, this shit is going to take off. CryptoWendy AND BitBoy are endorsing it.

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I'm not even gonna make fun of you, since I feel kinda sorry.

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try to find kyden in any telegram group now

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maybe if you guys weren't harassing her?

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lol that was great.

"this is the only project a little guy can make money on, and the whales see that, and they manipulate the price, and, and, and-"

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Every time these scammer dump, they blame it on "the whales". They create this whole made up enemy to focus all the saps anger on, and the tards in their chat groups just eat it up.

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they were asking for kryptokayden. They miss her, what have we done bros?

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She's actually scared you asshole. She was crying in telegram yesterday.

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i wonder how the sick person that was scammed on blockclout feels


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show proof

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