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Are you seeing what I'm seeing?

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Sergey is blessed

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That's where the dump continues.

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price go up?

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$50 EOM

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oh im seeing alright

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didn't you ta nerds say $10 yesterday?

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I can feel it

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You need to redraw the lines soon

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This it's a fucking joke

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>bull trap
Go get it, linkies!

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Is that the stairway to heaven formation?

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Linus Trovaldes joined the chainlink team

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Where do people get this retarded shit from? Don't you realize that if charts had any predictive power, it would only work if you were the only one who could see them? Every human on earth is looking at the same charts, so any movement they predicted would already be priced in by the time you finished drawing these meme lines

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The reason they work is because people like you think they don't.

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Get ye gone, foul dead cat

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pee pee poo poo

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the most accurate TA is the one that is the most obvious to most people, you have it completely wrong way around

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Did you break the larger channel?

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Don’t let the idiots get inside your head. This shit is hilarious to watch

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The only way it could work is if enough people think it works and use it. They change the market just by using ta and trading on it.

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I don't think you know how dcb works
we're making a new one

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Yes. We now know that $14 won't be support in the future, if we start dumping again $8-10 is still on the table, and where I will be opening new x5 longs

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this. if that doesn't stop, next stop is $4. remember what happens after every "conference" people sell the news. this will be no different

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A faget op who believes memelines have any credability whatsoever? Why yes i do nigger. Fuck memelines, niggers, jannies and bobannies. 1keoy never selling

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Fucking kek, "muh conference sellers". I really hope you weren't the one who sold 18k Linkies on Coinbase pro at the bottom of the dip yesterday.

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"Return to normal"

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more credibility than your English

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Who knew TA was this easy?


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>"muh conference sellers"
welcome nulinker

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By the time August is over $20 will be the bottom, literally everyone knows

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This. Strap the fuck in marines. LINK tokens are worth $100 dollars per token, minimum. People are desperate to get their hands on LINK tokens - and guess what, I'm not selling these tokens.

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yep, trajectory to 0

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Yes, i see you're retarded

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>Red ID

Pic related

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