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>RSR up 20% in 12 hours
You bought the dip, right?

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I was gonna but didn't whoops.

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No, I missed it

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I posted last night at $0.018 had better start stacking. Most said it was the end of the bull run.

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I was waiting for $.015 which never came

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Isn't it a bit overvalued? I mean only 50 people use 1MM of RSV and I'm pretty sure they're just in it for the arbitrage. You don't really need RSR because RSV is stable due to no one using it

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Listen, Faggot here with some valuable information. Just got a phone call from a boyfriend of mine. He said there were some huge dildos and vibrators that were raping RSR, and there were some illegal boylovers involved, and now everyone is pulling out (of the boys). The situation is looking erotic. RSR will most likely pump to .7c short term, then crash back down to .005c and ultimately fizzle out and die like me with my HIV. I'm just sharing this info with people because i hate the welfare of every straight cunt and their families whom are involved.

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50 people using it is 50 more than any other coin in top 50 aside from monero

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Sorry clarification. 50 People hold RSV, they don't use it cause you can't buy anything with it.

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how many people use XRP to buy anything with it

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All in LINK+RSR already, nothing to buy the dip with

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You can buy Amazon gift cards?

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Its almost like both of them are useless

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it's almost as if it doesn't matter for pumping potential

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2021 price?

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I’m gonna let you in on something because I’m sick of people falling for these VC token scams. Reserve's total market cap is almost 90% locked up making its true market cap in the billions with barely any room left for growth.

Nevin Freeman the CEO of Reserve just recently unlocked roughly 30% worth of the circulating supply for "exchange listings" although they’re on record saying that no listing with Binance will happen (except on their DEX) over policy issues and the legal advisors say they’re still YEARS (at best) away from a Coinbase listing over regulatory issues.

There will only be a few more washtrade Chinese copy paste "decentralized" exchange listings like we’ve seen. Remember, the Reserve team is VERY adamant about US citizens not buying they’re token over SEC regulations.

This is what "Rangers" don’t want you to know, Link had already passed all the legal loopholes and was even one of Coinbase’s first alts sanctioned for trading in NY.

This is a startup funded by mega rich VCs who seem to be the main focus of the token's promotion yet they have just as much capital invested in upwards of hundreds of other different investment vehicles (including plenty of other crypto tokens and crypto related company stakes).

Unfortunately, this startup was worked out a year before all this COVID19 uncertainty had caused every major economy in the world to start thinking about making their own digital currency. The US has now forecasted that their own digital dollar will be in full use within the next 10 years.

The US has absolutely every incentive to keep countries dependant on US dollars, there will be digital USD phone apps coming to areas of economic distress much faster than Reserve can pull off the lobbying required for "regulatory compliance" with the SEC. Reserve is now competing against big government.

There’s no reason to think anyone would choose to use Reserve over government backed stablecoins in a time of crisis.

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Saved. This is decent fud, great fud if you don’t use “Rangers” which we are not. We are financially colonizing the 3rd world. We do not hate niggers, we want to help niggers because we know they cannot create a currency without debasing it for free gibs. “Rangers” is fucking stupid. We are gentlemen, scholars and slave owners. Their welfare is best when it is in our hands.

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Adventure Club?

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Based reservist, we WILL bring financial stability to the unwashed savage

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