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Think about it anons..

You laughed at Link for all those year over their LINK a accumulation and shills, and look at how much it spiked up.

The same exact thing is happening with XRP. If history repeats itself, which it usually does, XRP is going to moon fucking hard

See you on mars idiots

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we are not going to mars.......

EOY 20000$ XRP

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The fucking state of XRP hodlers

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use to be said about LINK marines just a short while back.. went from 25 cents to 20 stinky bucks

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I though Garlinghouse- he needs to change his fucking name said in an interview XRP is not backed by gold

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Currently it is not

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Scam kike coin

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Dare I say, the new standard.

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absolutely. I need to accumulate more than my 100k, how long do I have to stock up?

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LINK wasn't around in 2018

This scam piece of shit will still be below 50 cents in 3 years time. Screencap this you fucking schizo

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XRP is far more useful than LINK. LINK is a JSON parser.

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Fuck if I know. I just like to spread the work of people smarter than me.

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If history doesn't repeat it usually rhymes

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Do it for her

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Hello Bearable bull

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I think you misunderstood the 2K EOY meme.

2K EOY is 2K in sats, not USD.

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XRP has nothing to show for the laughter. Total case of unwarranted self-importance.

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Back at it again with some aggressively average content today

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And LINK is literally a JSON parser.

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>XRP is far more useful than LINK
lol no it isnt ya loon

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so far XRP is the only useful coin

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True, which is one whole JSON parser ahead of XRP's development.

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probably that's why it is so widely adopted compared to the failed xrp project, right? :^)

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XRP has two banks confirmed, and MoneyGram :)

LINK has most of DeFi and several pipelines for real-world integrations

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Quite Possibly 20k EOY if the message was understood

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Yes, Khazar XRP Milk Mommy

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hahaha research more faggot, xrp has more than two banks

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Riddle me this. If XRP becomes the replacement for SWIFT, why won't banker's push for legislation to make defi illegal?

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because NESARA is going to play a huge role against bankers

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You are beyond a moron. It’s funny to see so many plebs who do not really understand finance or how the system works. I won’t explain it you because your are fucking stupid. But XRP is a long term hold, it will be the new swift system. Not my words, those are the words of the biggest banks who have already signed on.
Shill harder next time faggot

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how much will 3k xrp be worth in the future

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Another dumb pleb that doesn’t understand finance.

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>history repeats itself, which it usually does


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Hold that ripple for the next few years anon. I’m not gonna say 2k a coin because that is a little batshit crazy for right now. But you can definitely bet for $100 a coin with only steady gains from then on.

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Dubs check em.

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Santander is dropping XRP and moneygram literally has to get paid to use it. KYS faggot.

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Shhhh you suck at FUD.

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Anyone using XUMM? Is it really unsafe to move my XRP over for the Spark drop?

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100 is batshit crazy too, look at the fucking mcap, it's impossible. Even $1 is exceedingly unlikely, this coin is dead, find something else to shill and just cut your loses like the rest of us did years ago.

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Back to facebook grandpa

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I've been here longer then you. Also where can I get paid to shill because I need to buy more xrp

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>that accumulation
That chart makes me fucking hard

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Not confirmed they don't.

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This "it has to be this and this mcap to be at certain value" delusion is still strong within so many in here, you do not realize what market expansion is? When you learn something about real business and how the economy works, come back to argue about a fucking market cap delusions again. Cringe

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ETH was number two in marketcap when it was $20, look where it went. Imagine thinking that "it will never moon" because its marketcap is high. The market will expand considerably given that this next bull cycle will likely last many many years

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>2 banks

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Santander is busy shilling his worthless native coin to subpar exchanges

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You don't take these type of risks, bro
cause this bro, been holdin bags cause I'm schizo
Don't miss, bro
Ya numbers, can't see em on the moon
That's where we gonna go...
If you know, you know

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Except now ETH mcap is 44b and it's 400 dollars and XRP is 13b and 28c and has a higher mcap now than it did at its all time high, you expect an mcap higher than bitcoin for XRP and in the trillions? this is just ridiculous.

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you're right, i should put all of my income in every 10 new shitcoin the pops up daily because ONE could be like LINK

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I was there when /pol/ summoned kek unto killary on live television. Convinced me meme magik is real.

Xrp will rattle this place

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You just don't fucking get it do you smoothbrain. Nevermind, fuck you. In three years you'll look back at 2020 and think about this conversation and you'll realize how fucking stupid you were

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Wait until the switch.

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I barely dumped my 50k xrp a week ago, you faggots have been shilling this same nonsense for years already and I've heard it all before. I'll tongue a niggers anus literally if XRP goes above $1 by eoy.

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the seething is delicious

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Screencapped. Stay poor

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Make a sticky in Mellon's honor.
May Jesus Christ bless you all.

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/biz/ is officially an XRP board.

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>you expect an mcap higher than bitcoin for XRP and in the trillions?
Yes, you think bitcoin can ever be universal with its 10 minute block times and chinese farms? You think bitcoin's market cap is big compared to how much money xrp will be dealing with?

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>ww... www.. wanna make some Kike goblins?

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Consider the burn rate. Once xrp is widely adopted, burning might drive up the price a lot without market cap expansion

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If you know you know

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Based and red pilled.

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>Get XRPtoolkit
>Try to transfer from normiebase to XRPtoolkit
>Send a small amount first
>Works fine
>Send the rest
>lul not a valid adress try again
what the fuck

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Can someone explain in 1 sentence - what does XRP replacing SWIFT mean for its price?

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What's HDK? IDK

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They don't know about flare network, they're going to be left behind.

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Why do you still waste your money buying XRP when there are better altcoins with better use and a strong future ahead?

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>going to miss out on free spark

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