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>Roger shilling pollutes the board throughout 2018
>Hash War happens; suddenly and completely, the Roger shilling just disappears
>Craig shilling then pollutes the board from 2019 to 2020
>Link destroys BSV in the chart ranks; suddenly and completely, the Craig shilling just disappears

There really are just armies of paid shills on the Internet, aren't there? And once the money dries up, they fuck off.

And both shill armies seemed so sincere as well; Roger shills were always delving into authentic-sounding ancap ranting, and Craig shills just couldn't contain their seeming cocklust for the man. Can such narratives, too, such enthusiasm, be bought and paid for within shill groups?

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unpaid BSV shill here
Im completely demoralized
was opening several creg threads a day and theres probalby more of us who just gave up

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Most bch shills have given up and realised roger got duped by Jihan Wu and bitmain.
Most bsv disciples are too busy accumulating bsv and developing apps.

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Fuck big blocker fags, where are they to shit on ETH because of high fees now?

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BSV chad here
we'll be back with a vengeance soon and every thread will be about bsv except the smg pedo general

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> There really are just armies of paid shills on the Internet, aren't there? And once the money dries up, they fuck off.
Yes people can be bought.

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>im demoralized
dont worry: creg is going to kill himself

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Once you're here long enough you'll spot shills in milliseconds. The bsv stuff had an inorganic, forced nature to it.

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>unpaid bsv shiill
y tho. you can never recreate genuine organic enthusiasm. It just comes off as ignoring the obvious shitfest bsv is party line bootlicking shill shite no cunt believes like >>21748218, >>21748240

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>both shill armies

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This, i was responsible for at least 50% of creg posts on this board since 2018. Am financially ruined but u kikes will still never get my 1000 BSV

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>will still never get my 1000 BSV
no one wants your worthless shit
0 transactions per second....what a retarded loser.

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>vengeance soon
in 18 months probably

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they are obviously both bullshit cunts, Roger fucking cried like a faggot. bitcoin trash is a shitcoin end of story.

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Hold up, I thought (((WE))) where 'shilling' BSV for fun, ya know memeing the newfags to buy this total garbage?

I'll always thank rodger for getting Bcash to $1500, I promptly sold. I'm legit going to see Rodger in person next year. I hope I get to personally thank him for the free money.

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And the Roger shills? They fucked right off after the hard fork, and they sounded so authentically like ancap windbags.

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Shilling dont work in BSV.
CSW must win all his gay court cases.

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Of course you can buy shills anon, didn't you follow 2016 elections?

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BSV is the closest thing to what Satoshi described in his WP. In the end meme coins will all go to zero, and only coins which are valuable will survive. Currently BSV is the closest to scale. BTC doesn't want to scale at all, and ETH with its spaghetti code is not going to scale within 5-10 years. I'm BSV pilled, but Im not into shilling. Those who are smart are already on our boat. The funny thing is, that CSW is both the biggest FUD, and the biggest source of exponential growth

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Okay now, this one is funny.

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>Roger shilling pollutes the board throughout 2018
Why lie though, we were here too

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I never started a Roger shill thread, although I did respond to BCH hate threads with ancap stuff often.
I switched to shitting on BSV pajeets while selling my BCH for RSR.
Not because Roger isn't great and BCH isn't closer to Bitcoin in 2013 than BTC - is just that the community got too fractured, Bitcoin unlimited became too passive and Jihan turned too quiet - and I needed a quick moon mission (20m RSR).

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same here. lie after lie, failure after failure by creg has completely killed my enthusiasm for bsv. That along with lightning network looking better and better. At one point I held 1000, now I only hold 1 bsv.

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nice fud. we know you want to buy low

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>That along with lightning network looking better and better

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check out what stakenet is doing with it before you shit on it.

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>t. Retard who actually fell for pathetic pajeet shilling

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I've seen this exact same thread 3-4 times

fuck of greg, BitCoin is back

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your fucking trashcoin is near out of the Top10 already. maybe get one or two more Calvin ego bumps, before even he gets bored and goes back to playing with his chopper. Then, welcome the obscurity this piece of shite so richly deserves

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IQ: 145
BSV: 0

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