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y-you didn't sell, right anon?

old >>21735113




>Where to buy

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No sir. I am happy to report that no Kleros fell out of the TukTuk during our bumpy ride.

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No sir, I will NOT sell

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Good sir,, may we ride strong for prosperity

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Sirs the bear is back in cage, pump coming

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I didn't sell but I really wish I had.
Market is bearish as fuck and I doubt we're going to go back up for months

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We'll be back at ATH in less than 2 weeks, mark my words

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How do you know

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Are you new to crypto, Chainlink had a thousands bumpy rides in the past, crypto fluctuates a lot, there are a lot of whales, when a coin ascend, a lot of them will sell at some point and make it dump, if you don't have strong hands you lose money in crypto, but if you hold a promising coin, it will go up eventually. Right now the whole market is extremely bearish, but that could last only 2 days for all that we know

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Exactly, trying to time the market is literally gambling, best to just hold a project you believe in long-term. Something something needful.

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You have done well.

This guy gets it. Amazing projects are *eventually* taken up by the market. Kleros is one such. Just hold and look away for a few months, at worst a few years.

If anyone has any kleros-related image they want made, make your request now and I'll see what I can do.

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oh that looks terrible. I'll resize it and change the colours while I wait.

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I feel like anything showing the TukTuk journey is good meme material

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Ganesh blessings upon you and Kleros

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Sir have you done the needful sir?

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just buy the dips.
seriously its going to dip again, keep some ETH handy for when it dips, you should be happy when it dips because then you can buy more.

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I bought what I thought was the dip and it kept going down. Its no worry for the whales that got in at 1¢ but Its hard when your stack is at a loss.

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what's on apu's head

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Because this dip wasn't caused by anything other than market trends. Think anon, did something significant change with Kleros in the last week? We saw a very quick rise in value this past month. Do you know what caused that? DYOR and learn about this project and you'll see why anons are so confident. Don't just rely on us to tell you it'll be OK because it will just sound like empty platitudes until you assure yourself of it. This is the most undervalued project in DeFi and it's a matter of time before we're not biting our nails over literal pennies on the PNK.

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please sir where to sell...,,,

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Holding the same amount of PNK i bought at 1c is no different than buying at 1c, I'm looking for much more gains than what I've already got and have no problem riding the waves along the way. So many altcoins popped off to 1-2BN mktcaps in 2017 and Kleros is of the same caliber.

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da fuq?

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I just bought the dip by the way

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testing to see if this looks better as a thumbnail

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>Green id ending with fly

I wish I had some Eth to buy the dip right now, fuck me

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Does anyone have that cnn image of "top economics advisor: buy every dip"?

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>. Its no worry for the whales that got in at 1¢ but Its hard when your stack is at a loss.
I bought like 4k $ worth of pnk at .16 cents. I am not stressing since I still have a few eth at hand for when it drops to 12 cent. will buy with half my eth then and even more when it hits lower. anon this is perfect for us "late" comers we can accumulate more. kleros isn't going anywhere this shit is easily a 1 -2 BN mc

>So many altcoins popped off to 1-2BN mktcaps in 2017 and Kleros is of the same caliber.

if not 10B when we get another bull run.
stop stressing you can't plan the market perfectly if we could we would all buy at the lowest point possible and keep selling at highest points.
Pro tip swingies get the rope and dip buyers will make it.

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Excellent work sir

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sir please do the needful

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Traditional TukTuk rider hat sir

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sir, $1 before coinbase listing?

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No, it's got that bald guy with a smug look on his face. Thanks though

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by ganesh, blessed be those who stand for the justice coin

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sir, you have to have faith.

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sir please download teamviewer so i can help you with your request to "use fucking google "sir.

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buying a small bag (~1200PNK) during this dip
world superpower when

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sir, trust the village

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sir i have already downloaded team view but that chutya anuj is giving me a hard time about dependency to run software, i will escalate

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India world superpower by 2021 sir, Ganesh wills it.

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Thanks for the reassurance, fellow pinkies

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by ganesh, sir, may it be so and a thousand blessings to you and your village, may PNK go to $10 and blessings us all

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checked, most blessed digits sir.. may PNK go to $20 and bless you

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golden TukTuk soon sir

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Thank you sir, blessings of ganesh and vishnu to your vilalge. 1000 rupees EOD (End of Diwali) sir.

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yes sir, please get on board, we are taking this bitch to the moon, sir

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no problem mate. if it reassures you more, i just bought a little more in the dip.

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Carpet mission to moon still in progress sirs?

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sir, they see me rollin, they be hatin sir

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I'm still waiting for binance funds to process reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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That does reassure me, I'll buy some more too.
I bought sub $0.10 but just kicking myself that I kept buying until $0.16-0.17.
Hopefully we'll be back soon.

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i'm very sorry sir, pinkanon coin not currenltly listed on bisexual finance, great hope for coinbase in the future, ganesh willing

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What's really cool about PNK is that the dispute resolution mechanism has so many use cases. What I'd like to see more in the future is implementation of those use cases with other companies/creation of partnerships. The more growth we see there, the more PNK is gonna reset higher. On the other hand, being bullish on a coin just for future anticipated exchange effects is just a short-term squeeze.

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Buy the dip and get comfortable.

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>I bought sub $0.10 but just kicking myself that I kept buying until $0.16-0.17
I bought most of my pnks at .16 too. some at .11 and now bought some more at .13

Don't stress it even when it gets to 0.05 do NOT stress it see it as an opportunity to buy in more not "ah shit if i hadn't bought the others at .15 i wouldve had 3x as much" because guess what, when you bought at .15 would you ever think it'd hit 0.05? would you have forgiven yourself if it never hit 0.05 and went straight to 1$? no you would have not forgiven yourself. You have stacks right now anon, you are still early and you believe in this project. iron hands my friend. iron hands.

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sir i understand your frustration but i am just trying to do my job sir

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>Literally every crypto project.
Pnk is not one of those weekly PnD. It's a true gem. Sorry if you're a non believer now but you still got time, we will be here next week, next month, next year.
The only way to make us less annoying if you cannot bear us, is to join us. Take the red pill, read our white paper, check the traction and the reactions on twitter and on YouTube. Nobody ever fuded this project for proper reasons.

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Agreed with this. I've been averaging into my PNK because hindsight is always 20/20, might as well spread your moments of regret. Plus when you believe in a coins technology and its upside, it matters less. Bull cycles will come and go.

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Your posts are very comforting and logical, anon.
We'll make it.
I believe in Kleros' project and of course it's highly undervalued as of now.
I guess bearish markets make all of us feel uneasy as some point.
Iron hands, indeed.

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That portfolio is gonna make me fucking cum, you're gonna be rich as fuck soon friend.

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Seems like we're basically waiting on either
>gold to go back up, because the fed pretending they might be able to raise interest rates has sent the whole commodities down
>new exchange announcement
Big exchanges probably won't happen until the end of the year, and if gold doesn't go back up it means the us has defaulted on it's debt to china then raised interest rates, and if that happens you'll have way more to worry about than internet money.

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>actual conversation about Kleros in a PNK thread
Well this is a nice change of pace. Maybe dips are good after all.

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Agreed. Have you listened to the Kleros podcast with the ODR guy? That was interesting.

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no sir we are all adhd moonboys looking to get rich in 2 hours and i promise u by ganesh sir,, i will drop my bags at the slightest pullback

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10 boomer coins when BTC is at 60% of market domination seems rather wasteful anon unless you believe there will be boomers flooding crypto because of the money printers then its understandable. I'd swap at least 5 of those to ETH, because the high btc market domination is marking an alt bullrun. Keep averaging into PNK tho, good luck anon we are gonna make it.

>Your posts are very comforting and logical, anon.
Thanks fren. I have to keep on saying this to myself too since I am very prone to hating myself for these things so it's a bit of a self-reflection.

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very based

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Okay so I have some questions about Linguo.
>if you allow for low level translation services (as they are planning), if the language is european then google translate will do a better job 99% of the time
>if you're only targeting high end translation where everything has to be perfect, then how do you verify that the jurors who will eventually hear the challenge to the translation actually speak the relevant languages, to a level higher than the original translator?
Basically the only solution I can see is a curated list of (highly skilled) translators, grouping them all into a single curated whitelist, and then allowing cases to be heard by very select whitelists of jurors. Have they brought this up at all? Basically they need to start pooling jurors for all kinds of disputes and not allow for jurors to join courts unless they have a curated 'profile' which lists x relevant criteria.

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Yeah I'm a big believer in BTC continuing to gain traction as an inflation hedge/alternate store of value. I think someday it can displace gold. Towards that end I don't really see it in the same vein as other cryptos, the value proposition is just different, not better or worse.

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How am I supposed to sell? I fucking bought at $0.005. I fucking saw it rise to 2 cents, and fall again under a fucking cent in the fucking corona crash. I can handle volatility. Holding til it fucking reaches $10.

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>I fucking bought at $0.005.
i fucking hate you.

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Dude where the fuck do you find your projects?
It wasn't here was it? Aren't you even earlier than the moon post?

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Seriously, pls share lol

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What the fuck have you done to me, /biz/? I now unironically listen to Vennu Mallesh on Spotify

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Hahahaha! Gmi!

>> No.21749811

I was very, very lucky. I discovered Kleros while I was looking for interesting small caps, in this article: https://news.bitcoin.com/searching-for-synthetix-which-token-will-be-next-years-50x-winner/

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India will become SUPERPOWER when $PNK hits $1. SCREEN CAP THIS.

>> No.21749858

I was considering buying PNK but let me get this straight.

PNK is a speculative token, which people can buy so they can vote in a mock courtroom,
in the hope of earning more PNK?

Apparently the court outcomes are meaningless and it's all for show, so what is the endgame here and how does this crap gain value?

>> No.21749892

I actually found a few other worthwhile projects. Protip:telegrams /forums/ discords and updates of coins you trust. If you trust kleros see which coins they're partnering with ;) just a small tip, perhaps you can even find some lowcaps, one of which has not been shared on /biz/ yet afaik. I also saw another coin being shilled here and I dismissed it initially as a pnd. then I saw it being talked about in a coin's telegram which i trust. then I did some research and yep. it was is a very good coin. it's currently sitting at 5m-ish marketcap.

Obviously, I'm not telling you any names since you have to find this for yourself. Teach a man to fish type scenario, because let's be honest if I do tell you which ones to go for you will dismiss them all as a pnd shill/ scam coin.

>> No.21749916

>PNK is a speculative token
nothing speculative about a working platform.

>> No.21749917

All I can tell you is this:
>It's a dispute resolution system, read the whitepaper and do your own research, if you know, you know, this unironically has the potential of being a second chainlink
>The pajeet larping is done for fun AND to drive redditors and discord trannies away because they have weak hands and we don't like 'em (simple as' )

>> No.21749981

yawn, read the website

>> No.21750010

Oh, howdy future multi-millionaire! Good morning to you, sir!

>> No.21750043

>court outcomes are meaningless
they're not, there have already been several real cases, mostly revolving around the outcome of an augur style bet. But cases will only come when you have off-the-shelf smartcontracts for your services, which need dapps, which Kleros is also developing like Linguo. There will eventually be a Linguo for graphic design, website design, writing, whatever. And the disputes over money held in escrow for these dapps will be resolved via kleros. Of course, people can create whatever smartcontracts they want and use kleros, it isn't just limited to kleros' dapps.
In answer to the question you didn't ask, rewards are paid in ETH, not PNK. Incoherent votes are awarded pnk from incoherent jurors but that's not the main reward. The reason to buy PNK is to stake and become a juror to earn ETH.

>> No.21750091

a) It's not speculative, the court is functioning. They are working on additional products/functionality for the coin however that are still in the pipeline
b) The court outcomes aren't meaningless, they aren't "legally" binding but it's not meant to be a court of law, it's for consumer or company disputes etc

>> No.21750145

I use it as insurance, too, anon!

>> No.21750240

Read the whitepaper, or maybe listen to the podcast discussion which explains the concept pretty well too (if you prefer listening to reading):

One thing I think the Kleros devs are doing kind of poorly is explaining the actual concept in a way that doesn't sound ridiculous. They love to call it "justice" and the Kleros branding makes it look like they're reinventing the legal system, but it's really just a decentralized arbitration tool, something that there's a lot of need for. The podcast discussion explains this well.

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Can we keep dumping for a bit longer? I'm not paid until Tuesday. This is the most based community on /biz/ there's been for a long time. I love you all.

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Plenty of working platforms with useless tokens.

Honestly the pajeet larping is hilarious and probably a unique way to bring in the masses

Ok now this makes a lot more sense, I could see how this would be useful for p2p businesses, although I'm not sure if large companies would give up control of their dispute resolution to a decentralized court.

How often do they have cases? and does anyone have experience being a juror?

Appreciate the answers guys, thanks.

>> No.21751142

PNK’s purpose is literally essential to Kleros working properly. Staking PNK is what forces jurors to adhere to the Schelling point in any given case
Read the McFucking yellow paper

>> No.21751209

Kleros is its own worst enemy. Whoever decided to post that "real case" video should be kicked off the team. It's never going to be implement by any court or actually be used as dispute resolution.

You're really gonna let a bunch of randos resolve your contract breach??

>> No.21751216

Anyone have any clue when it'll be listed on coinbase or binance?

>> No.21751238

>How often do they have cases?
Real cases? Not often. But off-the-shelf smart contracts aren't particularly common yet, so disputes aren't either. We will see them massively deployed soon, but the whole market is waiting on eth 2.0 so that gas fees can go down. Linguo is basically ready to go according to kleros, but the gas fees are too expensive to be worthwhile.

>large companies
probably won't use kleros. Centralised organisations like ebay and paypal would rarely give up their arbitration mechanisms, but it all depends on cost at the end of the day. If kleros can do it cheaper, they might seriously consider it.

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File: 1.91 MB, 916x4426, 8A1F7672-CE4B-4E56-9351-8CB41DCE4F95.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>but the gas fees are too expensive to be worthwhile.
They’re optimizing the program so that gas fees will be 30 to 60% lower than ETH network’s average
>>large companies
>probably won't use kleros. Centralised organisations like ebay and paypal would rarely give up their arbitration mechanisms, but it all depends on cost at the end of the day. If kleros can do it cheaper, they might seriously consider it.
you silly fucking fool

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>entralised organisations like ebay and paypal would rarely give up their arbitration mechanisms
youre literally pic related.
paypal and ebay are literally the companies funding kleros

>> No.21751377

Linguo is interesting. Could I use it to like pay someone 5 bucks to translate seiyuu posts on Twitter?

>> No.21751420

How many pnk does need for 1 millions us dollar sirs?

>> No.21751440

Oh shit, I never looked into Linguo before, but I would actually use that to put my Japanese to use.

>> No.21751454

Lol, see you in the Kleros Courts I someday then anon.

>> No.21751488

kek, see you there friend

>> No.21751544


>colin appearing on a podcast means ebay and paypal are funding or collaborating with kleros in any way
there are breadcrumbs, and then there is 42-tier schizo delusion

>> No.21751624

There are situations where you may want a translation from one of the languages where Google translate works well, but need to be professional. Paying a cheap fee to a native speaker to just verify the translation seems reasonable, especially if said translation is going to be used in a product, advertisement, or public -facing business. And if it turns out to be shit, you go to arbitration and get your money back.

Also, Japanese and Chinese will probably be big, so not having the edge on European languages isn't that big of a deal in my opinion. Especially Japanese, Linguo essentially forces all the SEAmonkeys who shit out awful commissioned translations to do good work.

>> No.21751696

Modria.com will literally just be a handful of specialized Kleros courts by 2030 at the latest

>> No.21751939


>> No.21752136

the Yes vote on 302 is a huge blemish on Kleros' credibility

>> No.21752145

you’re retarded

>> No.21752173

Linguo does look interesting, maybe they'll find an alternate scaling solution for the time being, possibly xDai.

I became interested in Kleros because I noticed a lot of dapps are using their smart contracts, so no doubt the team can deliver.

Not only cheaper but a lot faster too. It still looks like early days for PNK but these guys are at the forefront of DR for crypto, which could be a huge thing in the near future, just like oracles.

>> No.21752271

Sirs, I still have not bought.
Is it best for me to wait for it to go down further or buy ASAP

>> No.21752324

Maybe buy some now and some later? It's already dipped a lot though so you're still getting a good deal rn.

>> No.21752335

Dollar cost averaging

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>PNK on sale
>volume still crazy
Yeah im thinking binance is going to send it to 50 cents

>> No.21752416

50 cents would be coom worthy

>> No.21752460

There are literally 2 ways this can unfold when you go all in now.

1. price goes up and never below your buy price = you are comfy.
2. price goes down and dips and you hate yourself for not wait.

how to fix this? buy a little now, and a little later if it dips. They call it dollar cost averaging, but i'd like to apply something that id call a fusion between DCA and dip buying. plan to buy a little on fixed intervals every few weeks/days. but if there is a steep decline in price buy that dip for like half of what you would put in on a normal DCA interval. or something like that. Right now is a dip moment. I'd buy it and have a little cash handy for when it dips even further. and then one for when it dips even further....

>> No.21752579

Buy some now and hold some funds for further dips sir. But be aware of the risk it will rise

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The Chad-Jorors have declared that you need to get used to this bumpy ass ride.
You are sentenced to eating a bag of concrete and hardening the fuck up.
*bangs PNK gavel*

So it has been declared.
*bangs PNK gavel*

The Chad-Jurors have declared that... maybe... or at least around that region. We dont need too many fucking normies on board too early or theyll sink the ship.
*bangs PNK gavel*

Shhhh not too loud now... only the worthy may know...
There is no sentencing for this case, merely comment.

The Chad-Jurors have declared this to be amusing.
You are sentenced to holding on to your PNK bag for at least 24 months before increasing it in size.
*bangs PNK gavel*

>> No.21753466

based gavelanon

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We are ALL in this TOGETHER sirs

Don't underestimate the power of Vennu Mallesh

>> No.21754017

I honestly really like sitar music, I think it's very timeless especially in a jazz or some kind of indian ensemble. I personally prefer the sound of japanese shimasen with toko over the sitar, but the sitar is a beautiful instrument regardless. However solo sitar pieces can turn boring real quick.

I missed you juror. Glad to have you back.

>> No.21754699

Greetings kind sirs, please do the needful and tell me how many PNK I need to buy to make it, please and thank you

>> No.21754824

100k PNK should suffice sir

>> No.21754886

50 cents on a single catalyst maybe. It's got way more upside than that

>> No.21754903

Thankful sir, where to buy is Uniswap yes? I have 100k United States Rupees to deploy so I might buy more.

>> No.21754912
File: 221 KB, 621x414, F8347788-E46D-41F8-9AFF-6503F504E12E.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>people worried about volatility in fucking crypto
Not gonna make it

>> No.21754999

>tfw there are kind sirs ITT who don't remember the LINK corrections in 2018-2019

>> No.21755046

bought 100k pnk at 17 cents, if anything it just gives me an opportunity to shitpost pink wojaks, not like that money was a substantial amount or my life savings, and im pretty confident it will do at least 3x from it's ath in the future. if it goes sub 10 im definitely tripling my stack

>> No.21755475

Based and Needfulpilled, you WILL make it friend

>> No.21755907

>not like that money was a substantial amount or my life savings,
I bought 25k pnk and it was like 80% of my life savings, but I'm still confident no matter how hard this could theorethically burn me I am at peace.

>> No.21755923

Sirs, I have question

>> No.21755924

Missed you too. But listen here...
*pulls you aside*
(Listen, its not always easy to be here. I have a demanding irl job and life unfortunately so I may go missing from time to time. Also there is some insider stuff I cant say without directly revealing who I am to some very influential people not yet involved, but interested in Kleros and its functionality so every now and then I dont involve myself in a statement because its tip of the iceberg kinda stuff and I really dont need to be found out. Thats all Ill say. Either way when I can I'll be here to hand out sentencings and meme while this is still below the $10 mark at least)

>> No.21755944

Damn I only have 12k, might try to get a second suicide stack ig

>> No.21755964

I'm not entirely sure what this means but it sounds bullish to me

>> No.21755969

checked sir
i shall no longer doubt many moons promise sir

>> No.21755975
File: 680 KB, 1512x2016, 1597858155156.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21755976

sirs i am wishing to refunding

>> No.21756024

Sir we are not stopping tuktuk now, you will have to catch the next tuktuk back once we arrive on moon.

>> No.21756034

Not a problem sir, I will send you an address to deposit your PNK tokens, and a full refund will be provided

>> No.21756093
File: 65 KB, 556x709, Annotation 2020-08-22 180510.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I dont involve myself in a statement because its tip of the iceberg kinda stuff and I really dont need to be found out
it's okay anon.
If it has anything to do with.... pic related
or something similar, we don't mind some hints to published articles every now and then, wink wink

>> No.21756100
File: 388 KB, 456x750, 1595365860427.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whats with all the newfriends in here? This is how the market works. Load up on dips then occasionally you'll be blown away by how much money you make in a couple days

>> No.21756115
File: 130 KB, 1440x1244, 1598045170551.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.21756158
File: 443 KB, 840x854, 1581063137399.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

S-Sirs! My rupees!
They are losing value!

>> No.21756166

I think most are just poor and scared anons from other boards. They saw link blow up , it explains the sudden influx from /pol/ /b/ /fit/ and other boards on /biz/. Noticed how much more /pol/ and /r9k/ tier threads are being made ?

>> No.21756185

>extremely bearish
>barely a few percent in the red

Are you new to crypto?

>> No.21756259
File: 66 KB, 862x485, 10445982-16x9-xlarge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21756273


>> No.21756319

Guys I bought my first PNK stack at 14cents thinking it was a bargain, wtf..

>> No.21756344

Having heard that @Bitcoincomgames you get rewards aside your profit for playing games are you are wondering if it's true thinking of where the source could be, the rewards come from your transaction fees meaning you still get everything you put into the system.

>> No.21756357

holy fucking kek.
top tier sir

>> No.21756633


>> No.21756676

It was a bargain, once this hits 20c, 50c, $1, you'll be ecstatic you got it for 14c

>> No.21756766

Stfu shill

>> No.21756873

please fud more, I got a dip to buy.

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