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jesus fucking christ this board is a clusterfuck. everyone is losing their minds, dead shitcoins resurrecting for no reason, massive dumps and moons everywhere. fucking ORDER! OOORRDDEEERRRR! you guys seriously need to take a breath and focus the fuck up. ALL OF THIS IS EXTREMELY FUCKING BULLISH. relax. we are fucking back. no, LINK is not going to zero, yes it is going back up, no the zombie coins will not make you rich. this next week is going to be the best thing since 2017. ORRDDEEERRRR

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sir, you must buy the PNK to use the kleros court

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What you buying on the dip?

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sirs kleros court general is that way

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i love you guys. really, i do.

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LINK of course, you?

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Yea I'm hyped about this dip. Everyone in this thread - fudders included - will make it

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What's your justification for that when unemployment is at its highest levels and we arent getting unemployment/stimulus from the senate until september?

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crypto is global retard, plenty of countries are doing perfectly fine.

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pure delusion, you need to take a cold shower op and go easy on the hopium, like for real. there's only 1 (ONE) thing for certain, & that's that there is much MUCH more pain ahead. expect the worse, prepare for it being worser

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europoor cope

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SAFEX is resurrecting
I can feel it

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It's a bull market anon. Buy Verasity.

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America is one of the poorest modern world countries returd

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i'm not telling you because our shills are fucking retarded and the fud is even dumber than they are

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America is the wealthiest country in the world. Legitimately. Not going to get into wealth disparity etc, bc that’s a real problem. But still, it’s the wealthiest nation that has ever existed.

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>you guys seriously need to take a breath and focus the fuck up
make me figgot

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>rent free
Do you know how Foreign Reserve currencies work? Go see how your county/region stacks up against America.

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I sold my linkies I'm sorry. All I could think of was 2018 when everyone got JUSTed

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But you didn't think of 2017 when the real alt market bullrun happened after BTC was full bull? This is the beginning of it. The ebb and flow effect if wealth going in and out of the king and the alts is where the magic happens. Better luck next time.

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Did someone say Order?

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safex is a scam

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Good lord the comments in here. Are any of u real or just bots shilling baka