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you guys are my only friends

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as your friend, I’ll tell you that this board and really 4chan in general is not a healthy place to spend the majority of your time

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i like you too anon, but you have to get out. nobody here, and i quite literally mean NOBODY wants to help you. they only want to get rich at your expense. it's in your best interests to leave, as much as it sucks. you are a goldfish in an ocean of sharks.

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w-where do I go?

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You are our friend as long as you dont fund Pajeet Scams

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cute rat

I mean it’s fine to hang out here a little but do other stuff too, maybe reach out to family or old school friends, take breaks from 4chan to exercise, learn to cook, do something creative. You don’t want to be browsing these forums 10 hours a day every day

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Fren. A small bit of advice. Don't take financial advice from anyone on /biz/

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>You don’t want to be browsing these forums 10 hours a day every day

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Love you too, anon <3.

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I've been here for 14 years. There's nowhere else I can be

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You can never leave. Imagine a bunch of 60 year olds in the future shitposting here still. That is if big brother doesn't china the internet by then

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Eh I should probably get out of here but I don't know where else to go. It's fun at least

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