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i talk about crypto with almost everyone i meet irl.
doesnt matter if they are a nocoiner or whatever, i still shill them.
but here lately, acquaintance lvl fags ive shilled in the past that you know, i really dont like as ppl have asked me about "how do i buy cryptos"
well, my new strategy to keeping these turbo assholes poor is by telling them, "dont buy crypto, quantum computing is just a couple years away and when it comes out, all these cryptographic algorythms that these coins use will be broken and they will become worthless overnight."
just stick with the bond market my fellow normie friend, crypto is way too risky and youll probably lose all your money.

t. $2.4MM in USD networth all in crypto

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you want a cookie or what

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poorfag get out

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what coins are you holding?

where do you think we are in the cycle?

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hi, i dont know anything about crypto, infact i started browsing 4chan 2 months ago and this is the first time i visit /biz/ can you please tell me how to make money so that i post pink wojacks when it goes south

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my biggest position now is nearly 100MM RSR
its one of the last guaranteed bets in the market this cycle.
its going to more than 1000x in just a few years

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how will it become the global reserve currency and why would that be desirable

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>2.4MM in USD networth all in crypto
prove it.

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fuck u IRS nigger.
my Saint Kitts citizenship is already purchased.
im just waiting on my passport in the mail.
again, FUCK YOU.

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larp. I don't believe you have the balls to keep 2.4m in the game.

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lmao newfag detected
i know oldfag biz posters i talk to regularly who have upwards of $10MM in the game

how fucking new are you?
just find /biz/ this week bc of the articles that got published about this place?

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>he's still larping

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>pajeet is still fucking seething


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>still larping

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Damn you had a convincing larp going until this.

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