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s-strong hands fellas

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Where is the big coinbase listing announcement for today? Two more weeks? Oh that's right. You lied. That is why it is dumping.
Good project + stupid shills = FAIL.

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Gentlemen, we are going to have to rectify this crash: financial decimation.

Count off to 10, number 10 step forward, then to the uniswap to sell off your RSR. Decimation continues until the crashing ceases.

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No need to rashly leave our fortunes to chance lads, as a true specimen of the Anglo race I will be the first to volunteer my stack for sale despite the crippling losses we have endured. May God be with you all.

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No no... it’s all going down. Sell your bags to me.

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oh no no no no no no

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Who is making all these colonial reserve memes? They’re brilliant.

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myself and a couple others. this is not mine. mine are the more black and white, high contrast memes

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>tfw posted the first colonial memes
The ones that someone made today are great, they just keep getting better

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fucking love the Rhodesia-themed rsr aesthetic. 500K holder here

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