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Is everyone here class consciousness?
We basically hate capitalism, wage cucking and the consumer culture

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>We basically hate
>wage cucking
>consumer culture
Wrong. /biz/ loves capitalism because it gives them a chance to be free from wage cucking if they make enough.

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But crypto isn't capitalism tho

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Try going to the local shopping mall on a sunday and not becoming class conscious.

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I like Karl Marxs critique of capitalism and I absolutely loathe consumerism, but marxists and communists should still be executed. A lot of left wing thought is absolutely correct and capitalism is lame, but fuck actual commies. Worker alienation and Income inequality are actually really serious issues

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Crypto is a free market

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We don't live in a Capitalist society. Government spending makes up 50% of GDP as we hand out welfare to parasites, both rich and poor.

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How you can put money into crypto and accept LTV at the same time?

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You have to go back stupid commie

God I wish the USSR hadn't collapsed so we could just send all the stupid communists to live in that hellhole.

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I think you've confused marx with woke centre-right libs desu

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huh? It's literally the definition of capitalism.

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US is going to deflate hard I want to make it with crypto before then and vacuum up firesale property in the country and live out of a trailer in a homestead before the hyperinflation hits.

We've never lived in a capitalist economy nor have had free markets for almost 50 years.

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I've always wondered about the kind of person we dump our bags on, to know it's a leftist makes it all the sweeter.

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I’ve been on this site for a long time. To long to be honest. I’ve read some of the most retarded posts. I myself have posted some retarded things. but let me tell you this by far is the most retarded post I have ever read. I honestly think you have a sub 80 iq.

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shut the fuck up and kill yourself you transfat piece of human trash

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Thats still capitalism retard
You're thinking of anarcho-capitalism which is just one form

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>guys it wasnt real capitalism

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>Class concious
Yes, but not in the idiotic sense commies spout
>hates capitalism
Fuck no, capitalism is one of the good forces in history which've always made nations a better place than the options
>wage cucking
For corporate giants, yes. Otherwise no.
>Consumer Culture
If we're talking the shallowness of signaling group bellonkgn through expensive clothing, electronics, and media, yes.

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I used to be a cringe bluepilled /pol/-tard against degeneracy and such

but now i don't give a fuck as long as i can somehow profit from it from stock market gains or whatever, it's every man for himself

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How do you fuck up the difference between the verb to be and the verb to have? Like, really?

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Font post your fetishes here, weirdo
Not an argument

>We've never lived in a capitalist economy nor have had free markets for almost 50 years.
We're literally living in a capitalist economy

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Capitalism is a marxist buzz word. Any society with basic property rights will inevitably fit the definition of "capitalist". It's a meaningless term.

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I hold bitcoin and I’m a communist

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Capitalism gives them a chance but most people would far prefer a system that doesn’t require chance and is worth being loyal to like a national socialist ethnostate that’s primary objective is the evolution of the race. In this case it’d feel excellent to contribute. Everyone would truly makes it because everyone would have a life that truly mattered and we’d all be family working togeather to achieve higher evolution. Even if you do make it you will still be spiritually sapped in this dysgenic Jew hell world. Still much preferable then being forced to work but not nearly as preferable to what our man Hitler wanted

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>We're literally living in a capitalist economy
It's corporate socialism, kek. The markets are propped up by govt spending, this market is not free at all. Didn't you notice the state was able to shut down small businesses on a whim?

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No. We live in a technocratic hellscape where algorithms tell us what to buy and how to think as rich Boomer fucks continue to charge the generational credit card to prop up their house and pension scams, as the government subsidies Niggers and Bankrupt Zombie Corps to rape the real middle class through wealth redistribution. Kill yourselves cuck-a-lucks, it gets worse from here.

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>I hate the ruling capitalist elite
>Therefore I'm going to execute anyone with 8 or more aces of land.

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While private individuals are allowed to on paper own the industry, the state is constantly intervening in the market, removing any meaningful influence of the private sphere to actually be in controll of the economy. It's just socialism with extra steps

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This. Corporate socialism. Aka Jewish socialism. We all subsidize the Jew. Even the minorities we subsidize end up subsidizing the Jew. Our money to shitskins, then back to Jew after they pay their government housing rent and consume Jewish owned corporate products. Everything about our modern society is about leeching our production value and consolidating all that value into the hands of the kikes. The rich are getting richer, the middle class is disappearing and the rich are kikes and middle class are whites. The white middle class is disappearing because the kikes are finding ways to more aggressively siphon our wealth.

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im racially conscious

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Strongly considering moving/finding work in Vietnam in the future. Seems like the people there have a vision for their future and its only getting better. Might be a good time to get in early and establish myself before it becomes another Singapore.

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pure /pol/shit
Perma ISP ban this faggot from /biz/

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It's funny that the left and right both hate the same enemy

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i also love tranny porn but they must be cute and look like girls

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That's why there's so much division built on absolute bullshit pushed by MSM. If we were all on the same page, they'd be fucked.

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Without capitalism there wouldn't even be wagecucking. You think wagecucking was a thing before the industrial revolution?

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>We're literally living in a capitalist economy

We live in a command economy. COMMAND ECONOMY. We don't produce anything and the government recycles petrodollars while people go broke just trying to live a basic bitch life. Nobody produces anything or has skills because all the systems that incentivize such have been sold out repeatedly to spur short term growth obligations. People at the top get free money for nothing other than if stonks dip boomers won't be able to retire grey haired on the beach on the backs of the young.

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>be USSR
>300 million population
>15 countries, 10 million square miles of boundless natural resources
>work 7 hours a day for 6 days a week or get forced into a work camp
>4% owned cars
>5% owned a color tv; 70% of them only had access to three channels, 30% only had one (LOL)

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>jobs didn't exist before the industrial revolution

Before the industrial revolution there was literally slavery, serfdom and indentured servitude you fucking retard lmao

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They've managed to island themselves from the active banking meltdown in the west so as we stagnate and destabilize they might actually get a bump in lifestyle purely by natural growth.

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>be white
>grow up in California
>get indoctrinated into woke culture
>go to college
>total pinko commie
>interact with other supposed pinkos
>they're all retarded
>realize that means I'm probably also being retarded
>read more
>get a part time job
>start to hate communists with a burning fury
>these niggers never cared about the worker in the first place
>drop out of college
>start looking into why my state is fucked up
>find out that everything I've ever been told about the world has been the exact opposite of reality
>get so pissed off my hair started to fall out
>find my way on to /pol/
>find the same exact pinko retards
>delete all social media and take a break from the internet for awhile
>develop a skill and get a real job after leaving the state
>start using the extra money to invest into the stock market and crypto
>sitting comfy for the first time in my life, and have the money to buy a house if I wanted to at 24
I do not hate capitalism. I hate communist scum like you. You are a cancer that deserves immediate chemo.

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fake quote

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Based on everything you said, you seem very low IQ and I have no idea how you got here.

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>muh marxist professor who'll be eating steak and lobster every night at my expense for several decades after my graduation said it so it must be true

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You mean like the farmers who were essencially enslaved under feudal lords in Europe? The people who ran away from their farms and escaped to the capitalistic cities where people could actually learn a trade and afford to eat meat

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you are a retard and should go the fuck back to /pol/
I demand to have every single poster ITT at least get a 2 day ban

me included

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Being poor as shit can act as an insulator against economic migrants, sure, but let's not pretend we don't know why things are the way they are.

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True. It was by William Pitt in testimony in front of Congress in 1911 when talking about the dangers of central banking. The men who made the wealth and built this nation knew a Federal Reserve would be it's undoing, but their faggot grandkids went and did it anyway.

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Libertarian free markets all the way bro. fuck the nat socialists and fuck the socialists. You need a military to protect the border and simple regulations to protect health safety and police to protect property rights, a fire department, natural rights to life and property and that's it.

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