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I like this guy better then spaghetti nerd.

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Based you have to have pretty high IQ to understand his genius

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t. looking for my absent father on the internet

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would you blow him?

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Based. Charlie will do great things

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t. looking for my absent son on the internet

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No .. I mean .. well

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Total Chad, hes gonna make me alot of shekels. We need more memes tho, never gonna get the normans on board otherwise. Start the meme drive boyz.

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no you don't... you have to be a midwit to get scammed by his academic larping.That's why it's a pretty good scam.

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>searching for...
>but all I got was this creepy tranny

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> why, yes, I would 100% blow my guru
the absolute state of cardacucks

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Okay ChicoCrypto you fucking stoner lowlife.


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He looks nothing like op's picture. Wow what a beta male

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he sure seems to be enjoying life. probably on your dime kek

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t. my psyche has been internally structured by the lack of a central father figure and that's why I'm getting scammed today

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don't they all?

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