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please keep RSR low! FEELING COMFY

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based Reserve-chad

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When ZZZ hits $5k I will finally be able to complete my 1M rsr bag.

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I'm laughing at people who buy this scam coin. RSR=R.I.P. Save your money for BTC's drop in a few month's time.

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I bought in last last august. I've made 1500% my initial lmao.

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Make it stack?

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Who bought that shit from you how did you cash out

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Also comfy.

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with an attitude like that, you won't make it! stay poor you retard

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250k to make it

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1M make it stack

I'm still holding

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10m RSR here - holding strong as well. We'll likely see a bit more pull back and some steady accumulation before the next big pump to $.05. Waiting patiently. This one's going to $1 EOY.

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ready to blow my entire student loans on this, we're all gonna make it brahs

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I look forward to the next few weeks when all the retards panic selling now fomo back in at the next top.

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I bought the top.

I'm unironically financially ruined.

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there will be a bounce at .02 - .018 dont miss out anons

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Same but if we hold it'll go back up and more.

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>grandpa is loose again

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hello neighbor.. holding strong buying moar

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Unironically, how is this not a scam? Like wtf is the purpose of this shit?

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you've had over a year to figure it out anon. are you really this retarded?

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I bought pnk instead. See you in three years bitches

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RSR is used to balance the stablecoin RSV. It's designed to help people in countries whose currencies are being debased e.g. venezuela and unironically the US at this point.

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is rsr done bois? It doesn't stop dumping

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Never will scammers left price will drop.

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rsr holders get to exchange rsr for excess rsv that's stored in the smart contract via the appreciating asset value from assets that back rsv and rsv fees from app users that need a way to on-ramp and send or receive remittances.

imagine that those paypal fees you pay instead are put into a pool and traded out to stock holders like dividends but as they take money their stocks are burned and there are less shares to go around over time each share would be worth way more and the lower the price of each rsr at the time of the arbitrage the more rsr is needed to get $1 worth of rsv.

obviously this isn't happening right now because mainnet isn't launched but this is why it wont matter how many rsr are in circulation because there will be billions of tokens burned per year once coinbase gets on board.

rsr and rsv will eventually find an equilibrium in a decentralized way. this equilibrium will take rsr to more than $1 because of all the different market forces at play and the lack of sell pressure created by the demand to arbitrage as well as just hoard tokens by whales.

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that doesn't make sense, as a holder why would you want it to stay low? Why does that make you comfy?

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It's fucking over bros. I knew it was a dream.

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fucking based

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there's a strategic reason you want rsr to stay low. as a holder the lower the price by mainnet the more rsr will be burned the first year. if you don't care about trading right away and plan to hold for several years the lower the price of rsr by mainnet the more rsr are burned that first year or two and that means there will be even less sell pressure and therefore the price will skyrocket and once it goes up it wont ever come back down again.

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also more time to accumulate

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All I really want is to smell his asshole...

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support about to be broken

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Got some fresh shit for ya

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Dump seems artificial

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that's bottom support, the top support is at .018 anon, like i said. between .02 and .018 is a good area to buy if you've been waiting for a dip. you could take a chance and wait and see if it goes lower too. .014 would be a gift if you know this is going to at least .05 - .10 soon.

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I'm not saying "cap this" but I honestly believe RSV will pay part of the middle and lower classes as the USD becomes more and more debased. Stocks and crypto will take the fuck off due to inflation and money flooding markets. The vast majority of people are not in any markets, I believe only 10-20% are in the stock market.

So normal people are going to freak, like Venezuelans, and just sit there and get fucking destroyed. RSV might actually save them.

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there was also a strong wick here so it might not go lower. don't take my word on it just have some money ready on the sidelines. since the whole market is in the middle of a correction this could also be short lived if btc decides to scam pump again.

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shits going to zero

so this is the power of 5000 downlaods

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>Bought the top
We're not even close to the top. Be patient. This was always a long term hold.

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Very nice

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smart money would just buy more anon. ive been buying since .0015

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>t. newfag that bought over 0.001

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.003 was "the top" once

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These fucking rock.
t. dude who did most of the most recent memes.

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There isn't support until 1.5

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Love this one

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I don't care, i bought 300 USD at 1c.

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nice! that means time to buy more

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You bought something that costs $1 for 0.026 and you complain nigger?

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Might send some btc to huobi in aide of our quest to reclaim Rhodesia

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Sell your bags to us and we will pump again

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Do people really believe this, it's pretty easy to see it's never getting to 1.

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See you at $3.00 in 2023

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You actually think only 10-20% of people are in the markets? How young are you anon?

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Xrp had a 150 billion market cap at the peak of the 2017 bullrun. Probably 1 trillion on the next one. This project has large supply like Xrp with better fundamentals and investors and only 100m market cap right now. Let that sink in. Easy 100x

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$1 is a meme, RSR will cost $50c in the most bullish scenario. This will be enought to a neet like me.

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They can burn RSR in the slow wallet to manipulate the price of the RSV, but this will happen only in the 2nd part of the project. I think, at last 40% of the Supply will be burned between 2021~2024.

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10% of the US population own 80-90% of all stocks. 50% of the population own no stocks whatsoever. The other half, most people barely have anything in them. So when I say 10-20% of people own stock, 10% own 80-90% and the other 10ish percent are retail, randos, gamblers, and newfags.

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if buttcorn takes a dump we'll see .14. it lines up with a deep moving average (200ema), but confluence with last major support.

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buying at 1 cent

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shut the fuck you faggot. make it is 1m

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bagholder bingo

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The only thing that excites me more than RSR pumps, are RSR dips. I'm greedy and preparing for lives beyond my own.

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Hey bros, what's the best place to buy/sell RSR?

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I want to but more but I have no cash goddamit

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lmao at sub 2 cents per coin this is literally free RSR.
you'd have to be extremely stupid to not buy this dip.

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1M make it stack newfag

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Make it has always been 1M you dirty stinking pajeet. You had one year.

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unironically kill yourself

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I don't see it on Uniswap

>> No.21720503

You need to add the token contract

>> No.21720511

paste the contract address

>> No.21720627

Follow what the other anons are saying - copy paste the erc-20 address. RSR should pop up, make sure the address is correct and all that shit and convert the eth. Gas is expensive as fucking fuck so you have to knock down the amount of ether to account for gas expense

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Don't worry, it will go lower and lower everyday lmao

>> No.21720816

Go to coingecko and follow the uniswap links from the RSR markets tabs

>> No.21720832

Thanks bros I got it added

>> No.21720870

Buying back at 20 sats

>> No.21720939

long term hold of at least a year. if you're looking for quick gains on some shitcoin, this ain't it bucko

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Welcome to the reserve

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>you'd have to be extremely stupid to not buy this dip.

why? how are you so sure this coin has a purpose and use cases?

for example omg has a use case and iota too.

>> No.21721138

They also have Thiel Altman and Coinbase invested?

>> No.21721184

>r*ddit spacing
>poor, tired fud
like pottery.

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right on. RSR is a great hold. im waiting on the listings for major exchanges https://twitter.com/reserveprotocol/status/1294435025597816832

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just sold my 80k cause i needed the money


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quality of memes is literally how I determine what to invest in. link's memes were good, so I stacked. RSR's memes are also good, so I stacked. So far, it has not let me down.

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same here
t. either 85 iq or 130iq

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So what?.. They want to bring money for third worlders for easier transactions.. What kind of use is that?...

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ive already made tons of profits that's the funny part. im only holding my moonbags now, everything is profit even if it goes back down to .001 but of course i put those profits in other projects too that have also gained value and will lose less value in times like these. also got a few thousand in stablecoins waiting for a massive dip so i can 3-4x my rsr bag again. but i just doubt that rsr will go below .01 again, there's too much news coming and coinbase is coming sooner than you niggers think so just be ready for another 5-10x before mainnet. we'll see at least 10 cents with coinbase listing and 5 cents without.

long term rsr will 1,000x and go beyond

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I'ts the Amero

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If you live in America with all the money the fed is printing, you're about to find out.

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there's billions of dollars going between the first world and the third world anon, look it up, it's over 450b per year. that's just in remittances. then there's the people that have to deal with the shit currencies in those areas that also don't have access to western bank accounts but have paypal accounts that they can use to buy rsv directly. once rsv goes on coinbase those people can buy crypto directly and cut out all the middlemen so they're going to be willing to pay small transaction fees to do so and both coinbase and rsr holders will benefit from this.

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I know there's lots of money in the third world in general... But coins who are partnering with financial services, toyota and sony seem more legitimate than some services for brown people in third world.

I hold RSR and will probably buy more. But Im still doubting.

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It's true, I was talking to a smaller exchange about a job earlier this year and the main market they were targeting was remittances. There are massive profits to be had if someone can get their company positioned well in that niche, and that doesn't even include the other markets they'll probably target eventually.

Don't forget, RSR really started pumping after Libra died. Imagine if they can push into Tether's market.

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>But coins who are partnering with financial services, toyota and sony seem more legitimate
false.. coins that are redefining financial services are more legitimate.

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another day another 30% dump for rsrlets

>> No.21722342

are you referring to DMG? thats like buying a single brick because you want to build a house. RSR the real complete shit.

>> No.21722352

Mmmm go buy some now

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DMG is a used car shitcoin. you aren't even worthy of this thread. if it's such a shitcoin go threadjack somewhere else but pic related makes you look like a fucking retard.

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I'm all in SKM now. Sold RSR, it's gonna dump sub 1c

>> No.21722483

PNK memes are out of this world lol, GET IN THAT TOO MY FRIEND

>> No.21722492

read carefully you troglodyte. i said is the REAL COMPLETE SHIT, as in it's not support by liens on nigger car notes. it's a diversified pool of assets.

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RSR is the crypto-cross I'm willing to die on. $1 eoy

>> No.21722598

Skam Network, sounds like my type of coin

>> No.21722609

It's expensive to buy dollars directly with fees and taxes. Paypal literally stoles people's money for international transactions. Tether is a scam, without any transparency about their ballast and centralized. Ripple is something I don't even know why still exists, I pity normies who invest in xrp. Rsr seems to cover all those areas. I'm not worried with rsr. I'm only worried with eth delays being an anchor to real world adoption.

>> No.21722627

i trust thiel and altman more than i trust myself. i strongly believe rsr will break $1 because of all the volume rsv will get once it's fully implemented between remittances and this crypto bull run. at first people will doubt it based on unlocked tokens and total supply, this has been happening since day 1. the supply fud has never gone away because people can't do math. they think that the total supply will be released after mainnet and that this will cause a big crash, they don't see the big picture. as long as rsr stays under $1 there will be more rsr burned than the excess rsv and this will actually push rsr above $1 as the burn rate creates buy pressure through scarcity. there will also be a supply shock that will increase the price exponentially at some point in the future as more and more rsr gets "locked" for arbitrage.

if rsv can capture 5-10b of remittance and another 5-10b from crypto and rsr is trading under $1 that's just going to burn through the supply which will force the price of rsr to go up in order to burn less rsr per arbitrage interaction. whales will be making out like bandits without ever having to sell a single rsr on the market.

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I would buy if I wasn't a newfag and could actually figure out how to use something other than coinbase

>> No.21722734

we're all going to make it, unles biden slips and falls on the launch button

>> No.21722752

You can do it, just transfer to a wallet and use uniswap if you live in amurruca

>> No.21722838

>implying I'm not already in PNK too

>> No.21722848

just as long as you're not buying or selling too much at once uniswap is great.

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>> No.21722915

$1 is FUD. $10 EOY 2021

>> No.21722941

Wouldn't be much more need for a new currency than that lad. Bullish.

>> No.21722953

>Official ETH 2.0 validator
>Your loss anon https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/skrumble-network-becomes-official-ethereum-2-0-network-validator-and-sets-path-for-the-next-frontier-1029235052

>> No.21722967

biden's not getting anywhere near a launch button my guy, so I wouldn't worry

>> No.21722993

Needful is done here. May Ganesh masturbate you as you sleep sir.

>> No.21723054

I wasn't joking as soon as you mentioned it, I started buying, I'll bring your bags up anon.

>> No.21723075

>i trust thiel

Why? Because name? He 'invests' in some right wing civnat retards also. The guy throws money at everything now that he got rich from paypal. Not everything some big guy throws money at is guaranteed 100% successful and good..

>> No.21723094

Ivan doing a video on it this week, you heard it here first.
>stay poor

>> No.21723141

1m make it bag

>> No.21723378

>1.5 billion tokens

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ALL in circulation! No one to dump on you

>> No.21723611

Time traveler here. I'm coming from 2024, and the entire crypto community has gone totally parabolic, reshaping the worlds finance and has entered into a golden age of wealth. Everything made it, except RSR. RSR fizzled out in 2021, and hit 0. All the devs abandoned the team. Get out now.

>> No.21723710

does bill gates fix corona?

>> No.21723738

thanks just sold my stack

>> No.21723753

wrong timeline retard. but you will end up poor in all of them.

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>> No.21723990

when you’re a billionaire your name carries some weight and it has value as a brand. before trump ran for office people would pay him millions just to use his name on a building because it carries weight and brought them more business. the name is a brand that normies associate with success and luxury and so on. if you don’t think a name matters in crypto then you’re never gonna make it. also, if you think Thiel would just let any shitcoin use his name and likeness on their website for promotional purposes without making sure the product was worthwhile then you’re a bigger fool than I thought. the same goes for all the PayPal guys that are deep in RSR

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10m stack

Is this you?

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OG RSR chad here, take a trip down memory lane with me bros

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Does anyone know Biden wrote the patriot act in 1996 and Trump was bailed by a Rothschild?

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File: 57 KB, 1304x320, FUDpt2 BTFO.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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i haven't heard that.. but i know from personal experience hillary clinton is a man with a very smelly butthole


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Poorfag here. I bough my 27k stack at 1c, i will hold until 10c, because 10x is enough to be a winner and 2700 USD is enough to hire some profissional hookers.

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