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Not only is the price rising, I'm getting interest for staking too.

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hashtag me too

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it literally stands for

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>no Linux wallet

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Anyone want to send me 2 ftm? I'm retarded and can't unlock my staking rewards lmao

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send the addy fren

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actually prefer the web wallet, no need to install anything

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Thinking about it. Got 100k sitting there
What risks are there

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Staking 150k!
Comfiest hold right now.

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Staking several million spread equally over some of the more reputable validators.
Comfy as fuck.

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>If you are delegating, you need to ensure the validator node you are delegate to is trustworthly. Although a validator cannot steal your staked tokens, if the validator is found to be a cheater, your stake is also at risk.
Don't choose a dodgy one and you'll be right.

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what's a non dodgy one?

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Hell yeah OP. Planning on holding for a long time anyway so might as well pickup some free extra fanties on the way. Never selling

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whats the adress fren

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