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>smartcon #0, virtual conference
>All the biggest players in crypto are there
>hosted by Chainlink
>Tons of other crypto teams represented
>almost Gilles turn to speak
>"Alright thank you, that was Paul from Deloitte! Very interesting content. And our Next speaker we will be bringing on is Gilles from iExec..."
>The video conference tries to switch to Gilles
>its a black screen
>"Well it looks like we are having some technical difficulties here, bare in mind Gilles is joining us all the way from Jakarta... Just hang on one seco--"
>video suddenly flips from black screen to live
>its Gilles driving in his beamer
>"DUDE LOOKS LIKE A LADY" by Aerosmith is blaring on his stereo
>you can see the back seat behind him has 3 attractive "females" rubbing their tits suggestively
>Gilles is clearly wasted while behind the wheel, his face is red, ciggerette dangling out of his mouth
>yells in french accent
>Gets cut off by host of event, screen goes back to black
>Host moves on with conference as if nothing happened
>RLC price begins mooning because /biz/ retards somehow think this is "bullish"
>iExec blacklisted from all events
>RLC delisted from every single exchange the following week
>Price barts down to near zero
>/biz/ loaded with PINK wojacks for the next month

Consider this your warning.

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>RLC price begins mooning because /biz/ retards somehow think this is "bullish"
That would be extremely based and supremely redpilled though

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thats some quality OC right there

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Nsmdo. This would be so fucking based if Gilles actually did that. Holy shit. Fuck their gay conference.

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The RNDR network makes iExec useless. The only way to succeed in the decentralized computing space is to have projects that dont already encroach upon centralized solutions. iExec is just trying to become a more costly and painful version of AWS and Google Cloud services. RNDR on the other hand has identified the problem of there not being enough GPU power on public clouds and has found a proper niche where it will continue to grow.

Here is OTOY CEO/RNDR founder addressing the lack of GPU rendering on public clouds at an AWS conference and how RNDR can solve the problem:


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there he is! right on cue! the RENDR shill!
bags heavy, palms are sweaty

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Just sell and buy a non shitcoin. Stop being so emotionally attached to your bags. So what, you lost a bit of cash. It sucks to lose 20 percent on an investment but it will hurt way worse when RLC moons and you are stuck with a shit coin.

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Pretty sure it's a spambot dude

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Trust me when I tell you this shit will moon hard

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Nice copy paste, cope more that you don't have this gem and trying to sell your crap

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>RLC price begins mooning because /biz/ retards somehow think this is "bullish"
You can bet your tranny ass on that

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Checked and moonbased

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You know its a shitcoin when you need to spam this POS in every RLC thread

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Arms weak, his bags are heavy.

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Trannie partee deluxe v5

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Token not needed

Grid computing already exists, but it’s shit so nobody pays for it


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Checked and saved. Nice image.

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>itt rlc holders FUD their own token like retards

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the state of this shitcoin and its holders are disturbing