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This is not a drill, NINE new geysers announced, get back in NOW

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Awww shit. Jumping in now.

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whats a gyser?

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Just buy and pool faggot.

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Gonna be a serious pump after the negative rebase.
Don't talk just buy and thank me when the MC hits 1 billion

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this shit is bleeding every fucking day, infested with people desperate to gtfo, any miserable pump will get absolutely decimated

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That isn't how it works. If it starts pumping hard, people will stay in and ride the pump until they think it is going to dump. I have said that same shit about my own investments and then when it finally starts pumping, I don't want to get out and miss out on profits

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Not to say that this will be the pump that puts it back on track, but it very well might

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If you said that last week I'd agree but the last 3 days of negative rebase have bought it back into equilibrium. The Market Cap has stayed level, but this news is just gonna kickstart the next expansion cycle. Would be foolish to sell when we are most likely going to shoot past 850 million Market Cap

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that says nothing new

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literally nothing will happen. come back to this post in 1 hour, you will see we are back to .61c

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this, also, its even worse, because people will just gtfo of uniswapp eth pool and move to moon, decreasing ampl-eth pool rewards, lmfao

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Decreased liquidity should make it easier to pump

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effortless fud

if people move from uniswap to mooniswap, uniswap pool rewards will increase

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>all these giant green candles today
we're back

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fuck nvm

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yeah. go to sleep. im feeling sleepy too.

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Still plenty of green dildos, and word hasn't even spread yet

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there just happened to be a big red one as soon as i posted about it lol

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Less liquidity means more rewards for the remainder brainlet

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It got eaten up then because it is a sea of green on the chart

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tried to fud to get more cheap bags, didn't work

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aren't you sleepy tho dub sibling?

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I get it.
I completely get the psychology of this project. For it to be universally accepted and to solve the liquidity problem in crypto as they say; they have to dump hard on everyone first.
Nine staking pools. Who does that benefit? That's just more liquidity for AMPL whales/team members to dump their AMPL for valuable tokens of pretty good projects - $COMP, LINK, MKR.
You pool, you get worthless AMPL while the team scoops up your somewhat worthy tokens. Once they create an AMPL bagholder they're locked into the AMPL system.
With their e-fi post you just have to trust that the team has something more in the future... I think they're good at scams, they made AMPL which several other projects have copied and pasted and I think they will innovate more scammy e-fi thingsi n the future.

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true. i'm p sure we have like a month of crabbing to go before this shit takes off again. that's my most optimistic take atm.

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Opinion discarded

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fucking kek. they literally ripped off yam and called it mooniswap. you can’t make this shit up. holy scam.

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Shitcoin buy FLOW

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why would I buy AMPL when there's RSR? RSR is the stablecoin solution

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I have both. AMPL is riskier but might have huge gains in the short term

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Vitalik has tweeted about moniswap before so AMPL is being intelligent in using them.

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how is ampl riskier when rsr doesn't even have their stablecoin launched and their devs have said they don't even know if its going to work lol

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Well, look at the AMPL chart, and then compare it to RSR chart.

AMPL is a gamble because if it doesn't get to a several billion dollar MC, it serves no real purpose.

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No thanks retard

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Isn't it suspicious they release this information days before the monthly ecosystem dump?

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The death spiral is real and I didn’t heed the omens. You’re going to need to ensure a lot more confidence than


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I don't know guys.. this actually might be the trend reversal now.....AMPL release some really good stuff just now with the new geysers and upcoming elastic AMM.....the fomo may begin now

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do you see what i see

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I think thats going to be their m.o. going forward. Try to get some pump on which to dump.

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We all know another FOMO round is in store. That’s not the question, the question is where’s the bottom. I thought 100 mil MC was it but it’s held here longer than I thought it would and now with the geysers.... I’m back in. Let’s go

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that a boy. I'm all in.

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Why the fuck do you need 9 geysers?

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Why does your mom need three dicks? It just feels right

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>buying the rsr chart
only 1/20th of its supply is out in the wild. i bought some like 2 years ago or some shit but i do not have high hopes desu. ampl is useful if it actually manages to be uncorrelated at any MC, and thus people will trade into and out of it. if ppl trade into and out of it from eth/renbtc/whatever there becomes a reason provide liquidity pairs and scrape fees. imo this all feeds back into itself nicely.

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Yeah, I'm thinking we're gonna make it.

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For the record, I do believe AMPL will do really good, but it is still more of a gamble than RSR, so I am split between the two so I hedge my bets

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can somebody tell me what to do with this shitcoin please can i change it into comp or something

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Yeah, I'm also seriously not getting how geysers and shit works and now it's even more complicated...

Help a few brainlets out, anons?

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you guys do realize that they are selling those to fund these type of programs for the coming 10 FUCKING YEARS!!, right? right!


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unironically this, night in EU and US

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>development is a bad thing

the actual state of biz

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I just scanned those geysers. They all have trojan horses and keyloggers.

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You were saying?

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what sucks is the YAM pump was bigger than this one

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Am I gonna get my gainz back?

pls gimme gainz back

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Thank God I had enough brains not to invest in a coin named after a fucking tuber (but I was about to).

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you dodged a bullet anon
people lost tens of thousands of dollars on those fucking tubers
i can't say too much though because i'm down multiple thousands of dollars on ampl and i fucking refuse to sell

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I get it. It's a long haul project. Nine geysers will provide some buy pressure for those wanting to get the geyser rewards but at the same time that means more liquidity to dump into.
Real demand begins when they build out other features.

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if you don't get too greedy and sell to cover your principal (I keep telling myself this)

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I don't have 100% faith in Ampl but now is the time to hold if you held up until now. I hope you recover everything and then make a nice profit. Don't let FOMO fuck your investments. It's a capital sin.

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AMPLbros are for life. We are in this together, fren

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Can't wait for coinbase listing and first neg rebase. Normies will light up the contact us and take to reddit to threaten lawsuits. These geysers will help mask the loss of constant bleeding and insider dumping, but there will never again be any confidence in the team.

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yeah FOMO got me into this and it's been reking me, but goddamnit i'm holding on
godspeed, here's hoping the next run will be over 1 billion
i plan to hold until it reaches the point where it's so goddamn massive it actually does become a stablecoin

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So how do I use this calculator?
If I put in 500 Ample and 27 Link, does that mean I'm going to get 690 Ample a month?

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>Q: Do rebases still impact the Uniswap AMPL and Geyser pool AMPL?
>Yes. AMPL supply changes are universal and affect all users proportially and equally, whether they are an end-user (EOA) wallet or a contract wallet.

>This means the geyser locked pool, geyser unlocked pool, and Uniswap's AMPL pool can increase or decrease in size each rebase period. Your UNI-V2 LP tokens remain static in balance, but can be converted into the correct amount of AMPL when they are redeemed, similar to Compound CTokens.

how does that work? what happens if the pool experience -50% rebase, how does everyone cash out their LP tokens then?

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Can you faggots stop posting about ampleforth til its at like $0.90? Its starting to piss me off.

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of course not. the figure you put in is based on uniswap tokens which usually are small fractions unless you’re a giant whale

>> No.21697710

UFCK they got me to buy back in after i just sold!! now i gotta pay these ridiculous gas feees reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

>> No.21697820

>how does that work?
the rebase literally does nothing in this regard. youa re always holding the same % of total supply.

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>checking whale wallets
>unironically has a 2k AMPL stack with 1million in Tether/USD coin
What does he mean by that?

>check again
>he bought 15 minutes ago

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So what would the figure be?

>> No.21697936

>stop posting about ampleforth til its at like $0.90
But why?

>> No.21697944

goddamn a quarter million ampl

>> No.21697976

literally not what i asked

if the pool can shrink while you are holding a static value of X-AMPL LP tokens how is it possible to redeem all AMPL for existing LP tokens

>> No.21697993

2k ampl?

how does .01 rupee sound

>> No.21698046

He had 2k this morning. He literally bought 150k more as I was posting and may still be buying now. He has over 1million dollars

>> No.21698058

imagine being a millionaire and buying ampl of all things

>> No.21698113

I watched a different whale go from 1mil to 600k from negative rebases lmao. Idk bro

>> No.21698260

There's only one reason someone would do that, anons...
They clearly know something we don't.

>> No.21698265

and i thought losing a few hundred ampl felt bad

>> No.21698305

I've gone from 800k to 400k and am now back to 800k.

>> No.21698340

Because you buy at a dollar and sell at a dollar, you mong. Its currently going through negative rebases and won't stop for like another two weeks

>> No.21698438

>and won't stop for like another two weeks
Unless people buy and it goes over a dollar, and then there will be positive rebases. Why would anyone want to buy at a dollar and sell at a dollar unless there are positive rebases in between?

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Oh, anon, I think you're at the wrong place.
This is the shit all over yourself board, not the make sense board.

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idk anon sometimes people fuck up and make mistakes, no matter how much money they have

>> No.21698549

Damnit. Ok, let me change into my shittin' pants

>> No.21698556

I'll make 5 extra threads a day just for you... entitled little bitch

>> No.21698583

pls do i need other ampl anons to cope with

>> No.21698649

it's not looking too bad today barted up to 86 cents. maybe positive rebases possible soon. still lots of bagholders in this thread so might bleed out longer

>> No.21698680

I bought at 58 and sold at 80. I, ot holding this coin anymore and watching money magically disappear from my wallet. This coin punishes holders. Fuck that

>> No.21698760

It literally doesn't you dipshit. If the marketcap goes higher you receive the exact percentage of coins the marketcap increased. Same is true for losses. You have MORE of an opportunity for gains than simply price like if you were holding some shitcoin.

>> No.21698802

You've sold? Like, you've sold already?

Oh dear god anon what have you done?

>> No.21698811

>>21698260 >https://etherscan.io/token/0xd46ba6d942050d489dbd938a2c909a5d5039a161?a=0x7b32ec1a1768cff4a2ef7b34bc1783ee1f8965f9 Well... this guy was down probably 80-90% on his initial 200k. As of now those 200k are worth 50x. I know people spew this all the time, but marketcap really is the only thing that matters. Price automatically adjusts after every rebase. If you buy now and this hits 1b mc, you'll make 5x

>> No.21698826

Well all I know is I held this dogshit for over a week , and I bought at 58 cents. A week later when it was sitting at 60 cents, I was down 800 dollars. That’s facts

>> No.21698834

I'm an EU fag and it's only 0620 here. Alot of people haven't woken up yet... This shit is just the start.

>> No.21698863

god i need a 5x to fucking break even at this point

>> No.21698880

way more than that. a 1B mc injection means the buys will raise the price over $1 and positive rebases will occur in attempts to bring the price back down to 1. if you get out at the right time (above $1) you will make more.

>> No.21698914

Lmfao, well someone needs to give liquidity at the very top i guess. Stop chasing pumps, especially when they have 100x...

>> No.21698965

It’s pumping and I still don’t understand why

>> No.21698967

but your % of market cap stayed the same. telegram AMPL outcome bot does the calculation for you. This coin is forgiving to hodlers, especially if you hodl during negative rebases. You can of course maximize gains through prophetic vision of when to buy and sell.

>> No.21698973

i bought in for the long haul, waiting for this to reach the point where the marketcap is so big that it finally does become a stablecoin, and that's when i'll sell
i just had shit timing, it seems

>> No.21698991

Guys stop posting about ampl

>> No.21698998

Wrong. If price is above $1 and marketcap is 1b. It means you have less coins than you would have if we were at no rebase territory. It's still only a 5x

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Wow thats kind of like the people that put in 5 grand in the first week of July and made over $400,000 but instead you sold cos you didnt understand the protocol accelerates boom bust cycles so now you have to pay more for the privilege of getting in as we are now pumping and thats just facts.

>> No.21699040

Because market cap has been falling. Stop buying into shit you have zero knowledge about

>> No.21699069

You get the value from the pool, not number of AMPL but number of pool tokens if you pool on uniswap

>> No.21699152

I just thought... Where the fuck is toothanon? He needs to be a part of this.

>> No.21699219

yeah we need toothanon

>> No.21699230

he cashed out in the red a couple weeks ago afaik

>> No.21699231

did he ever say how much AMPL he had?

>> No.21699310

That poor, poor bastard.

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>negative rebase
>my AMPL is selling itself to the burn address for 0 dollars and 0 cents

>> No.21699333

holy shit the APY for some of these new geysers is like 200%+

>> No.21699390


That's how the OG Gyser was like a month ago.

It always said I was gonna be making like 20AMPL/month at least and now over a month later I've barely hit 11 AMPL.

>> No.21699422


Can you feel it boys?

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kucoin is at 0.94

>> No.21699566

Bump. Think the MC has risen 50 million since I made this thread. It's only 200 million now so plenty of time to get in and make a x4-5 at least

>> No.21699568

inb4 we get cucked out of more positive rebases

>> No.21699595

i think we're going back into positive rebase territory

>> No.21699670

god bless i hope so
also if a get: link 1000 eoy

>> No.21700286

are you dense? 1B of MC doesn't happen in a second. it needs to flow into the system. that transition period will drive the price up above $1 and coincidentally drive the price back down. you cannot inject 1B of MC and have the price rise from <$1 to =$1. it will overshoot it. in that transition period is where the fast traders make their money

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god damn that's a lot of words without actually saying anything. are you a salesman by chance?

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Every time AMPL pumps 10 cents, an AMPL clone is born

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