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Got any questions? Here's the place to ask.
Got any TA you're proud of? Here's the place to post
Got any dank maymays? Fire them up


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>300 sats is our current support
>Fueling up for another ride to 350-400 range.

If you're expecting a correction, don't. This is moving nice and organically.

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Incredibly bullish

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>Like 7 threads
Nice work.

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>Got any questions?
Target sir?

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Idk, I think fantom is just being PnD again like any other shitcoin. I’m hoping it’s not tho

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It's definitely not a pump and dump. Fantom has been consistently shilled on biz for more than a year.

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350-400 in the next 12 hrs.

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should i dump my nkn stack for more fantonites?

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What if they decided to shill some more all of a sudden?

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Here's my response to your "thinking" it's a PnD.

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Just fucking bought!

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chart to /
its that simple

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Want... Hold :) so comfy

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Fantom might very well hit $10 on the upcoming bull run.
Cardano was valued at over $30 billion during the last bull run, which was higher than a FTM at $10 would be.
And given that the next bull run will push the whole crypto market into the multiple trillions some altcoins will have these crazy returns.
FTM has so much going on, it really deserves to be in the top 20. Multiple main nets, first smart contract platform on a DAG, leaderless dPoS.
Anons, get your stack before Reddit finds out about FTM.

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what color lambo you guys thinking?

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Its a good idea to sell NKN for literally any other asset.
FTM is awesome and its really under the radar right now.

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what will LINK hit if FTM hits $10?

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10k Fanlet here

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i'll buy when it dumps, so in like 2-3 days.

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you'll get yourself a nice 2019 Camry

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imagine selling a money maker for a car

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Have fun missing the boat, anon

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>Have fun missing the boat,
i already did, that's the point retard. you should start taking profits.

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see you at $1

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We're not even priced in yet dude. Don't regret this.

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Imagine being this retarded

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It's insane how gradually this shit has been rising. I legit feel sorry for anyone who said "I'll buy the dip". back at $.02

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We’ve been green the entire week, definitely wild

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should i stake my entire stack?

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it was quite a surprise, I expected to see a dip

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whats next?

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look big picture

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TA is a joke in crypto, Link should have never reached $5, yet it went to $20

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it's a 70m mcap DAG, aBFT consensus smart contract platform with a soon to be released defi suite
currently 35m still floating in binance, that's almost 1% of total fantom in circulation...

buy it dude, we are waaaaaaay early

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Look how close to release FF is.
Fantom is the new link

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i have never seen a scenario like this, have you anon?

i mean, is it really 1%? will this shit explode like raiblocks being scarce on a shitty exchange?

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Does this mean we're going to be rich???

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>Link should have never reached $5
are you retarded

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Hope everyone had a great day, looks like we're still pumping!

>Up 24% on the day
>Next stop 350-400 SATs

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Wtf was that?!