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Image selling link before staking goes live.

Once staking goes live Link will become the number 1 staked coin overnight, easily eclipsing Tezos.

And unlink pothead run stable coins like Tezos and Ark. Chainlink has a cap. 1 billion coins maximum.

That means there are a finite amount of payouts possible. This, alone, by default will rapidly increase the price of chainlink, not even adding in the fomo panic buy knee jerk reaction that it will trigger.

In comparison Tezos and Ark and soon even eth staking will have an unlimited supply of tokens and will never stop printing. This means the big dick whales at the top, will dump their payouts on the market, daily, with no concern because they are only selling their payouts and nothing from their stacks so they are losing nothing. This is why tezos and ark and soon even eth will be stable coins.

With the max cap of 1 billion coins, chainlink staking will be far superior and result in Massive Girthy Gains, the likes of which have never been seen before.

Imagine selling chainlink, before staking goes live.

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They haven’t even started to elaborate a plan for staking though

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He is saying it is going to be an evolving thing with smart contract creators figuring out the best type of contracts to make you absolute fucking nigger brain.