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Why don't we see many Algorand shills?

Oh that's right, because there's no need for shilling. People already know it's going to be at the top, no need to state the obvious.

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We actually see a lot because idiots dumped a bunch of money in it and then realized they will never get it back so they shill it here hoping someone will buy their bags

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>"idiots dumped a bunch of money in it"
>People making money are idiots.

Never change /biz/.

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They’ll wait till it’s $20 to buy, just like Link

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Based and checked

Just bought 100k

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How could that be when Im 70% up?

Could be that you are a cuck who sell at the first negative % you see?

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Because it's like $nkn $agi $ocean (protocol), it's a steady grow. Not a mooning

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the algorithm is indeed working

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>l’algoritmo funziona

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Basato algoritmo!

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Give it to me straight anon... What's my entry point come September? Was aiming for 30 cents range, but I'm really starting to doubt it goes below 40 now.

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12.5k here, buying every dip.

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Just be glad it’s under a dollar and only 500m market cap. At 50B it’ll be Ethereum’s current level or 100x

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Algorandripple check’em, nigger

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Just dipped to .50 36 hours ago, but that dip got devoured and it surged to 60. Been chillin .58 to .65 since.

It might get down to .50 again, maybe even a little lower Septmber 1. But I gotta think anything under .50 will get bought up quick.

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Can anybody red pill me on this coin?

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Cats out of the bag now... Damn...

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literally who? fuck off with this twitter crypto faggot.

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Near quarter of a million followers anon...

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Yikes.. just buy flow

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imagine thinking that rand horse is still relevant in 2020. kys anon

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This is a dead shitcoin. No way it gets projects to move from ETH.

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>what is IDEX
based retard fudder

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IDEX is also a dead project. Keep them coming, bag holder.

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ALGO is a virus and its taken over your brain. you can't stop seething and wandering into these threads.

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Simple really. Just buy. Done

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Kek be dwelling here

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Un giorno Algorand criptovaluta sarà di $10,000 a moneta

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proposal to start all new ALGO threads in Italian.

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They have succumbed before my Supreme Intelligence™

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it’s a couple pennies below ATH dumb nig

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If it gets to 40 cents there will be a huge bough, so hopefully it will go to.. But if you look the chart there is a major resistancr point a 58 and 55, go to trading view and check the study of algobtc

I bought at 44, 50 and 60 and hope to buy again aroun 55 oon sept1

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mamma mia

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Based on the last token dump, it took a few days before it hit the floor... But this time I feel like it won't even hit a dip for more than 24 hours

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this shit project is getting shilled about 40 times a day for the past weeks. fuck off

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tokenomics are an unmitigated catastrophe. mongloids could have done a better job planning it out.

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How much ALGO to make it?

Until now I just hodl 234.

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50k friend

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stake them then stake the tities