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Exit all markets, this is not a drill

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this is a buy signal

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bro definitely a buy signal, I'm all in

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absolute chads

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>Tether prints $1B
>Exit all markets
Are you seriously fucking retarded? This means buy now you fucking idiot. How much of a newfag are you?

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either BTC pump or transition from tron to omg network

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Tether is literally useless if it's not used to buy crypto

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holy fuck bros im about to go all in on leverage unironically

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CZ literally flexing on everyone. shorting is suicide

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Not a fan of tether but it a chain swap you retards

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What does this mean for Tron. What about Tron's fork LGCY that was just released?

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Everything is fine, it’s just a standard movement of a billion dollars, whatever you do, do not under any circumstances buy LINK.

Translated it for the layman.

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The 3rd party is OMG. Buy OMG rn

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>inflation in crypto
Are you actually retarded?

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SXP go up

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>Everything is fine, it’s just a standard movement of a billion dollars, whatever you do, do not under any circumstances buy LINK.

BitFinex is listing LINK tomorrow https://twitter.com/bitfinex/status/1296377831673475072

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literally nothing

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Heed this anons advice. Don't buy link.

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Anon you need to lurk more here

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please don't tell me this means we will crab for another year...

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How does tether suddenly have 1billion added to their bank account? I swear they are some shady motherfuckers, atleast USDC I can understand they have a whole crypto exchange that earn them money, but USDT I don't trust.

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it's going to OMG network, screen cap this. See you fags at $15

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Jesus, are you retarded? Hyperinflation refers to the currency being printed. The things you use that currency to purchase (in this case, real cryptos) end up becoming more valuable in comparison. It's like saying you should get out of the gold market because the fed is printing more dollars.

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What do you think happens when there is a loss of confidence in Tether?

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Hope you're right. I dropped a couple grand on that piece of shit in may waiting for the tether integration, meanwhile watching literally every other crypto do at least a 2x while OMG just sat there and crabbed. I was so close to just selling it and breaking even too.

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Literally NOTHING TO DO WITH CHAINLINK, take your meds

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Then the retards holding tether get JUST'd. The people who sold their tether beforehand to buy real crypto are not negatively impacted. In fact, they make out like bandits because all other cryptos will pump is tether collapses, since all the whales holding tether would be forced to dump their funny money and flee into bitcoin etc.

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you are new arent you?

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The crypto market has been inflated by Tether for years, if Tether crashes so does the whole crypto bubble

There's no such thing as a free lunch

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>take your meds
>Pattern recognition and instinct is bad for you goy, drink the fluoride, wear the mask, eat the bugs.

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You haven't thought this through at all. When tether crashes, the lost value comes out of the people holding tether. Again, this is like saying that a crash of the dollar will cause gold value to crash. When actually gold value would surge because it'd act as a safe haven away from the crashing dollar. You can't even explain a specific mechanism behind, say, bitcoin crashing due to tether crashing. Actually bitcoin would pump because of people being forced to enter bitcoin instead of holding tether.

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This is just setting up the bull market for year end. Tether is cooked, everyone and their grandma knows it isn't backed, all that's left is one huge exit pump before this whole space falls apart. The plus side is that, purely by browsing this board, you're ahead of the pack. They're gonna pump btc waaaaay past $20k to make every normie who got burnt go "Shit, I guess I should have just held like they said!", and we'll pump, and pump, and they fomo, and THEN, we crash. So if you find yourself up 50x from here in 2 months for the love of Allah, sell and take profits this time

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>It is current year
Still don't know how to capture a portion of the screen

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This is such a stupid combination of posts that i think youre doing it intentionally

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BTC is only at the price it is because of counterfeit money from Tether, the true value (if Tether never existed) is much lower than the current value, if Tether crashes then all that liquidity which has been pumped into BTC evapourates (becomes worthless - always has been) and the price returns to its true value

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fucking retard

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The crypto market has been inflated by >Tether for years, if Tether crashes so does the whole crypto bubble

>There's no such thing as a free lunch

There is no way youre making it, sorry amigo

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>It's not a scam because the scammer told me it's not a scam

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Okay so lets assume the money that was printed is used to buy coins with a finite supply. This will cause a rise in price.
There's no inflation in crypto, that's part of the point of it.

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>it's a scam because, uhhhh, because I say it is

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Literally no one even cares about bitcoin anymore you stupid fuck. Even in your hypothetical:
>demand for usdt crashes
>people holding usdt do what?

Thats like ... what happens when the dollar is devalued. Do the stock market numbers go up or down?

Has the dollar deflated or inflated since 1971? Has the stock market gone up or down? Your stupidity is astounding. Keep stacking your sats you fucking brainlet

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>a free money scheme isn't a scam

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Why would we exit the markets? When the Tether guys print more fake money is when the market goes up. If anything we should try to dump on them AFTER they've bought and the pump cannot seem to go any longer. But that is risky, they can always just print more.

Remember that LINK went up 4-5x a week or two after the last big printing. Bitcoin jumped to 12k as well.
I for one welcome the Tether jews in their fake money scheme. I appreciate them pumping my bags. (But won't give them any of my linkies, EVER.)

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No, that's not how this works. Think of it like a really big pump-and-dump scheme. If I create niggercoin (ticker: NGR) and then shill it to a bunch of retards who buy it, and then after that I exit scam and flip my profits to Ethereum and the price of NGR crashes to zero, does this cause the price of Ethereum to go down too? No.

Tether crashing will kill off the retards who hold Tether. Just as the dollar crashing would kill off the people holding dollars, but tangible assets would retain their value.

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Lets say there is a big basket with 12,000 green bills inside, some of them are real dollars, some of them are fake dollars

The next day the fake dollars are identified as fakes and taken out of the basket, what happens to the number of green bills in the basket?

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What happened to that bitfinexed guy? Is he still on his crusade? Did he get roped by the triads?

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the value of the basket rises because now it can carry more dollars

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damn, my portfolio would be worth $5,000,000

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it was a burn not a mint lmao

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I would be worth 25 million. Not happening.

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This. Omg isnt done by any means.

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OP confirmed newfag.

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means more money into crypto, which means hold as prices gonna go up and gonna be big buys.... also BNB coin shot up too which also means more money into crypto as the only reason people buy BNB is to buy new coin to trade it for other coin and put money into the market. all in all it means big buyers on the move, prices gonna skyrocket across the market.

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What took them so long? Bittrex is yet to list it as far as I know

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They burned it

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If Tether is $0 how would it pump bitcoin? The idiots that would accept Tether after it is shutdown will be fucking idiots. You can't "exit" tether if it has no value. If people can't pump the price of bitcoin with Tether it is over.

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Just to add they made a swap from TRX to ERC20
Tether moved 1 billion from TRX to Ethereum
Generate 1 billion ERC20

Burned 1 billion TRX

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They were moving 1b from TRON to Ethereum. There is a mint and a burn tweet, nice seeing retard bulls and bears circlejerking over it from both sides kek

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>The next day the fake dollars are identified as fakes and taken out of the basket,
Yeah but this is a big, BIG "what if". You think the elites are going to let their scam to manipulate and control the crypto market be uncovered? You're betting against the people who rule the world.

What you're saying is like betting against the stock market. Yes, everyone knows it's overvalued as fuck but shorting it is stupid because we don't live in a free economy where businesses that are too big are allowed to fail. Even if it crashed for a day or two whoever is the president at the moment would 1) make shorting illegal and 2) print untold billions to get it up again, because that's where the billionaires that run the country have most of their wealth stored.

Again, what you say makes sense in purely economic terms, and it's just common sense, but it isn't realistic because the markets are 10% free and 90% politically controlled.

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Phone posters get the rope

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Something about this image seems disturbing

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Just bought 100k BAND.
LINK is dead and BAND hasn't mooned yet.
Buy Low Sell High.

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It is a chain swap because they are moving it to OMG from TRON you retard

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Listen to the podcast by Stephan Livera where he interviews Caitlin Long. She goes in depth about how strong Tether has become with it's many use case for money and overseas banking. It's no longer a signal for a pump.

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Who would buy their tethers??
Exchanges would all freeze their liquidity, youd get huge unsustainable volatility that wont end well

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If you longed every tether print youd make profit still.
Even now the price is going up just after printing

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Is this for link or for BTC?

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it also means that people are expecting to pay large exchange fees. all fees come out of BNB if you hold it on Binance.

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When is that Tether lawsuit supposed to continue