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Official XSN/Stakenet ranking thread. So, there's been a lot of talk over what is making it, what isn't, what is fuck you. Let's clear it up.

My opinion;
>1MN = some spare change every month that can buy you a nice meal out, or a blowjob from a cheap escort
>3-5MN = enough for some spare change to throw into moonshots every month so you don't need to waste your own money
>10MN = enough for minimum wage lifestyle. no fancy things, just simple ez life
>25-30MN = make it (1 million in collateral, 6 figures a year)
>60MN = fuck you money
>$2/XSN after hydra. $10/XSN height of golden bull and no competitors for another year.


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2MNs here, was told 1MN was enough to make it. Bought a second when I heard X9 schooled LTC devs.

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I want a masternode so fkin badly. I only have 500 xsn. Ill never make it

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Check out pic related, also x9 was hired by posw team to build their blockchain. These devs are fucking gods.
Try to get as much as you can.

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That's 2 blowjobs a month after hydra. Not too shabby if you ask me.

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This list is fucking trash.
1 Node = Suicide stack
3 Nodes = Make it
10 Nodes = Fuck you money

Realistically 1 node is enough to make it assuming you can wait long enough, similar to 1000 link.

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>$10/XSN height of golden bull and no competitors for another year.
Are you retarded? Do you honestly think stakenet will hit a measly 1 billion marketcap during the FUCKING GOLDEN BULLRUN. Are you trying to fud? At least make some more accurate estimates, even dash a complete shitcoin hit 100 billion MC in the last bullrun.

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Might as well just DCA into bitcoin every month since you know that's going to go to a million in less than 10 years.

Waiting around for too long on POS assets gives time for competitors to arise.

I don't know what you're definition of making it is, so please put a little description. Mine was 6 figure collateral and 6 figure income a year from the nodes.

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Jesus I thought my 19 MNs was a lot, 60 is insane. It really depends on volume. If they do $100m daily, that's somewhere between $10-$30k depending on your fee assumptions and assuming we get to hydra. That alone is enough to push a node to $50k-$150k. We could see $100+ XSN if it becomes the de facto DEX

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True, it might go higher than that, I'll give you that. But the bullrun doesn't last forever. My plan is to sell everything at the height of the bullrun and then buy back low, for even more gains during the bear market 2022-2024

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Come on at least try to have a proper discussion. Bitcoin going to 1 million is only a 100x, I don't know why you would even suggest that, that's fucking terrible gains.
>Waiting around for too long on POS assets gives time for competitors to arise.
If you say stakenet is taking long then consider how long it would take for competitors to reach where stakenet is now, xsn is far far ahead of the competition, it's no contest. There is literally no other project that is even half way close to stakenet.

My definition of making it is,

No longer working, with a modest home.

It's always good to take profit, however if your passive income is big enough when you won't need to sell your main stack. Also I believe that raiden alone can pump xsn past $10 assuming no bull run.

I also want to mention that this bullrun will be bigger and last longer due to the tech, no just because of stakenet but because of all of crypto especially chainlink, smart contracts for real world events is huge. Lots of money, will pump most projects.

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then* you won't need to sell

Also assuming xsn becomes the number 1 used DEX in crypto then I would not consider selling anything but my rewards due to the constant usage/volume.

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While that pic is mouth dropping, you underestimate to the point of questions if your more dumb than smart. This shit, xsn, is going to change the balance structure or crypto currency exchange. It will be the next apple. $5 dollars near term and $100 in a years time. The bull, the collapsing world currencies, the shift to a new monetary system, HYPERINFLATION. You do not see the big picture.

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Im curious to ask, why do you think the bear market will be 2022-2024? My personal opinion is that this bullrun will be much longer than 2017, 2017 didn't have a proper use case (no secure oracles for real world contracts/events/data etc).

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Your stack must have cost at the very least $30-40k to accumulate, even if you bought it during the sub-5c era.

You either had already made it with other crypto or you are already rich to begin with.
Or you believed in the tech so much and also simultaneously crazy enough to throw all your money on XSN.

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Bullrun next year when everyone wants to get away from fiat, gold/crypto will soar. might last longer than 2017 yes. who knows though.

bear market will be after, due to civil war in america, $10/gallon of milk in Nebraska and CNY being the top dog.

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Checked. I think he does see the big picture but may be intentionally undercutting himself to make it seem less moonboyy to /biz/ he has 60 nodes....thats already over $800 usd a week in passive income.....

Possible, I guess I haven't considered a bear market because I only own LINK and XSN. Link won't really go down due to it's massive usecase. and assuming XSN becomes main crypto dex it will still get a fuckton of volume in a bear market, and hydra should be out by then.

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Fuck why didn't I buy into this sooner? An MN was only like $750 at one point.

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Bear market will not be happening 2022-2024. Feb - april 2022 will be the peak of the golden bull run

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Mhmm. I still think December 2021 will be the peak. Fuck trying to wait for a higher exit like 2017. That shit is scary.

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Sorry man but your out of touch with the world if you think the bullrun will happen this year. All the markets will totally crash november to january this year. Biggest happenings of our lives is just on the horizon

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Bigger than the black swan already? Tell me more senpai. I love learning. Links, breadcrumbs?

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Indeed, I personally shilled here since the start of this year. Hope you are DCAing anon.

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I would like to know too. The other guy has the right idea about learning.

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100$ eoy

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1000$ eoy

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post short
im not saying there wont be another dump but i really highly doubt it will be as fast and as hard as march

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Why make low effort posts?

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Here it is for real:
1,500,000 XSN suicide stack (100 MNs, this was only $75,000 at one point)
15,000,000 XSN make it stack (1,000 MNs)
150,000,000 XSN fuck you money (more XSN than is currently in supply and also 10,000 MNs, if you get this I’m super impressed since only 8000 MNs can theoretically exist! Better hop to it!)

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not even subtle fud
>1 MN suicide stack
>10 MN make it stack
>20 + MN fuck you stack

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It is 100% not his stack!

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>1MN suicide stack
>3-5MN make it stack
>10MN fuck you money
>20MN whale
>30MN+ megaladon
>45MN+ kraken
>75MN+ cthulhu

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10 MN is already $1000 a month right now and the dex hasn't even launched.
I'd say in a year's time it will be 1 MN to be enough for a comfy minimum wage lifestyle

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5nodelet reporting in, Chad sir!

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10mn is more like $766. (25% off)
That chart is not correct if that's what gave you that number.

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doubt we'll kill binance.

that said, taking a bite out of that $4B trade volume would be nice lol

I think if all goes well and xsn truly does enable the next bull run, well be looking at easily $500 MM daily volume at the peak.

the only question at that point will be who has control over the dex hubs, devs or Master Nodes.

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At what prize did you buy all those nodes?
Looks sick

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I bought then, ayy lmao

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Can some one explain to this retard what a node is and if its different from buying xsn? Thinking of adding to my portfolio.

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if you have 15000 xsn you can start up a masternode with it that generates xsn for you, i'm not gonna do a super long technical explanation but that's what it boils down to.

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Should I even bother getting a 2nd master node? Seems like they won't be that lucrative

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keeping XSN in cloud does staking for you too so what's the deal?

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xsn is inflationary to ensure liquidity for a long period into the future.

If you buy 15k XSN and lock that up & associate with a unique VPC running the master node software, that enables you to earn master node staking rewards, and in the future will allow you to support dex trading, as well as other node-supported future capabilities.

In the near term, it's just another way to stake your coins in lieu of traditional staking or TPoS - in the long term it will enable you to share in profit-seeking from the dex and other platform developments on the roadmap.

DYOR, check out their medium here for details on architecture, developments, etc:

See the roadmap here:

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Yeah you're probably right - I'm sure the dex won't be very useful or profitable as the only scalable solution for shitcoin trading. You should probably sell your stake to me, actually. I'll give you $5 for your stack, but hey it's better than nothing.

>> No.21668361

nodes generate more and also get dex fees once dex is running

>> No.21668603

currently, you earn higher block rewards for running a MN versus staking. the difference is about $0.40/day

>> No.21668670

Buy third. X9 also schooled Monero devs.

>> No.21668778

Then better buy the fourth, because soon they will also be schooling Blocknet on how to build a future lasting Dex that actually gets volume lel

>> No.21668808

staking via cloud is ideal for small wallets (so you get "something")

staking in the core wallet is ideal for larger wallets (>5k XSN, make sure it's pooled in non-node addresses to ensure you are counted in the stake weighting process)

staking via TPoS is advisable for larger holders (>15k XSN) who do not want to set up/maintain master nodes. You can either run your own TPoS node on a vpc, or you can contract with a TPoS merchant who will capture your stake for you for a commission of the staking (essentially pulling a small fee from you for servicing your stake weight for you).

There's a whole lot of resources on this on this page:

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If i cant afford a node, is a small stack worth my time?

>> No.21668934

X9 are the literal LN gurus.

They are forging the path for all legacy block chains, to support their scaling and ensure viability into the bright golden bull.

Layer 2 solutions are the ONLY scaling solution for the vast majority of these blockchains, as their algorithms limit consensus speed either by requiring PoW consensus, or by the very nature of the consensus algorithm being leveraged.

Long story short, in order for most established blockchains to scale, they'll either need to undergo a significant transformation a la Ethereum (long & difficult path, and no guarantees it will work), or they need to enable layer 2 solutions (somewhat less difficult implementation, but less risky as it's already been implemented for numerous blockchains).

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if you're looking for a long term hold, you can still make good gains, but other than that, not sure fren

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Do. Your. Own. Research.
>Do you believe in the value proposition of the product?
>Do you think the tokenomics will support price growth in your holdings?
>How much do you intend to buy? What types of dividend (staking) do you expect to see based on that purchase amount?
>Do you think your money will grow faster in another investment vehicle?

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Smimen vs Bog who will win

>> No.21669090

Also, obviously your investment strategy matters a lot here. Are you active trading? Or are you looking for a long-term passive hold with significant growth potential?

>> No.21669129

Can I buy this without creating some sort of account

>> No.21669172

I'm yield farming and planning to add to my buy order at .000035, so hoping bog wins out near term so I can sminem by year end.

It's been on a weekly cycle recently - pumps a bit on the weekend/payday, dips a bit midweek. Probably have one more cycle of that before open beta release and we get to see "real" trade volume for the first time.

I've got 1.5 BTC waiting in the wings - will either stay in my yield farming strategy, or will go toward XSN if there's a significant dip either just before or just after open beta.

>> No.21669312

>Go to discord:
>Ask for invite to beta in dex-beta-signup channel
>Wait for invite
>Download dex
>Buy XSN w/ BTC or LTC from dex

no sign-up/KYC required, you hold your own keys for all wallets involved, no account creation necessary (assuming you have a discord already).

Aside from that, your best option is livecoin - only need an email to sign up, but livecoin has no fiat ramps so you can't trade your USD/EUR directly for coins, you'd have to use a fiat exchange somewhere along the way and transfer to livecoin to move your funds.

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seems like everyone is waiting for a dip

>> No.21669422

Are you OP?

>> No.21669509

I plan to buy and hold for the long term so 5-10 years. I don't know how to short term trade so probably not that.

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10 MNs is minimum wage life at $1 just in block rewards

>> No.21669591

Dont mind that. However I should have mentioned any NEW accounts. As in, can I transfer BTC from coinbase to buy xsn

>> No.21669777

why would anyone who had $150,000 usd saved up buy some nodes on a dodgy livecoin site for (maybe) minimum wage?

>> No.21669794

sure. You can get access to the beta and trade your BTC on the dex. Will take a few days, but that's the way to do it without setting up any new accounts.

>> No.21669838

doesn't cost $150k right now for 10 MNs.

and by the time XSN is $1, the dex will be in public beta, so you won't need to use any dodgy cex for the transaction - you'd just use the dex.

>> No.21669855

Add Cardano to that list too of projects X9 work on

>> No.21669920

well ive got 5k XSN or 1/3 of a node just so i have my foot in the door incase it does turn out to be a winner. I'm too poor to sit and wait on XSN when theres ETH 2.0 early next year that i should be all in, and DeFi/oracle coins now getting so much traction. but I do like stakenet and hope it works

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IOHK is Cardano

>> No.21670517

>my opinion
right now you're saying that a person has to invest $67,000 to get a minimum wage lifestyle.
either a scam or you're a retard

>> No.21670557

$67k is nothing now if you think about not having to wage forever.

>> No.21670836

I don’t understand why people keep forgetting about the fact that yeah they get a min wage lifestyle but also they have a min $150k capital if they have 10MN at $1 XSN. If it hits $10 then they got $1.5M capital and a very comfy passive income of $225k just off block rewards alone.

>> No.21670883

Sick whale stack.
Did you by it all from livecoin?
Those Ruskies could hav stealing all the money.

>> No.21670933

It'll never hit $10 bub. I'll eat my own dick on stream if that happens. That's like saying link is going to $81k.

>> No.21670967

>$10 long term

Purely from long term passive income from the nodes point of view. You don't want to cash out and have nothing else left.

>> No.21670993

dub quads checked holy shit

>> No.21671228

$10 XSN is only $1B market cap which is nothing in a bull market and with Raiden support it will make all other dexes irrelevant so I think it is possible

>> No.21671314

is there any way to help the client along when wallets are "L2 Waiting For Peers" ? or do I just have to wait to sync? it usually works great but it's taking forever this morning to get sync'd. Anyone have some tips?

>> No.21671383

It won't make all other dex irrelevant. The point is to co-exist. There is far too much money being made with defi on eth right now, uniswap isn't going to stop overnight just because XSN's dex is out. People need to farm, loan and yield... and that will continue.

What the dex will do, is allow people to seamlessly transfer BTC onto ETH's network. It should, free up some congestion if it takes off, and bridge the gap between cex functionality and dex anonymity

>> No.21671419

Why the hell are you newfags like this? You can transfer BTC anywhere from coinbase as long as the receiver is also a BTC address.

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I made you a new picture of my nodes.
In this one the last 3 have started earning rewards.
Use it for your next thread :)

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thanks mate :)

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>> No.21672117


xsn already dumped

the next uniswap gem, thank me later


>> No.21672537

dumped lmao, not even a sliver, you can't fud our massive early buying dicks out of xsn

>> No.21672621

Iv read all posts in this thread and yours took the 1.place in being the dumbest!

>> No.21673181

this is THE platform that enables trustless swaps between BTC and ETH.

If it's NOT $10/xsn (i.e. $1.5B Mcap) by eoy 2021 I'll eat my dick on stream.

>> No.21673282

I wish. My 3500 sat buy has not filled. need to get to 10 MNs by end of year - which means I need that dump in the next week to get my biggest bags before public beta.

>> No.21673286

Obviously you dont understand what roi in traditional investments looks like

>> No.21673836

This all depends on the devs desu. If the launch is clean and ramps up then yes 1 mn is going to be at least as valuable as a dash node.

>> No.21673861

There will be no civil war, faggot.
PMs and crypto will see gargantuan rises over the next couple of years though, that's for sure.

POTUS is likely to implement a bimetal standard. The problem with this is that we need something to facilitate digital payments because right now the entire world is dependent on digital USD in order to transact internationally... which is where decentralized blockchains come in.

>> No.21674300

yep - scaling solutions for crypto assets will be broadly adopted, especially in the third world where access to digital dollars is relatively limited.

If oyu're smart right now, you're investing in scalable, widely adopted stores of value as your broad market investment vehicle (i.e. top20 cryptos, with potential exception of "utility tokens"), and in the formats/solutions that will enable those stores of value to be exchanged as a growth play. Right now, those scaling solutions are Stakenet, LN and Raiden. XSN and RDN are the only tokens available for purchase to support these layer 2 scaling solutions, and of the two options, stakenet has clearly better tokenomics.

>> No.21674549

OP. Where can I begin?

You are beyond deluded.

100MN is the suicide stack and always have been

1000MN make it

Im sorry but you are priced out.

>> No.21674851

The autists here are not joking when they say LINK and XSN will lead the next wave of crypto.

Personally, I'm jumping past ETH and the fabled ETH2.0 and gunning straight for Harmony to overtake ETH's failings.
I can't see how Silicon Valley's answer to the ETH issues won't at least grab a huge chunk of the ETH network when they inevitably fail to deliver by EOY.

Hell, Indonesia has already spotted it. Binance is already deep in its market, too, with the announcement of an exclusive launch of BUSD on the network.

Other than those big three, I'm looking at a project called TrustSwap, which will facilitate integrity of future small projects. It fixes the rugging issue we see rampant on Uniswap.

I feel pretty comfortable with these four and totally understand what you're saying. You seem like you've already done well for yourself. It's my wish that the poorfags and typical /biz/fags among us see this conversation for what it's worth and plan appropriately.

Thanks for chiming in.

>> No.21675566

Can find xsn on etherscan. Anybody got a link?

>> No.21675650

is Harmony the silicon valley solution?

I've not really researched it to be honest. Would love a medium/whitepaper link.

>> No.21675745

because it isn't on there

>> No.21676211

Very funny Rakeesh!
Back to farming curry.

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>> No.21676999

Ive screencapped. You better deliver, fren

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