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It’s over, isn’t it?

I really thought it’d follow ETH’s pattern in 2017

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it's over for coom to take the place it deserves

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This is an OMG board now.

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that pic is god

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Remember, XRP $2000 as the prophecy foretold.

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it's following btc pattern from 11 april 2014

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again, before chainlink dies id like to know one (1) use case for it ive been waiting 3 years

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spamming the eth network, increasing fees and clogging it worse than crypto kitties

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Everything is fine, just have a little patience. Fundamentally, the fundamentals haven’t changed.

There’s just a huge influx of newfags on here now chasing retarded shit like COOM try to double up their 50 LINK stack.

Most of us are all so tired from Holding that there’s nothing to really talk about.

5 digit+ LINK Marines are like dragons sleeping with a bunch of pajeet rats scurrying around for scraps.

Just hodl. If you need something to do you can yield farm on a small % part of your stack, or try to accumulate some shitcoins.

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>5 digit+ LINK Marines are like dragons sleeping with a bunch of pajeet rats scurrying around for scraps
comfiest thing I've ever read

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i have buy orders at $1.60 and they will get filled
screencap this

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There’s not enough LINK on the exchanges for that pipedream to happen, but you understand even if it did it wouldn’t impact the oldfags, right?

We would just buy more. $1.60 is an 8x for some on this board.

Don’t quote the deep price to me, pajeet. I was there when it was sold.

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Weak hands are the devil's work.

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Strap in faggot, you are going to see some serious shit


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The only thing getting filled is your asshole you faggot lolle

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>1000% increase since March.
>other cryptos only 2-3x increase.

Christ, relax. If you're bitching that it's not 19-20 bucks right now, you're an asshole. Chainlink is a top contender and will continue to $200 by EOY. Relax and let the market do its thing.

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This post should be a sticky on the board now. Thats how accurate your post is op

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>3 days ago
>Strap in faggot, you are going to see some serious shit
>2 days ago
>Strap in faggot, you are going to see some serious shit
>Strap in faggot, you are going to see some serious shit
>6 hours ago
>Strap in faggot, you are going to see some serious shit

it's all so tiresome

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You had 3 days

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I’ll admit even I believed a little too hard on LINK punching through $20, but the deck was so stacked against that happening I should have listened to my head and not my heart.

I knew better but I wanted to believe differently.

Everyone falls the first time.

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To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand how Chainlink works.
Its superiority is only hinted very subtle, and without a solid dose of advanced autism most of the Lambos will go over a typical /biz/tards head. There's also Sergey Nazarovas very nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation, his personal philosophy draws heavily from /biz/ shitposting.
The real frens of course understand this; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of this coin, to realize that it’s not just le funny memes. They know it also says something deep about this society.
As a consequence people who don’t trust Chainlink truly ARE idiots. Of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the genius in Nazarovs iconic catchphrase
"Get in here faggot, we’re gonna save the blockchain"
which itself is a semi-cryptic reference to the amazing russian epic 'Crime and Punishment' or the struggle of life itself.
I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Sergeys genius wit unfolds itself on their screens. What fools.. how I pity them.

And yes, by the way, i DO have my wallet QR Code tattooed. And no, you cannot see it. It's for the ladies' eyes only- and even then they have to demonstrate that they're within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand. Nothin personnel kid.

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>yield farm
isn't that risky? Isn't that a ''no-no'' ?

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3 days of what? I bought at 13$ and it's indeed so tiresome

>inb4 u had 3 yeers lmao pajeetpajeetpajeet

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You made profit already you dumb faggot, did you seriously think you were going to make it overnight? We've been hodling for years, you're some newfaggot with weak hands who is going to fuck himself in the end anyway. Just crawl back to whatever shithole you crawled out of, you're literally retarded.

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Yeah just imagine some 2-man scam team from the Cayman islands create an ERC-20 token that will de-throne Ethereum itself.

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>5 digit+ LINK Marines are like dragons sleeping with a bunch of pajeet rats scurrying around for scraps.
so fucking /cozy/

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Past 3 days were the last chance to buy below 20$

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Thats why I said a small part of your stack. Everything is risk anon.

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Three years of muh hilarious Delphi psyops anon imagine the smell

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Creating a marketplace for data streams feeding smart contracts.

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Don't even humor this retard, he literally bought link like a week ago and is upset that it's not constantly pumping like some bubble that would fuck us all anyway, the price being settled like this is actually healthy for it. He sounds like a fucking child.

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>There’s not enough LINK on the exchanges for that pipedream to happen
lol where do you even get this dumb meme from
>from etherscan
>binance 54 million tokens and 2mill in another wallet, 500k in 3-5 others
>huobi 2-3 mill in multiple wallets

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>Binance 54 million tokens

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Strap in faggot, you are going to see some serious shit

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more like 2 weeks ago you dumb nigger

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remind me next day again and the day after tomorrow too anon

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Wow a whole 2 weeks, are you this delusional and naive to think you'd become rich in 2 weeks? Bitcoin took fucking years to get to where it did, with constant dips and FUD along the way. If you have delusions of grandeur I suggest you play the lottery and leave investing to adults with an IQ over 90 because you're clearly not going to make it.

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>I really thought it’d follow ETH’s pattern in 2017
It's following it almost EXACTLY see pic related. ETH had the advantage of launching pretty close to the halving in July 2016, with BTC breaking its previous ATH around 9 months later. We are right on track and if you actually did some research you would realise the scope of link is massive and eth actually needs the project big time.

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I bought at 4$ and still buying today, stay poor nigger

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I find it difficult to believe how greedy and impatient people can get. The price of Link goes up for weeks, months, then consolidates to what it was a week before and they're all screaming 'it's over', 'i'm rekt' etc etc. Most of it is fud, of course. Some of it is real though, that's the depressing part.
I have a friend who I told about Link ages ago and recently started asking me how to buy in. HOw to use fucking coinbase etc. She bought in at $18, a fucking bargain really, and I start getting text messages from her at 1am a few days later, saying "the price is dropping I can't believe I bought in at $18 nothing ever works out for me'.
Feel like pulling my hair out sometimes

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The fuck are you talking about? I'm talking to an idiot who is complaining his fucking investment didn't moon 1000x in 2 weeks. I've been hodling thousands of link since day 1.

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you only need 80k to clean the buy orders to zero

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>I really thought it’d follow ETH’s pattern in 2017
it will fren, it will

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Yeah, I’m just being a nigger and I want my constant dopamine hits like I’ve been getting the past week. It sucks that the price is stabilizing. Still not selling tho

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Same shit always happens, this is why so few people ever make it in the end. I used to be this way too in the early adopter days of bitcoin and it was a painful lesson. I bought at 20, whined about dips, panic sold and I got completely trashed. I'm older and more mature nowadays so I won't make the same mistake again.

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>Bought at $18 within days of LINK team stealth confirming derivatives as live
>Nothing works out for them

If this market wasn’t full of literal retards just buying weird pictures and tokens that hold no value, this announcement alone would have pumped LINK to $100.

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you sound like a redditor who got offended by everything honestly

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There's your problem buddy.

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is this chart implying we are around $50 eth right now

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Kind of I guess. The real point is the price action looks so similar, the pump, the year of crabbing all that. Price wise who knows where we go, it's a completely different market now with a way higher mcap, with differnet tokenomics. If we are at were eth was at $50 then we have a 8x coming soon. It won't play out like this but it is interesting how closely they line up.

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youre a faggot, and your going to see some serious shit on your dick from fucking dudes.

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XRP and ALGO. Accumulate while you still can.

>> No.21665227

Might as well while it acts as a stable coin

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Truth. Real anons recognize real anons.

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i like it. here's my interpretation. lines up well with what i've been thinking we could achieve this bull run. next leg up to around $70-80, we crab for awhile then the moon rocket to 2-$300 possibly higher given enterprise adoption is much further along than 2017 and link has wayyyy better tokenomics than eth

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Imagine you knew you had 6 or 7 figures invested in the next Amazon or Google. Now imagine you know it will explode even further from there, but the timeline is 1-5 years and you have no idea when it will happen. Meanwhile the rest of the board is comprised of newfags/plebbitors jealous they missed the initial 100x and looking for a quick score, scam artists and pajeets hoping to take advantage of them, and boomer stonks/metals fags that have already somewhat made it, and you get what we have now.

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>tfw 120 linkies
At least I’m a big ass rat. And I’m not a pussy so I’m NEVER FUCKING SELLING

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It currently is following ETH's pattern though. It's supposed to hit 14 range, crab between 14-20 for a month, then go to ~24 before going parabolic to 60 and offer 100 the subsequent months

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>this announcement would make link's market cap match that of eth
you can't be serious, right?

>> No.21665698

Can attest

>> No.21665707

is it worth it holding yaLINK or do I need to do something further to be considered 'yield farmers?

>> No.21665798

take a break marines, it has been three years and it needs to be another time on that scale.
>t. bought at 0.11$

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Hold on tight you little chonkboi, we’re all going to make it.

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>>t. bought at 0.11$
but muh patterns
when it drops to 16 from 17 you're only up 145x v 154x loser

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You realize if link use case is met, ETH moons as well?

>> No.21665952

Link dragon here. poorfags/pajeets stick to uniswap rug pulls.

>> No.21665959

>when it drops to 16 from 17 you're only up 145x v 154x loser
it's ogre guys

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You do know what derivatives are, right? Just because this is one about crop insurance, it’s a live working proof of concept.

I’m not an expert on yield farming I can’t give you any details, sorry. The basic idea is to abuse defi and collect tokens/interest for “free.” I’ve used AAVE a little, but other than that I can’t really help you.

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its all or nothing, either you wageslave or you dont

>> No.21666051

checking your check on my check.

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100% spot on. I’ve been looking for quality LINK threads since the price action started, and there has been very little.

Once I finish up a few things in the coming weeks I might go to sleep myself for a while, depending on Smartcon.

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yeah worth it to put in a portion of your stack you wouldnt miss if you lost it. i say this as a 17' fag. to me 1k link is really negligible in the grand scheme of things

>> No.21666187

exchanges can really fuk with the price of a coin
how much actual coins were traded during the single scamwick of -50% on btc during the corona crash
if they can do that on the biggest marketcap and liquid coin, they sure as fuck can do it to chainlink

>> No.21666278

Yes I'm sorry, but don't let this be end of your journey. Send me your link so that I can relieve you of your burden and leave you free to purchase Yamv2

>> No.21666286

have you actually thought through what you're saying? who gives a fuck if they crash the price of link on an exchange? what does that change at all

>> No.21666386

you're wasting your breath
you can't raise newfag iq 40 points by talking to them

>> No.21666430

Exchanges have roughly 6% of the total supply is link right? So only 60 million?
Pretty sure that is enough to dump us whenever they feel like it dude.

>> No.21666475

You're a good artist

>> No.21667007

Missed the dip at $14
Still put the rest of my btc into link at $16
Up to 2.1k link And never selling
See you at the yacht party

>> No.21667060

>muh smart contracts
you're aware that you're going to get dumped on, right?

>> No.21667090

literally doesn't matter since there is no staking yet

>> No.21667188

Perhaps. Or perhaps decentralized finance will really be a thing.

>> No.21667238


Think about what you just said for a moment.

>> No.21667278

I don't know anon. I just sold half my stack, just short of 6k, to lock in some gains. I can't bear to see another one drop 99% of which I have held through 5 other tokens doing as much. still holding 6k now, but feel comfortable with the choice. its just cash sitting on coinbase now, if it dips maybe I will degenerate buy in again, otherwise its going out to fidelity to buy stocks...

>> No.21667321

>I knew better but I wanted to believe differently.
>Everyone falls the first time.
i know this feel exactly, its just greed anon. I was there for 2014 though the 2018 crash. Its true, all of it. It is very hard but you need to be rational, or at least comfortable knowing that paper gains can go to zero.

>> No.21667388

by the by, this was my first substantial sell. coinbase whacked me with 1300 in fees for a 99k sell. Holy fuck.

>> No.21667394

Low IQ skidds dont understand markets. Low IQ skidds think this is the end of link. Low IQ skidds die poor. Doesnt realize if they hold they die money.

>> No.21667417

Swallowing faggot cum just like you always said!

>> No.21667420

what a non statement. do you something to argue otherwise with? i'm interesting in hearing it if you do

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>implying COOM is not a great deal right now and has huge potential

>> No.21667463

Based. On a true story

>> No.21667472


how math?

>> No.21667599

It’s really not. The amount of winning we’ve done is quite comfy

>> No.21667646

It is following eth's pattern, retard. Early ETH didn't go up in a continuous smooth parabolic curve all the way to 1400. It crabbed between 10-20 for a while before continuing on.

>> No.21667650

The age of link is over
The age of reserve has begun

>> No.21667816

>Creating a marketplace for data streams feeding smart contracts.

explain yourself using a real life example pls. Lawyers, banks, anything please.
I talked about ethereum and smart contracts with a corp attorney. He could vaguely imagine use cases where say, a smart contract based on some legal agreement executes based on a trigger on chain, but just barely. Its a sea change in legal world(for example)...getting lawyers to trust this shit will be very very hard.

>> No.21667822

Goddamn nulinkers getting antsy because its not moving for a couple of days.

>> No.21667971

See you faggots at 88

>> No.21668100

In January OMG was Fudded
By late February and early March it was shilled.
Thanks for buying my bags.

>> No.21668335

Insurance, paying farmers when it rains too much or too little. Leveraged trading. SLA enforcement. Escrows. Just what immediately springs to mind. These are all products where some code and reliable data feeds are all you need.

>> No.21668396

i have a friend that did the same thing. my last text to him was telling him about link and sergey. the text was in march @ $2.50. he texted me last week and asked how to get in.
before telling him how to use coinbase, i warned him repeatedly to not buy the top. told him that if he does, expect the price to come down and watch his money get cut in half. explained how to DCA and buy some now, and buy some later. all i could do is give warning after warning about weak hands and you only lose if you sell. then i told him about normie coinbase.
He is the only non-family member i told about it. terrible mistake on my part. never followed up to see if he bought.
>muh thanks for the blog faggot!

>> No.21668411

>weather insurances
This meme needs to stop, it's basically a dog whistle telling everybody who understands it (which is way too many) that a project is a long term pump and dump

>> No.21668543

this. you have basically today and tomorrow as the last time link will be under 20 for the rest of time

>> No.21668549

Im a nucoiner coinbase faggot, just got my first 30 linkies 3 days ago. Ive been thinking about getting into crypto for years but all the link hype finally pushed me in. I have accepted that this might all go to zero but Im prepared to hold for years

What is the best way to learn about crypto? Just lurking/trial error. Are there any podcasts/websites youd recommend to learn more

I just hope link keeps dipping so I can buy more and least get a measly 100.

>> No.21668617

>who gives a fuck if they crash the price of link on an exchange?
the market obviously, see the coronadip on btc as previous mentioned for example
you are the one who claimed the impossibility of link dipping largely with the supply exchanges have on hand, i am saying it is possible as witnessed by previous example

but perhaps i should clarify my position since you seem to confuse me with some newfag
i do not imply this as fud for the future of link, quit the opposite, exchanges can temporarily suppress the price so that insiders and anons can accumulate more and it will spike all the more to the upside afterwards
but a dip is possible and when such a christmas sale is happening load up

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>I really thought it’d follow ETH’s pattern in 2017

oh but it is...

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>> No.21668683

$20 was premature from a TA perspective which is why we dropped down to 16 again. We were supposed to stay at this level until Monday of this week and then pump but the normie fomo set us back a few days. We're just gearing up for the next pump now

>> No.21668726

>talked to a lawyer
>lawyer had no fucking clue about crypto
nice work anon, good use of your time.

>> No.21668742

>tfw only 30 links

>> No.21668750

we are
>checks binance
we are still over
holy fuck this place is overrun with newfags that bought link within the past month

>> No.21668860

so..30k USD in a couple years if you hold?

>> No.21668866
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>> No.21668899

lawyers wont really get to have a choice in the matter. if a lawyers clients want to save and cut overhead costs in addition to faster timelines by using smart contracts, lawyers will line up left and right to do as their client wants. But beyond that, smart contracts have significant value in situations that were just not possible to do with our current existing traditional means of doing things today. Smart contracts will enable us to do more than before, in addition to there still existing some kind of traditional legal framework. the legal profession is extremely backwards and resistant to change in general however they wont get a say in this. case and point, their bar exam scheduling fiasco this year with corona and their inability to offer an online exam due to retarded reasons for months. now nearly all states are offering an online exam option in october.
> ex fiance was a lawyer and we talked about this

>> No.21668904

Will it really reach 1k though? Seems like 300-400 is more realistic

>> No.21668965

It’s not a meme, it’s real business.

>> No.21668980

this but we haven't had the bear trap yet

>> No.21669007
File: 534 KB, 318x239, 34DE9608-CAB1-4870-A565-9F76C5AA9289.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy fuck checked triple dubs

>> No.21669075

Anon I reapect your optimism. If I was you I would have killed myself

I'm a broke poorfag on food stamps and I have 12k link and even I don't think that's enough

>> No.21669076

like chainlink is a real oracle

>> No.21669125

You'll be a millionaire before 2021. Stop whining.

>> No.21669153
File: 24 KB, 320x307, 41bfd3bf5ecc31c4ef079689e1cc8b4d4355be2f08d3caaa8f5903d93f7ee889_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


This rat got 700 link

>> No.21669289

Seems like link just can’t break out anymore.

>> No.21669604

sorry op, but it is. I've moved on to better things: swarm.fund


>> No.21669649

It keeps narrowing its oscillations.
Dump incoming.

>> No.21669694

Why is that a sign of dump. Why not consolidation and moon. Pretty impressive we’re consolidating ng at 16 no?

>> No.21669992

>berating people for trying to make it instead of buying your bags at ath for a coin with a huge ass marketcap
Wow /biz/ really went downhill after you LINK faggots made some spare change

>> No.21670044

What a waste of resin. Could of been used to make real dice

>> No.21670045

>you are the one who claimed the impossibility of link dipping largely with the supply exchanges have on hand, i am saying it is possible as witnessed by previous example
not me you fucking retard.

>exchanges can temporarily suppress the price so that insiders and anons
oh yeah and they're gonna let you in on it BAHAHAHA!!! I'm sure you had limit orders at $.001 when binance flash crashed the market just couple months ago. if you are honestly swinging right now you are ngmi, not even a joke. the ONLY thing that matters with link is increased network usage and continued adoption. i dont care what the price is on uniswap, binance, coinbase, etc. big picture: using the chainlink network will require link denominated in USD, if a call costs $1 and link is $0.25 then i get 4 link. if link is $100, i get .01 link. the price does not fucking matter

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>Dump incoming

Wrong. Weak hands are being shaken out.

Next stop $23 USD.

Screen cap this.

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you're in it right now

>> No.21670318

I firmly believe if anyone is still worried about the value of link they're either really dumb or bought it at peak. (Peak for now)

>> No.21670335

memeception right here

>> No.21670355
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chainlink doesn't even have a working product. You cant stake and you cant be a node operator and without those its not actually a decentralized oracle network. Couple that with exaggerated, over-hyped and in some cases outright false partnerships, it doesn't bode well

>> No.21670415

you are the one that keeps arguing against my original position that yes exchange can dump a coin and now you acknowledge the existence of flash crashes make up your mind

and again yes if you have money on the exchange you can get in as anon, you are denying easy to look up data at this point the btc dip lasted several days and anons could have gotten in
and i am not swinging, never selling have more cash setting in coinbase ready to buy a dip tho
and yes you do care what the price is, everyone does

>> No.21670575

its not 2017 anymore just give up and move on

>> No.21670656

Going back to 6$ really soon

>> No.21670765

>eth actually needs the project big time.
not true at all, vit has never agreed on this at all and does nothing but bash on chainlink.

>> No.21670807


>> No.21670879

I only bought some link in 2017 and came back to /biz/ since it went above $12.
Is LINK something you actually shilled to people irl? I know some people have said they told their parents to buy some. I feel like I'm missing part of the story or something, because unless my parents were millionaires with free cash shilling them any coin, matter how much of a sure bet it is, would feel insane. And I never talk about crypto irl, especially not to give someone advice

>> No.21670885

>We just need to cool off for the next rally
That's just complacency. Get ready for the real crash.

>> No.21670951

I dont give a fuck this a hold till 2025

>> No.21671226


I did in the past, but nobody takes you seriously. I shilled LINK to several people, but they only made me unsure of my investment by being very dismissive.
my lesson is: generally dont talk about your money and investing to ppl irl.
Good you did this by yourself. I always have to hit my head first before doing the right thing...

>> No.21671502

Uncle sam wants 20k

>> No.21671745
File: 3 KB, 104x247, fuck.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>big thing is coming soon


>> No.21671884


the next link

thank me later


>> No.21671927
File: 379 KB, 640x706, 1597026477689.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No shit he doesn't agree on it lmao he's scared.
With arbitrum link cucks eth out of gas fees super hard and solves the scaling issue. Eth won't see real world usage without a network of decentralised oracles.

>> No.21671943

>>big thing is coming soon

Strap in faggot, you are going to see some serious shit

>> No.21671948


the next link

thank me later


>> No.21671952

Strange. Seems like the whole market is in the green except for LINK. Wonder why that might be, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

>> No.21671991

There is only 0.13 link per person

>> No.21672025

I bought some just for fun because it was spammed here so much. Like stuff about how the tech is super valuable was just typical shilling to me. It was just one of my five shitcoins that happened to moon. That's why it's weird to hear people shilling it irl.
Since I haven't been keeping up for a few years, I was wondering what made people truly believe it was undervalued and not just a meme?

>> No.21672037

Its too bad link doesn't have decentralized oracles yet.


>> No.21672259
File: 26 KB, 468x329, Screenshot 2019-11-28 at 21.56.07.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>There is only 0.13 link per person

Translation for you meth potato heads. We're still early.

>> No.21672375

>you are the one that keeps arguing against my original position
no, you dont even know how to use this board.

>and again yes if you have money on the exchange you can get in as anon
no you quite literally cant, Binance does not allow you to open limit orders below a percentage of the price and its definitely not 99%. Binance's response to someone filling their bags at $0.001 was that they put that limit order in within the first couples seconds of trading link on their platform and there was no basis to enforce this percentage rule. its obviously bullshit, they filled their own bags. YOU ARE NOT IN ANY OF THEIR SPECIAL CLUBS, YOU WILL GET REKT SWINING, IF YOU WERENT A HIGH TIME PREFERENCE PAJEET YOU WILL MAKE IT 100X OVER IF YOU JUST HELD AND WAITED

>> No.21672540

Rat cope

>> No.21672739

>I’ve been looking for quality LINK threads since the price action started, and there has been very little.
Crazy how the oldfags predicted this shit and the good threads and breadcrumbs are just a thing in the past now. Sometimes I wish I went back in 17/18 just to see sheer fun we had digging thru piles of shit to determine that link was the one.
I wish I knew back then that those would be the only good times being a link holder.
>t. Second lieutenant

>> No.21672787
File: 538 KB, 1036x1302, 1593559245458.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They can't launch fully decentralised to start or they'd be susceptible to sybil attacks. It has to be done in stages. See pic related

>> No.21672811

>. next leg up to around $70-80, we crab for awhile then the moon rocket to 2-$300 possibly higher
stop lying to people.. faggot.

>> No.21672886

It was never going to after so many people expected it to.

Nothing is that easy - you really thought random Twitter nogs were going to make it buying $20Link?

>> No.21673198

This is funny because there was a period when link was criticized hard for not even marketing at all. Which partnerships are false? google? well.. there a data provider.. swift? well they did work with them and won a poc award. At no point did anyone in the team mention that swift and google were specifically partners and if they did please show me prove.

>> No.21673327

It’s really not that bad, most of us are just sort of in limbo. When you’re broke and waiting on a moon mission the stakes are low for shitposting, when you’re rich the same, we’re all in that low 6 to low 7 figure territory where it’s life changing money but not enough to say you’ve made it.

>> No.21673470

Love the optimism of some people but look at the graphs. Shit doesnt look good. Everthing is recovering from yesterday dip except Link.

>> No.21673483

>newfags/plebbitors jealous they missed the initial 100x
There's so much fud on twitter from people holding different projects caling link a scam, pnd and overhyped, so fucking mad cause they didn't get in early. I don't have a huge stack, but i made some serious money and i might hold for the next 1 or so.. im not that far away from six figs.

>> No.21673524

Going to long me some link once it has finished dropping. Wish I had gotten on the boat when it was under $4 though.

>> No.21673582

yep time to sell anon wouldn't want it to go any lower :^)

>> No.21673613
File: 164 KB, 1000x1000, 1593726677156.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21673679




>> No.21673761
File: 1.08 MB, 300x175, 9257D016-9B9A-440B-AADE-C1679170A872.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Hang in there men, we know what’s coming.


>> No.21673961

this 100%. Could i live well with an extra $500k right now if i cashed it all out? Of course. But making it for my whole life that wont cut it.
Plus we know the real goal isnt even cashing it all out. I'm personally planning selling about 2/3 of my stack between $300-$1000 and then staking the remaining 1/3.

>> No.21674112

>I don't know anon. I just sold half my stack, just short of 6k, to lock in some gains. I can't bear to see another one drop 99% of which I have held through 5 other tokens doing as much. still holding 6k now, but feel comfortable with the choice. its just cash sitting on coinbase now, if it dips maybe I will degenerate buy in again, otherwise its going out to fidelity to buy stocks...
yeah, i set that aside already, sending in a quarterly so its covered...

>> No.21674542

Should I bu now or will it deep even further and it's better to wait to buy then?

>> No.21674592



>> No.21675103

I've only got 6k so I have to be pickier but my plans are similar, cash out 1k at somewhere in mid to high triple digits so I can ride on that for a couple years, hopefully the remaining 5k can take care of me assuming we can stay above 4 digits long term (will be tough to decide what to do if a real bullmarket hits and crypto starts getting msm hype again).

>> No.21675349

I feel this. Only have 7k myself so I feel I need to be careful when I take profit. Ill likely cash out 1k at $50, which would be a x10 of my initial investment. Then ill be doing the same as you and waiting for triple digits. I'm only planning on staking 1k though, so ill likely sell the other 5k at around $250-$500 where I can walk away with $1-2 mil after tax.
Or I go broke waiting I guess.

>> No.21675437

Tfw 4K linklet
I should end it right fucking now

>> No.21675490

how does 4 quintillion dollars sound?

>> No.21675495

Are we coming in or out of his anus (forgive me in retarded)

>> No.21675533

Hey I have the same amount
Lsts make it fellow rato

>> No.21675565

it really ain't that bad, anything above a few k is nice since it gives you enough wiggle room to cash out in triple digits for safety and still leave something for the long term.
the 50k all the way to 6 figure chads have it really easy, they can start derisking right now. but they aren't selling, so that should be an indicator to you that this is a long term hold.

>> No.21675670

i told my lawyer normie friend about it two years ago and he bought immediately because he saw the use.

>> No.21675766

I've tried to tell a couple people about it, they kinda nod their head but I can tell they're not really listening. My brother finally did a double take when it almost hit 20 the other day, I got a text from him he just made a coinbase account. He's not gonna make it but it would be nice to see him get a little triple digit stack and hold it for a few years. Been texting him since it was at a dollar, he kept saying he'd get on it but never did...

>> No.21675810
File: 3.81 MB, 294x166, 1597824366489.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

based advice, thank you anon. i lost some eths on COOM already and I will repent my sins.
its monkey season LINK $1000 eom LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOO

>> No.21675902

I tried telling my coworkers and the only one who listened (at first) was very redpilled so he was easy. Everyone else, when I tried to explain the concept in simple terms just nodded their head absentmindedly. It was only when it rocketed to 20$ did a light switch on in their head going "oh shit, he isnt just making shit up". Jokes on them, they're investing now but they'll barely get shit compared to what it's in store for us early adopters.

>> No.21676008



1000 Link here. Held since 50 cents. Won't sell any until we see over $500 a coin.

People need to understand that growth with pullbacks is a good thing. Any investment that just rises every day non stop is a pure speculation gamble that is gonna crash hard eventually

>> No.21676026

Seems pretty solvable with federated byzantine agreements. This seems like an ethereum problem, not a smart contracts problem.

>> No.21676027

You're objectively a horrible brother. A 4chan pumped shitcoin who's founders are dumping double digits millions of stacks every week with no future. Great investment. Fucking libtard shitface

>> No.21676061


What we just had was the bear trap


>> No.21676203

I'm assuming this is some kinda fud but the libtard part especially confuses me, what did I say that would give you that idea?

>> No.21676337

>dumping double digits millions of stacks every week

this is exactly why i sold. greed got the best of me in the last bullrun and I had 100's of thousands go away.

>> No.21676407

Does anybody know if 4chan anon Twitter:


Has a new Twitter or anyway of following his wisdom?

>> No.21676441

this new breed of link fudders are not from here and don't understand the lingo well enough to blend in, even though they try very hard
the low effort zeus capital talking points bullshit combined with weird usage of 4chan words reveals them, these posters are in every thread now. sad!

>> No.21676654

Switched to phone but yeah I’d unironically give away 90% of my stack right now if I knew it could help find the next Hitler.

>> No.21676672

i'm exactly here too brothers. have you noticed all the twitter fudders love xrp it's the strangest thing.

>> No.21676938

1k is FUD

>> No.21676960

I love seeing these threads, means we're in for a pump.