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could you please suggest one good variety of leaves for social anxiety?
Any leaf I choose has the some strenght?

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Strains are a meme.
All the same shit.

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White for straight energy. Red for maximum winddown and highest painkiling properties. Green is a split of both. Start light with it; it can upset your stomach, especially if you haven't eaten anything recently.

t. Treat my fibromyalgia with it.

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Sertraline made me functional and kept me from killing myself. Now I make a lot of money.

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Pretty much this. Just take Green Maeng Da or Red Bali those seem to be the most popular

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Same here anon, you're one of the few I've seen that's said the same thing. Sertraline literally saved my life, turned me into a chad, and made me a "normie" with my social life while allowing me to still sperg on here occasionally. The only downside is that it's hard for me to cum within 20 minutes of sex and my gf complains when I'm railing her for too long. To answer OP's question, red is the best for calmness and helping anxiety, too much will make you feel drowsy, and a little more than that will make you feel like you're on a percocet.. Different strains aren't a meme at low doses, they will affect you differently. Any large amount of kratom will kick in the opiate-like effects. Have fun.

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Go and forgive your mother for failing you, it will be the last time you will ever shake in your boots. Hodl will become a way of life.

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To add to what other anon said, if you have generalized anxiety disorder or depression, zoloft/sertraline has the fewest side effects anecdotally and the best upside for SSRIs. I was socially maladjusted for so long and without it I truly believe that wouldn't have changed, and it would've become worse. Sometimes when I see the depressing posts about being lonely and not having friends on here I'm reminded of myself from those years and how bitter I was.

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Shoot testosterone, at least try it once in your life. Litterally turns you into chad instantly.

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gets you high?

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>Sertraline made me functional and kept me from killing myself
any side effects on cognition?
Also after how much time did start to work?

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Damn bro, I'm on prozac and I hardly noticed a difference desu, apart from wanting to kill myself slightly less. I really need to fix my fucking anxiety desu.

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>Shoot testosterone
It causes prostate cancer

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Maybe sertraline is a better kike drug?

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>inject testosterone
>now just smell bad and am prone to weight gain
>also weird shoulder hair

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That's not what happens. This is even worse than link fudders.

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It is what happened to me. Oh, also
>most severe cystic acne of my life to the point of needing retinol and a brief round of accutane

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Im contemplating ssris, had some 'traumatic' thing happen a few years ago which insidiously built up an anxiety until now where leaving the house starts to set me off.

Tried all the 4chan meme cures but they're all as good as momscience and I've got to start being back in the office again.

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I've done a couple of cycles and the gross shoulder hair and acne are real.

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I tool SSRI's (cotilapram) for ~6 months and while it did work to level my moods and make me feel normal, I had Less thoughts in my head, less overall drive, and cooming was almost impossible/bad experience 6/10 ... been off for two years and you can get the same effects (minus the sexual disfunction) by CLEANING YOUR ROOM and going for a run, although you have to keep it up consistently

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Prostate cancer risk is from high estrogen + high DHT you fucking retard, stop giving bad information

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Did you try Shrooms? LSD? Ibogaine? Ayahuasca?

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For anyone considering to take Kratom regularly, here are some tips from a daily user on how to minimize tolerance and withdrawals:

Buy as many different strains and "colors" as you can e.g. Malay Green, Malay White, Malay Red, Bali Green / White / Red etc.

Overall effects of the different colors:
- Green (slow): Great body high, relaxed feeling, euphoria effects and general comfiness
- Red (fast): Stimulating effects, great for workouts or work where you have to move, tends to have little less euphoria and a weaker body high but will keep you awake better
- White (medium): A balanced mix of effects from both green and red

Always cycle your strains and colors, if you use a different one every day your tolerance won't go up.
I'm using the same dose every day (3 grams 2 times daily) and haven't increased it since I started about 3 years ago.
Your week could look like this:
Day 1: Bali Red
Day 2: Malay White
Day 3: Borneo Green
Day 4: Malay Red
Day 5: Borneo White
Day 6: Bali Green
Day 7: Borneo Red

As you can see the more strains you have the easier it is to rotate, but the most important factor is to use a different color than the day before.

Always use it on an empty stomach and don't eat anything for at least 1 hour after to get the best effect.
Never use Kratom extracts, your tolerance will go the moon very fast, simply not worth it.

Start out with a 2-3 gram dose, if that doesn't work try 3-5 grams.
If you are getting tired after the first dose you are taking too much, try using less.
If you still don't get any effects with 5 grams, your Kratom is probably shit and you should order from a different shop.
Wait 6-8 hours before redosing to get the most out of it.

You can still easily get mentally addicted to Kratom with this method but the physical withdrawals are rather minor and disappear after only 3-7 days.
The withdrawal horror stories online come from people who always use the same strain and color and thus have to up their dose to get the same effect.

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Yes tried shrooms, lsd, dmt and 2cb. Useless with nothing that can't be learnt in a much more thorough way with a phenomenology book.

I exercise 5/6 days a week to no effect, though I've always done that. Even tried mdma to address it but just sweat buckets and cracked a tooth. I think it's time to go a proper route.

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>Green = slow relaxed
>Red = fast/stimulating
>white = balanced

Wrong. Green/white = stimulating, red = relaxing. But strains really don't matter. I've been addicted to kratom on and off for 5+ years and it's basically the same shit. If you run out of green and have red you will still take red and do the same shit you did green on and not notice any difference

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Try CBD tinctures. I'm dealing with anxiety issues since more than ten years and CBD helps surprisingly well in a way where you go about your day and feel more normal without realizing at first how much it influenced you that day because you don't worry about it anymore.
It's subtle but effective.

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Is there any study backing it up?

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This isn't completely true, Whites make me euphoric, reds make me euphoric but give me a headache and don't last as long, green feels like it's half as potent with no euphoria.

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adjust your dosing then, it sounds like you're taking either too little or too much

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I swear everyone says something different about the colors so I guess it depends on the person.
Taking it for 5 years now too and can confirm, the difference of the strains is barely noticeable sometimes but a few stick out.