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How much money do you think bitcoin will be worth by the end of the decade?

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Fiat will be absolutely dead by 2030

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how much gold will 1 btc be worth?

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Reddit answer. He's asking how much buying power it will have.

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it will be abandoned due to high energy usage. The death of bitcoin will kill every other crypto as well

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So he went to the future to tell his future son to buy bitcoin? Tf?

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He accidentally went to the future instead of the past.

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almost enough for a middle class home.

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He went to 2008 to tell himself to buy bitcoin but his 30 min later future self time clonewent back to 1920 and invented Bitcoin so by 1934 Bitcoin was already the global currency and thus his 30 min future self is really old by the time 2008 rolls around and his past self finally shows up to tell him to buy bitcoin

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Thinking boomercoin matters at all is peak /reddit/. It's been over a decade and it's still useless and getting worse. Also nice id kike

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My sides

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The /biz/ server link is
We will interview chainlink founder Sergey Nazarov this week. Join

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BTC is the east india company stock of crypto. Yes it's the first and made a few people a lot of money but it will become obsolete. BTC will always have a place in history because it was the first crypto. But it has no functionality or perks and people will never be able to explain what it does. BTC is just a place to store money. BTC will never become a currency used by the masses. But because of BTC, crypto will be mainstream and will be a currency that's used by the masses. BTC might be worth $100K by 2030 but it has just as much of a chance of being $0.

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wrong dumbas, it doesnt have to be currency
if fidelity and shwab hedge with it its basically written in stone to be a legacy PoW store of value with amazing security and performance, can always be trustlessly tokenized on a different settlement layer which is what gavin andressen said would happen on ethereum

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1 million

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You guys are always going to be poor and are 2017 fags or newer. Sometimes I think it's just bait.. no one is this dumb to think bitcoin is going away do they? It's like thinking another metal would replace gold.
This guy is the king of dumb, and is confirmation none of these posts are bait. This poor smoothbrain is regurgitating someone else's opinion, lmfao thinking btc could go obsolete. Lots of dumb money here and I LOVE IT.

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250k +

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Unironically 1 satoshi = 1 dollar
cap this losers

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you had 10 yearsd

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Assuming we are using modern day values of fiat and not any more inflated values. On December 31st 2030 it will have gone through 2 more cycles after this one. I would estimate its ath to be ~10 million in today's fiat values.

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you're correct but too many anons here have money in BTC to admit it

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> yes, but what does the gold DO?

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Pretty sure you're the one who's poor holding his boomercoin bags while we're skyrocketing past you.

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the reason BTC can't be immortalized is because the market can easily be manipulated by top wallets
a BTC clone where everything is unmined would work though

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> $16
> skyrocketing past $12,000
It’s great you made x160 but the reality is link might be done. It might go to $1k but there’s a risk someone else takes the oracle space. I’m in link and I think link will win, but it’s not a given. BTC, on the other hand, has won. Nobody else will take over the PoW SoV use case. So link may have a greater chance of doing a x100 this run, but BTC has a more solid chance of doing x10 than link. I’m making up numbers now to illustrate the point: link has (say) a 10% chance of doing x100 and BTC only has a 1% of doing x100, however link has a 30% chance of doing x10 and BTC has a 50% chance of doing x10. When I substitute these % numbers with what I actually believe, and add it all up, there’s more upside per invested dollar with BTC than with link (at today’s prices, with link at $1 it’s a different story).
You obviously want x100 and have talked yourself into a “moon or bust” approach, but everyone investing in crypto isn’t actually skipping ramen for a week to roll the dice on moonshots, reasonable investing is also possible.

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makes you look like a baller

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everything can be manipulated by 'top wallets'

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0 unironically

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the math checks out