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What a scam, so where the fuck can I even trade off this shit coin, better to get 20 cents now than nothing in the morning...

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Those tweets he made about leaving Ghost were fake tho

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I don't see anything fake about them, he even goes on to talk about how its all Josh's fault he's leaving the project and moving on to phones...
John's too wacked out of his mind on space crack to trust with anything anymore

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So what's the story here? Looks like McAfee just exited, and the project is 100% a scam after all.

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this and worst part is its hard to even unload this crapcoin, there's like 2 exchanges that even trade it...

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No shit, it's a McAfee project. It's bound to be a scam.

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oh that's right, they had the mainnet kek. Let me guess, those exchanges are the only way to exchange it, and liquidity is horribly low, and noones buying?

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link to tweets?

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>I am Ghost. It's just the $GHOST privacy coin that is fucked up because if Josh Case. The ecosystem is based in the Gh9st privacy phone service.
How is Josh doing right now?

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thats what happens when you invest in a smackhead

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>tfw didn't listen to the McScamfee FUD back in May

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Safex was also a scam powered by John Mcafee

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lel what a dishonest cunt you are


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Dishonest for posting a newer tweet? lulwut?

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Fucking LOL. Look at these totally deluded bagholders. You are like the Bitconnect/Onecoin retards who still won’t accept it was a scam. A total waste of a human being, living in your own constructed reality because you are too fragile to accept you were wrong. NGMI