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You chainlink fags are really retarded bots.
>iso 20022 doesn’t say one thing about chainlink

Linktards use paint to type chain link into the iso 20022 systems

>mah links right there with you guys! They just didn’t want people to know what they’re gonna use! Even though they listed the things that will be. Hurduuur.

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we own and rule everything and your mother sucks cocks in hell

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You own and rule a shit ton of fake partnerships good for you homie!

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All of the good shills have retired. No one will spoon feed you delicious and intelligent ideas for why link will make it. You'll have to figure it out on your own.
Three fucking years anons

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The memes?

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>"We work with"

What? I see no mention of partnership (which is a form of mutual agreement" I just see they mentioned they work with, which is true as seen by the Google blog post and the SIBOS presentation where their concept was based on SWIFT routing integrated.

You are a fucking idiot and the guy who made that image is a fucking idiot. Big difference.

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I'm rather enjoying all the new "professional" fud. It's quite entertaining

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