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What's the easiest way to make $500/mo in passive income?

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Buy and stake fantom

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buy LINK and hodl

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10 blowjobs $50 a pop

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Sell 0.5 LINK at the end of the year

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Stake $25000 USD-N on WAVES platform and earn 22% APY.

Congrats you now have $520 in monthly passive income. Nigger

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You're going to need about 150k invested somewhere safe like municipal bonds.

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Wow we really be out here doing hooker math

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you'd need about 200k in solid dividend stocks

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I dont have any cash its all in link and spy puts

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stock market crash pt2 amirite

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That is my hope

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Stake about 20 Link.

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This. I'm making more than $3k per month staking.

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>spy puts
Lol retard you’re gonna get rekt

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I think it'll happen. Every single crash in history had another crash right after the first "recovery phase". The only thing that's keeping me from fully believing that theory is that the fed openly stated they'll keep the market propped up with whatever tools are at their disposal. So far they've yet to deviate from that. Either way make sure you got some long dated puts like a couple months+ out. I may get back in if there are signs of a reversal

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Buy 75000+ XSN and stake

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This without a doubt.
Im 50k in myself and eating up these gains.
That math also assumes zero price increase.

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welcome to /biz/ buy link at $1000 on December 31st this year

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pick up 10 eth and stake next year

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I'm ready this time

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>spy puts

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>spy puts

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Numer.ai if you aren’t retarded
Rental property or some retail lending platform otherwise.

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>municipal bonds

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$10k in Ethereum Gold will net you $600 or more a month

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70-80K$ in a broad array of non-agency m-reits. Probably the best time in a generation to try this, but yeah, it's risky short term.

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Hodl about 300k in assets at a 2% interest rate.


Hodl about 150k in assets at a 4% interest rate.


Hodl about 100k in assets at a 6% interest rate.


Hodl about 75k in assets at an 8% interest rate.

etc, etc.

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hit me with your list of solid dividend stocks

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Go on...

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Anon that's good, what if I have 250k in assets?

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Stake link

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I have a 5k stack in flow and it rewards a 1% rebase. So with my stack I'm making about $100 a day at current prices.

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when and where? Also how do you feel about this >>21651885

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Just looked fantom up on stakingrewards and wtf. Why does it pay so much better than other coins?

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>Buy 3k Flow
>Leave in wallet
>Accumulate free money

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10% MINIMUM ROI from staking alone feels criminal.
When the trading fees come in...that’s when the real fun begins.

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Unironically a Vechain master node

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Just buying the VTHO is much cheaper

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stake orn on kucoin, idk

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Get a tenant

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that means you got like $125k invested in staking. Too rich for my blood

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pimp out your wife/gf/self